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  1. Eric I was just wondering which of your hit records took the least amount time to write and which ones took the painstaking longest amount of time? I have read that some bands have been lucky enough to write and record hit records while in studio time.... while others have taken years.
  2. Well, since many of the board members are Cleveland based, I figured I could get some info. A couple of my partners and I need to be in Clevend for a couple of days after the weekend, and as many of you know, I get around a lot. As a result, I always like to make it to the finest restaurants the towns have to offer. Zagat recommends Giovanni's in Beachwood and Blue Point Grill. Any other/better recommendations?
  3. I'm in Tokyo, what should I make it a point to see while I'm here? Already took in a Giants baseball game. This is the International Residency portion of my Masters program. After this I'm done!!
  4. eric,i'm wondering how many fans have sent in demos to u of their original material,and if u would accept any of mine..i'm going on 46 and know i'm too old to be signed,but would at least want to know if i've been wasting my time for half my life to try to sell any of my songs to anyone so at least my kids might benefit from one or two songs at the least!!!..i know this is a very hard subject for u to answer and i respect that,but i do respect your opinion more than anyone and had to ask..lol,chris
  5. Back then when I was listening to the radio back around 1990 or 1991, I heard that Eric is a fan of the late conductor Henry Mancini. Back in 1972, the album called "Big Screen, Little Screen" (RCA) which is also available as a Spain import CD which came out in 1999 had a song called Theme From "Nicholas and Alexandra" (from the 1971 Columbia motion picture). When I hear that song, it reminds me of the long piano version of "All By Myself". Did that inspire the song?? Matt
  6. Hi Eric - I saw a Passat today...my blond brain saw the TV commercial with the record playing on top of the garage, strains of "ABM" wafting down and I need to ask you: You have a catalogue of music as a songwriter. Another artist (not necessarily Celine-type stature) wants to record your song for a CD. What's the process? Who contacts who and is there a set price or is it negotiated every time? Does a band have to get permission from you to play a song when they perform in public (routinely and at a venue they are making money from)? Thanks - annie
  7. To all you fellow Paul McCartney fans: In the Sunday May 28 Chicago Tribune is a feature article about Paul McCartney and his 64th birthday which is arriving in 3 weeks. Since many of us Baby Boomers are big Paul fans, I was interested in your reaction to this column. Eric....We all know you are a big fan of Sir Paul, what are your comments on it? Enjoy!! Phil
  8. eric what kind of computer do you use ? when did you first jump on the www ? thanks
  9. It's 9:13 EST and I'll tell you why I think Katherine is going to win. If I were the head of a label (like Simon) or a record producer, I want the next American Idol to sell 20 million records and have a long, long career. I like Taylor. He's quirky and kind of cool, in an offbeat sort of way, but he's not going to do those kinds of things. He's going to appeal to a certain niche audience, not unlike Michael McDonald and Joe Cocker. Those guys are both real talents who sell records, but we're not talking superstar like Whitney and Mariah and Shania. Katherine is beautiful, has a terrific voice, can act and can dance. She's 22 years old and she's really good right now. What she doesn't have yet is her own style. That can be developed. After "Idol" was over last night, I switched over to the CMA's just in time to see Carrie Underwood. She absolutely radiated STAR! She looked stunning and sounded great. She was so polished and poised she made most of the country "stars" look like half-baked amateurs. Give Katherine a year and she'll be just as good. She could have a HUGE career with the proper guidance. Last night, when Simon said that Taylor had just won the competition, he was really trying to rally Katherine's fans to get on the phone. I think Katherine is the one he wants on his label. By saying what he did, he made Taylor's fans think he had it wrapped up, and Katherine's fans think she was trailing. What better way to get Kat's fans to light up the phone lines. I think Katherine is the next American Idol. ec
  10. Eric: I know you do not like the song "This Kiss" by Faith Hill (written by Robin Lerner, Annie Roboff & Beth Nielsen Chapman). Do you have her self-titled (1990) & "You Hold The Key" (1993)?? I also have her 1980 Capitol album (which has not been on CD). The songs "I Keep Coming Back To You", "Dance With Me Slow" & "Only So Many Tears" are my favorites. Singer Elton John is a big fan of Beth's music. Matt
  11. For your performance in October with the Cleveland Pops, who writes the charts for the orchestra? I'm wondering because I imagine it's a time consuming and expensive proposition for a single concert.
  12. Eric, Being a performing musician as well, I know how much fun it is to put a cover tune (or two) into a set. However, I have always been interested in why artists choose to include cover songs on their albums. In a live setting a cover tune is always a fun way to "blow off some steam" or play "something that everybody knows" but to put it onto a album is almost making a definitive statement. Knowing how much of a fan of the Beach Boys and The Left Banke you are kinda explains "Caroline No" and "Walk Away Renee" for me (unless you'd care to elaborate on it for me). However, I'm curious to know what made you want to record covers of "On Broadway" and "Baby I Need Your Loving" (which, of all the covers I've heard you do this one is my favourite, by the way)? On a totally unrelated note, of the three times I've had the pleasure of meeting you I've always wanted to ask you this but never did: do you still have the hat you wore on the cover of "Change Of Heart" and, if so, would you ever consider parting with it? Thanks much! Cheers, Bry (a.k.a. John Shaft)
  13. Eric, We all had fun earlier with this question, and I'm intrigued as to what your answer will be. If you shuffle the tunes on your "Ipod", what are the first 10 songs? Thank you, Anne
  14. About 12 years ago, Blues Saraceno was doing a guitar clinic at a local Guitar Center. When he was being interviewed for a local publication, he was being touted as quite a guitar player, having played some dates with Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce of Cream fame. As he was talking about who he had done some recording with, he said he had recorded some with you and was wondering if and when it was going to be released, saying something along the lines that he hoped they would release it soon. Whatever happened to that recording(s)?
  15. Eric, et.al., Picking up on your earlier thread regarding the "Stepping Down" of today's music... Do you think that the "American Idol" show is bringing an appreciation of some of the really great music from earlier generations to the younger audiences & musicians? I personally like when the show does the 50's, 60's, & 70's themes, because I think it is important for these kids to hear great music from that era being performed by their peers, since most of what they listen to today is complete garbage. I also think it's great when they have great artists / performers (Barry Manilow last week, for instance) working with them, as I think it gives the younger audiences an appreciation, long overdue, for the great music of earlier times. (By the way, I think they should have you as a guest on the show!!!) Your thoughts???
  16. Eric, I was wondering what your thoughts are on the music of Dan Fogelberg. Did you ever have the opportunity to see him perform, or to meet him? There are maybe a handful of singers that can touch my heart when they sing - You are certainly one - Dan Fogelberg is another. My personal favorite is the album "Nether Lands". The title track is amazing, and the balance of the tracks are great! Any thoughts? I'm not sure how he is doing these days. I know he was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer a couple of years ago. He is quite a talent - I hope he is able to beat it. Tim
  17. Travis

    Live CD

    Professor Carmen... From some of your posts, I am assuming that you are working on the post production of the live CD. What do you do if you are working on a song that is a classic and there are problems with all the different recordings from the tour. What is your process to remedy the problem? By the way, I really appreciate your posts. They've been well worth the price of tuition and the field trips to Cleveland and New York. Thanks.
  18. I was listening to some old cuts the other day and remembered when The Cyrus Erie played them...like "World" and "Birdie Told Me" by the pre-disco Bee Gees. Others were "Anyone Who Had a Heart" by Dionne Warwick,"Love Is Blue" by Paul Mauriat. Eric,at the time,did anyone say anything to you about these songs as selections the group would play?? They are quite removed from the typical "rock" songs of the era...No other group would, or could touch them! Also, what are some other "oddities" that were on the set list that you recall?
  19. The Chicago Tribune's website has a poll/blog asking, "Which rock songs have the best openings?" As everyone on this website would expect, "Go All the Way" was often mentioned. The other titles most often mentioned are Born to Run, Layla, Revolution, Where the Streets Have No Name, Thunderstruck, Sweet Home Alabama, and Smoke on the Water. As far as bands go, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, The Who, U2, Springsteen, and Metallica rule the list. I was a little surprised how often Elton John, John Fogerty, Mellencamp, and the Monkees were mentioned. It is not just about hard opening rock cords. Some of the comments included- Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs: "Uno, dos, one, two, tres, cuatro!" Ronnie Van Zant's instruction to "Turn it up..." on Sweet Home Alabama. The rhythmic cash register with the funky bass line joining in on Pink Floyd's "Money." It is not a contest; there is no voting, just opinions.
  20. I just saw "That Thing You Do" for the umpteenth time. The Cable TV plot synopsis was something like "Rock band from the Midwest rises to fame propelled by a catchy single and a savvy record executive". The band is from Erie Pa. They are compared to the Beatles. Their gigs are in Pittsburgh-where the mikes don't work-Columbus Ohio,and then the "BIG TIME"-"A State Fair Tour With the Playtone Records Cavalcade Of Stars" -on a bus. Three Questions-if you don't mind. Eric did you like this movie? Though fiction-and set in 1964-did any of it strike a chord with you? Was it accurate re the business and band tensions many groups endure?-Thanks-Ira.
  21. Eric: On Shaun Cassidy 1977 album "Born Late", there is a song called "Teen Dream". In the bridge, he sings "An overnight sensation, no time for an explanation, sensation (sensation) yeah, yeah, yeah". Did Shaun listened to the song "Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)" & decided to use that line?? In another song "Strange Sensation" (also from "Born Late"), what did you think of that song?? By the way, there are no plans (Curb Records, Collectibles or Collectors' Choice) on reissuing all of the 6 Shaun Cassidy albums (1977-1980) because I think Curb owns the rights. I do have Shaun's "Greatest Hits" (Curb) on CD. Matt
  22. what do u think is the coolest intro "grooves" in songs?....my votes are for "that's rock n roll" and "do it again" ala beach boys...what's yours?? lol,chris
  23. 1) Could you ever have imagined that 30+ years later your musical legacy would be so treasured, and that fans would STILL clamor for MORE new music from you? 2) The Hair. The early-mid 80's Hair. What's up with the Hair? 3) Believe it or not, you're up there with Lennon/McCartney and Brian Wilson. My top 3 songs EVER: 1) In My Life 2) Let's Pretend 3) God Only Knows. Try to pretend that your work isn't on par. 4) Boxers or briefs? 5) Beer, wine, or the hard stuff? 6) Paper or Plastic?
  24. eric,any ideas for vocal warmups that u have done? enquiring vocalist would like to know!!! anyone else heard/experienced anything worthwhile??? lol,chris
  25. Eric, I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out exactly what the future could bring, musically-speaking. What is Eric Carmen's 'master plan'? Is it Raspberries? Is it solo music? Is music still even in the picture? I think that anyone who spends their life in the creative arts cannot just close the door. That creativity needs to be released and the artist in an almost masochistic way, wants to be critiqued on his art. It's certainly no surprise that the 'berries reunion whetted the fans' appetite for new music either from the band or solo music from you. So how do you take the next step and still remain relevant? Is it possible to re-capture something from 30 years ago? If they didn't listen then, will they listen now? These are all questions that I'm sure you've considered, and I fully understand that you don't need to share your thoughts on the subject, but if I may, here are some options as I see them: 1. Take the 'Springsteen / Neil Young route' and release the music that satisfies you (only one "Winter Dreams" per decade!), without an eye on the Billboard charts, accepting the possibility that it might sell in low numbers. Granted Springsteen and Young are in an enviable position. 2. Make a commercial record with the intent of getting it on the radio/charts. I'm not a fan of Rod Stewart's recent slew of covers discs, but it certainly is a good example of an artist making a comeback with music that has mass appeal. 3. Take an adventurous leap a-la McCartney's "Driving Rain" or "Chaos and Creation In the Backyard." McCartney will likely never sell records like he used to, but these recent efforts showed his willingness to try something different. He also broke from tradition by working with a 'new' producer, Nigel Goodrich. There are other established artists who have also made similar moves by working with producers/musicians who they would not normally be associated with. Working with a 'new' producer might present exciting musical opportunities and partnerships for you to explore. You have to know that many people out there are well-aware of the 'Eric Carmen' hit song catalog--and I have no doubt that new material (from the Raspberries--or from you going out as a solo act)--would generate a real groundswell of interest. All we need now is, you. Thanks for reading. Marv
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