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  1. Eric since you are in the process of making a live album just wondering what were some of your all time favorite live rock band albums.., "Frampton Comes Alive", "Deep Purple In Japan?"
  2. "Sleep With Me".."Inside Story".. Eric...I've never heard these songs mentioned before on this website, but you are the composer credited with these songs on the Peter Emmitt Album, released by Sonny Geraci in the 80's...what's the story???
  3. eric - the set lists for the reunion shows were fairly lengthy & comprehensive (which, btw, made me regret even more missing out on the shows). my question is this: which trax will not be included on the cd, & why were they/will they be omitted - was it b/c of performance, lack of space/formatting on the disc, problems w/ the recording/capture process, band member &/or engineer preferences, etc.? presumedly the dvd will have more/all of the trax performed? also, fans have always read that Jimmy Ienner loomed large in the Raspberries' early career - is he still around or has he passed on? thx again for staying on board w/ your fans out here
  4. Eric-I have a memory of being 11 or 12 years old and my dad being surprised at how much it cost for a hot dog at a ballgame. I was a thoughtful kid-even then-and I realized that my dad hadn't been to a game in years and the 50 or so cents for a weiner-was "sticker shock" (A word I learned later vis-a vis buying a car after many years off the market) to him. Well-now-like my dad- I struggle with the new economics of "Rock". I know realize that seeing 3 acts at the Fillmore East in the 60's-must have been unfair to the artists even then. I can't even imagine how little the Raspberries made on their version of those Dick Clark Caravan-type Shows. Yet when the Eagles came back and broke the $100 barrier they changed everything-All the rules of concert pricing went out the window. Instead of "Top Acts" making a little more than the other bands.....The Stones are now like $500, Manilow tops out at $279.50 at the Garden,and I shudder to think about Genesis Tickets. Like in Baseball-I was initially glad that the "talent" was now getting a larger percentage of the income they created-but now it's hard for some fans to see ballgames (with $5.00 weiners! Dad) or big name concerts. Eric-Could you give your take on the "Rockonomics" of mounting a large-scale tour and setting prices, performers getting their "Fair Share"-if that can really be assessed-and a little about how it was for bands when I paid $5.00 a ticket. Your "Insider" takes have made this thread invaluable reading. -Thanks. Lou's "Shocked" Son -Ira.
  5. Eric-I just caught Brian Wilson's "Pet Sounds" Show at the "Keswick Theater" in beautiful Glenside Pa.(JohnO saw him in D.C. this week too.He plays NYC today and Wednesday.) In this show Brian and his incredible "Wondermints" + others+ Al Jardine perform classics in "Act One"-perform the gorgeous "Pet Sounds" in its entirety in "Act Two"-encore with some more smashes-and end the show with "Love And Mercy"-which is nearly a religious experience for us "Brian Lovers". To my delight the band did a bunch of songs that went a little deeper into the catalogue-what a treat! Among these were: Sail On Sailor. Breakaway (fabulous treat). California Saga. Wendy. When I Grow Up To Be A Man. The Little Girl I Once Knew. Your Welcome. Dance, Dance, Dance. At The Drive-In. Marcella! Then I Kissed Her (with a great Al Jardine "lead" on this wonderful version of this Spector-produced classic.) Eric have you seen any of Brian's shows during the last couple of years? (Or "Beautiful Dreamer"-the making of smile Cable Special or DVD?) Like in sports-where it really is exciting to see a team come together in the course of a season (like the Mets did this year-or perhaps the Cowboys are doing now)-this band-and Brian-is really hitting it's stride. The harmonies,the songs,the joy,-Brian joking and smiling and singing (certainly better than when he first returned) and REALLY enjoying himself-It's really a bit of a miracle. I know you've always admired his work-and this current tour is really a fitting showcase and tribute to a man who I feel created a new "American Musical Genre". All the best to you and your family this Thanksgiving.-Ira.
  6. i've read reference to an upcoming concert w/ the cleveland orchestra. very few pop artists are asked, or are able, to do this. my question to eric is this: does this mean you will be pulling out your classical chops, & that they, in turn, will also be coming your way & playing pop selections & ballads w/ you? & one other question: someone recently told me that a signature Rachmaninoff piece ending typically hits 4 notes (or chords) based on adapting the meter to the 4 syllables of his name - (for example, a 3/4 piece would be ended w/ a quarter note, 2 eighth notes, then another quarter note) - true 'dat? good luck w/ this performance, btw & finally, we'd prob all like to congratulate you on maintaining the mind-numbing, deafening silence regarding any potential upcoming Raspberries performances; feel free to break the silence at any time... & actually, while i'm dragging out a long post, do you remember playing any Raspberries shows here in Texas back in the day, & if so, where? as always, thanks for your feedback to this group/your fans
  7. i just recently got a copy of the show, & found eric's quote (re: the interviewer's question about them being tagged as creators of the "power pop genre") interesting - he kind of balked at the moniker, & pointed out something many people don't realize, that "pop" music is a term that has been around forever & simply means "popular" music. however, he omitted mention of the evolution of the word "pop", which has come to imply *melody* & *harmony* in music (which was always there originally, but much of which is absent in today's tunes/bands). thus, the tag "power pop" for the raspberries - rockin', soulful, & meaty ("power"), yet still hung on strong, hook-laden melody & drenched & soaked w/ harmony ("pop") - the ultimate combo! needless to say, the raspberries did it like no other (tho' many came after & still thrive to this day in the genre - listen to the great stuff, new & old, you'll hear on powerpopradio.com, among others). anyway, eric, i hope you don't resent or resist the tag, or the credit for it's creation, b/c it's a *huge compliment* from the music world! - kyle / austin, tx
  8. i notice in the reunion video of 'go all the way' on raspberriesonline.com that the rest of the raspberries sing very little in the background vocals dep't; instead they're handled by 'the overdubs' bg singers. w/out putting anyone on the spot, was it just too hard for them to hit all those high harmonies these days, being out of practice, having aged, etc? i'd also wonder if eric was intimidated by the same factor, given his incredible range & snarl back in the day. i have to tell you (country music fan or not), i saw ray price here this weekend in texas, & amazingly, at 81 years old, the man still has his pipes & was hitting all the big notes in all his songs! (ray can also probably relate to some of eric's challenges over the years re: "pop" music's bad rap at times - he was summarily run out of nashville back in the '60's for adding string sections, orchestration, & pop overtones to country music - & now of course he is a legend for having done so!)
  9. Eric (and any other writers/performers), How do you keep performances fresh when it takes so much effort to write, have the other performers in the band learn the song, record and mix the song, then play a song over a thousand times in concert? Do you have songs you never tire of and songs that you really don't care to play? (no titles, please). I am not a wtiter or performer so I don't know if you ever feel this way.
  10. Eric...Have you ever had the experience, by yourself or with Raspberries, of a venue that nearly everything went wrong?? Be it soundboard...foldback speakers...lights...room on stage...weather...opening/main acts...etc. There MUST be a few good stories there!
  11. Eric-I'm havin' a real dilemna. It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of your music. But I was watching "Dancing With The Stars"-and "Il Divo" did "Without You" by "Badfinger" and "Nilsson"-2 acts I love.-They sucked. So now we got this "Pre-Fab Four" group that does Carmen,Badfinger, and Nilsson-and they suck! Do I HAVE to like them? Please advise. Signed, Confused-Edison New Jersey.
  12. all this message board banter, incl feedback from Eric himself, makes me wonder if & how he/they communicated w/ fans back in the original Raspberries days? back then there were fan clubs you wrote to (did they ever write back, aside from the glossy photos sent?) & there were promos (did they really give away the groovy volkswagen?). other than the obvious, err, umm... interaction w/ the screaming, squirming girl fans, i wonder how EC & co. communicated w/ fans (aside from giving them great records & performances) - i suppose it was mostly while on the road out at the shows. it's just striking to me how much the internet has changed all that...
  13. Eric, The kids are asleep, the wife is out, it's just you and your favorite beverage and the stereo late at night. Knowing what a life long influence both bands are to you and what huge song catalogues both have, can you give us your top five or ten songs by the Beach Boys and top five or ten songs by the Beatles that you would like to kick back and listen to while relaxing? Doesn't have to be from one period or one album. Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer our questions.
  14. ...in having to pick from just the LA show for the upcoming live cd, as i believe typically it would be that the band would cull from several different shows recorded at several different venues to compile a live cd, ie: having the luxury to pull from several different performances, w/ different dynamics inherent in each version of the songs based on a number of factors (venue, vibe, band's tightness that night, etc)
  15. I am just a fan, but the evolvement of EC's music really intrest me. I was wondering if the increasing complexty (chord and phrase progression, arraingments, recording tricks, ect.)are due to being better at the craft, bored with the results (after as many songs as He's been involved with, its allowed), or just searching for something new and different? I guess what I am asking, is it by design or natural progression? Do you write a song with the thought "this must sound different" in mind, or just write what comes to mind? JIM
  16. I-like many others-was shocked when I saw -a while back-that there was a benefit scheduled for Mike Smith-ex of "The Dave Clark 5"-at B.B. King's-and doubly shocked to learn of the terrible accident that left him a quadraplegic. I have vivid memories of his joyful performances on Ed Sullivan ,and I was reminded what a fantastic "Soul" singer he was, when I received a DVD of a 2003 performance by Mike (courtesy of our own JohnO)-just prior to his terrible tragedy. Eric -Songs like "Anyway You Want It","Bits And Pieces",and "Glad All Over"-are too me-exuberant rock classics in much the same way as the great "Rasberries" rockers are.And ballads like "Because" and the under-rated "Come Home" are superb. The Dave Clark 5 are often remembered as a "Singles" band that didn't "evolve" like the "Beatles" or the "Stones"-but I think the work of Mike Smith,as a singer,and as a writer,has benn grossly underappreciated. Eric,I would love to hear your opinion of "Mike Smith" and The "DC 5". Thanks.-Ira.
  17. eric, or anyone else involved w/ the harmonic reconvergence of the raspberries - what has seemed like a rather regional set of events has left many fans far & wide wondering: is there a chance or consideration that the reunion tour could be re-ignited to treat those of us away from the midwest (or east & west coasts) to take in the raspberries magic? being stranded down here in austin, texas (a great live music town, btw, where we'll turn out & treat ya right) while reading so many great reviews of the shows has left us chomping at the bits, to say the least. is reality that we should probably stop waiting & hoping, & settle for & look forward to the live cd (& dvd possibly?) instead? either way, many thanks to the raspberries for being there for us all, then & now - you guys laid some mighty big tracks!
  18. A musical stage production of Dirty Dancing has just opened at the Aldwych Theatre in London, to rave reviews. Being a part of the original project, I was wondering Eric if you get any notification of a production like this or indeed any financial advantage?! Gary
  19. Eric, My wife was watching "Dirty Dancing" yesterday, and listening to it while I was in the other room it sounded like a differnt mix of the song was played during the movie than the one that was released on the album soundtrack and single. I actually liked it better. Any reason why a different mix was used? Jeff
  20. eric..or mark..have the other guys heard any of the mixes? if it's too personal,i understand!!lol,chris
  21. Eric, When recording an album, how many times do you record the song(s) before you're satisfied with the result? Just curious. HT from Mo
  22. I posed this question before on the back end of a deep thread, and I'm going to try again, as I am very curious. There are so many piano-based or guitar based songs, how do you prepare for all these other instruments. Do they mimic the core instuments, or take a new life? This opportunity seems begging for some extended instrumental breaks. Is Eric sitting at home writing charts right now (in between mixing)? Is the pressure on Eric to write the charts or the symphony to learn them? Does the symphony just show up with the sheet music and they're good, or does it take a lot of practice? I'd love to hear Eric charecterize the rehearsal challenge/process that he envisions. Also I anticipate EC doing songs that may never have been done live before, and some of those songs don't have an ending. Any problem writing those? Billy Joel used to say he be rehearsing the band for an upcoming tour and realize he's got a handful of songs with no ending and he'd have to write them on the spot. Eric take us behind the scenes into your head as you plan and strategize how to write and prepare for a show with an incredible back-up band and vast song catalogue that has to be whittled down. Even without a venue date yet, you must already be thinking about this. Please share your thoughts. I'm sure I'm not the only one interested here. I'll be boating around Puget Sound today, and can't wait to see all the insight when I get back tonight
  23. Hello Eric, I was wondering how far in advance of the impending Spring show would you decide how long you will play? Something in the 90 minute range, or something more "Springsteenish" like 150 minutes+? Obviously as fans, we could never have enough! Tim
  24. Eric, have you written any New material since the Winter Dreams album?
  25. Hi Eric, I've always thought it pretty cool that two of pop's greatest songwriters -- yourself and Mr. S. -- were steeped in classical music and classical training as kids before you launched into rock 'n' roll. Do you recall having any feel for or reaction to Sedaka's music as a kid? Or the broader group of Brill Building writers? How do you view their legacy today? I continue to find music from that branch of the pop tree wonderfully gratifying. And somebody else on the board, ummm, I think Ira is his name, does, too! Thanks! "Keith"
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