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  1. Hey Eric, I have a question about one of the guitars you used back in the 70's. On the Side 3 picture sleeve you are pictured with what looks like a black Gibson Melody Maker with the dual humbuckers. Being a guitar player myself naturally I wanted to try and find one. I looked high and low and found lots of tobacco sunburst and red but no black. Also the Melody Makers I found had the single lace pickups. Was this guitar a custom job? Also how did Joan Jett wind up with your white Melody Maker?
  2. Eric, I know that All By Myself is no doubt the song that you have had covered more than any other, but I'm wondering just how many different languages it has been recorded in. Also what is the second most covered of your songs?
  3. This morning I stepped out of my girlfriend's apartment building on the upper west side of NYC and came face to face with Robert DeNiro. He lives in the building next door. I've seen him several times, now. I said 'good morning'. He nodded politely. And we both went our separate ways. The encounter made me wonder; outside of Cleveland, how often do folks recognize you? Any funny encounters you can share? Any suggestions on 'encounter etiquette' in case I run into you on the sidewalks of NY? Dave
  4. Hey, poo..., I mean Eric I remember reading here (after asking about him in a post) that Curt Boettcher did some touring with you, and I guess it's in my mind from somewhere that he did some background vocals on the "Boats" sessions. I think he was an amazing producer, and much of his output and writing (in particular, Sagittarius and the Millenium) I enjoy and admire greatly. I think he was another one of the musical talents that "got it." Too bad he passed at a young age. What were your memories of him, as far as a person, and talent, as there is very little about the person side of him? How did you get together? Had you had any thoughts about him producing you at all? There's no doubt that EC and Boats were right up his alley, musically.
  5. Quotes from the book "The Story of Rock" by Carl Belz ..published in 1969: "In the summer of 1965 the Beatles released "Yesterday". Sung by Paul McCartney, the record quickly reached the top of the national charts and inspired the same kind of special enthusiasm that had accompanied the group's first releases. "Yesterday", however, was a more elegant and refined ballad than any the Beatles had produced up to that time and it was unique in terms of the history of the whole Pop field. The distinctive quality of the record lay in the fact that a cello accompanied McCartney's solo voice, giving the song a special sound from the world of classical music. String sections had been used by plenty of other groups before the Beatles, but "Yesterday" was different in that it emphasized the discipline and intricacy of the cello itself. The record's simplicity along with its sense of internal restratint, gave an impression of chamber music that was unprecendented in rock. In refinement, furthermore, was more consciously "classical" music, than any song by the Beatles or any other group, and this awareness marked a new stylistic direction for the Beatles to explore. Question for Eric. In light of the arrival of Yesterday and all of its innovative parts, do you remember what impact this song had on you at 16? You had recently been classically trained on the piano and very interested in classical music. This was a major change for rock music at the time. Do you remember having any particular new thoughts or feelings about how the Beatles had now started to have Classical influences in their music and did it have new impact on you and your approach to rock music? Sorry for the lengthy question. Phil
  6. Eric, I was wondering how you managed to get Burton to sing backing vocals on "Marathon Man"? His vocals blended so effortlessly with yours, I still get chills when I listen to it. He also played tack piano on "Hey Deannie". Were both songs recorded at the same sessions? I noticed it's basically the same musicians on both songs even though they appeared on different albums. Jeff
  7. Tonight I had the great fortune to see "Ringo's All-Starr Band" at "Radio City".Great night-Great facility.Richard Marx provided great harmonies-and I kept thinking how much I would have loved hearing you singing with Ringo & Company a few years back.....but anyhoo here's my question: Every once in a while I see a performer I haven't followed too closely...and I'm blown away by how good they are. Tonite's surprises for me were "Sheila E",Billy Squire",and "Edgar Winter"-all were "FANTASTIC"! Eric-Have you ever seen or worked with a performer for the first time and gone "WOW-I never realized how good they are!" If so who? I'd be really curious to hear your response.-Ira.
  8. Eric-- I read way back before the reunion that you felt there was no market place for an "older" rocker(maybe not those exact words, but I think that was what you meant)--What would be the criteria to get you interested in releasing a new CD? I know quality is job #1, but given the marvels of modern electronics, would a self produced project not have a more than average chance of at least breaking even? JIM PS--by the way, some of us like "Adult Contemperary"
  9. Eric, I was wondering... I just heard Gary Sinese (yeah, the actor) who apparently has a band as well called "The Lt. Dan Band" and he travels and performs with them. When asked about his set lists, he admitted that they dropped "Sweet Home Alabama" when they performed in Canada... and it got me thinking if you and/or Raspberries ever modified your playlist based on your geographic location or your target audience?
  10. Since most of us fans in the know agree that "Devil..." is a masterful melodramatic ballad with realistic hit potential, I wonder why Eric avoid commenting in previous posts about this great song! Some questions: 1. Why did you not like this song enough to include it on a previous CD? 2. On a scale of 1-10 how do you rate it? 3. Do you like it better now with or without orchestration? 4. Do you think it would sound good as a surprise number on the set list with the Cleveland Pops in October? ("Cindy In The Wind" too!) No pressure EC...Answer or be sent to Gitmo.
  11. Eric, I was just listening to BATC and started thinking back to the Ringo Tour a few years ago. At the show in NJ (seen by many of us!)you chose to play 'Boats' to an audience who, for the most part, had never heard the song before. That took some kahuna's! What made you choose that song over a better known one? (A totally acceptable answer is: I did it for you Dave, cuz I knew it'd totally blow your mind.) Dave
  12. Do we forget something that keeps us waiting so long? The CD is the life-force for our EC fans. Bring the power vision of Raspberries musics, when heat wave is on.
  13. eric,do u ever double track your vocals anymore for authentic purposes..(sounds fancy eh?)..just got back from takin my daughter to driving school and we listened to beatles 65 and your voice came to mind..just wanna know!!lol,chris
  14. Eric, Which Vox amp did you like better, your original from the 60's-70's, or the new Valvetronix? And why? Thanks!
  15. can u give US any info on an update on the berries "pro ject" in the works??? lol,chris
  16. I found this interesting liner note on YouTube which showcases a lot of Beatles videos. It is regarding Eleanor Rigby: "In the 1980's a grave of an Eleanor Rigby was discovered in the graveyard of St. Peter's Parish Church in Woolton, Liverpool a few feet from where McCartney and Lennon had met for the first time during a fete in 1957. Paul had frequently played there as a boy. The actual Eleanor was born in 1895 and lived in Liverpool, possibly the suburb of Woolton, where she married a man Thomas Woods. She died in her sleep on October 10, 1939 a age 44, and was buried in St. Peter's churchyard in Woolton. Whether this Eleanor was the inspiration for the song or not, her tombstone has become a landmark to Beatles fans visiting Liverpool. A digitized version of it was added to the 1995 music video for the Beatles reunion song "Free As a Bird". So what do you fans think? Had Paul seen this tombstone prior to writing Eleanor Rigby? Was it coincidence he picked the name? Had he picked it out of the dark recesses of his mind since it had been something he had seen years ago? Eric, would you put this one in the same category as Cyrus Erie's headquarters being on Raspberry Street? It seems like the Twilight Zone is alive and well! Phil
  17. Eric, Marilyn (aka Kiwi) has a scrap book with some articles about you. One is an article in a magazine called SPUNKY. In the article is based on an interview with you with Sam Graham in New York. The article says you said that your "music teacher wasn't too rapt when he plumped for Rock 'n' Roll". There is no date on the article Just wonder what the music teacher thought when you became successful. Would anyone want to be interviewed for an magazine called SPUNKY today??? Muzza
  18. eric, in your early gigs did u ever sing "oh darling" from the fab four??? if u did..i'm sure u nailed it! lol,chris
  19. Hi Eric, I don't know very much about your music, but I know - obviously - "All by myself". Some days ago I've listen to "Concert n. 2 for piano" of the composer Rachmaninov and I've noticed that a short segment of the theme is quite similar to a piece of your famous song. I would like to know if was a "quote" that you have made as a tribute to that music, or it wasn't intentional, or () you have really stolen that short. Excuse me for not being diplomatic (and for the delay of 30 years).
  20. Eric... In all my reading about the berrie's, I can't recall any mention or stories involving the traditional "Tour Bus".? Did you guys ever use one for an extended period as you toured with the first or second edition of the group, and if so, any stories, moments or memories come to mind involving one and the miles and miles aboard such a vehicle? Thanks, Dean
  21. Something I've always been curious about is what became of the "Lemon Go Lightly" commercial jingle Raspberries submitted for the Clairol product of the same name pre-"Go All The Way." I know it wasn't used by Clairol, so I haven't a clue as to what it may have sounded like, but I am curious. It's briefly mentioned on page 72 of Bernie and Ken's "Marathon Man" book in comments by John Aleksic. Eric, I was wondering what memories you may have of creating the song and of the recording (kind of a lost Raspberries treasure). Don
  22. Eric, I was browsing on Ron Dante's website on he mentions web links to some of his friends and your one of them. Where do you know each other from and have you ever done any sort of collaboration with Ron? I understand that your bombarded with questions from many who visit this site and don't have enough time to get to everyone's questions but would appreaciate it. All the best. John
  23. I attended a Bachman/Cummings concert last night, here in Calgary, and it got me to wondering if perhaps Eric had met or talked to Burton Cummings at anytime over the years? When I was in high school in the '70s, The Guess Who were popular here in Canada, at the same time as the Raspberries and then Burton Cummings went on to a solo career at about the same time as Eric... Thanks!
  24. Eric, Did you ever write anything that was inspired by the Rachmaninoff piece that is used in the movie "Somewhere In Time"? (probably mine & my wife's favorite movie ever) I remember the title possibly being "Rhapsody on a theme from Paganini".
  25. Eric, I saw you at Wolf Trap on the "Eric Carmen and his All Star Band (with Ringo Starr)" tour. During the show, you remarked about the great acoustics at Wolf Trap. I've been attending concerts/plays there since the early 80's, and it is a WONDERFUL venue. Lawn or pavillion, a good time is guaranteed for all. I think the band that was most "tuned" to it was Lyle Lovett and his Large Band. Very big, full sound. What would you say is your favorite outside venue?
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