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  1. A clip of the great Cleveland Horror movie host. I'll bet every member of Raspberries watched!
  2. Eric, Just wondering if you have tried the headset microphones for a performance similar to what Janet Jackson or Garth Brooks(gasp!) have used? Your thoughts? HT
  3. Eric, (or one of the roadies would know) While watching the DVD, I notice that you have an older Vox sitting behind the Valvetronix that you're using. What is the older amp for? Sitting behind the Valvetronix, I would think that there wouldn't be any projection from it, but I can see that there are guitar cables plugged into it. Just curious, thanks.
  4. Eric Carmen is gracious in victory: As a member of the Sounds of Silence, the Raspberries singer was once a rival of Cleveland's Cellmates. He'll join the group for its first reunion show in 20 years, at the Brush High Class of 1967's 40th-anniversary reunion. The private event will be held at the Mayfield Sand Ridge Country Club on Saturday, July 14. —Cleveland Scene, July 11, 2007 Did you actually sing a tune or two with your high school rivals? Bernie
  5. open solicitation to Eric & Raspberries - if you guys do hit the road for some more shows to herald the new Live @ Sunset Strip release, i'd like to suggest you guys consider checking in w/ Scott McCarl & seeing if he'd be ok w/ y'all adding a version of 'Play On' at your shows. to me, this is the *only* thing missing from the set list (well, i could prob come up w/ a couple more), but certainly in place of any cover tunes, this would be preferable. i'd go so far as to say that this is one tune that defines the Raspberries' (esp late 'berries) sound almost as much as any of Eric's tunes (& that's going out on a limb). i wonder if this is something y'all could work out for us hardcore fans who would be glad to draw up your set list on any given night?...
  6. I never really noticed it until this past weekend. Eric, you're always smiling! No matter when I caught a glimpse of you at WAB, you were smiling. In every interview on VH1 or on cleveland tv....you're smiling. You're even smiling in radio interviews. 20 years ago, I wonder if that grin was there. These days you seem to take it every where you go. It's contagious! Dave
  7. Eric, I was wondering who do you listen to these days? Are there any artists out there who's work you really enjoy?
  8. OK, here's a fresh one for Eric...During the 1973 radio program used as the soundtrack for the home movies on the limited edition DVD, the interviewer says you just moved into a new apartment and you say "Yeah, a year ago" and laugh. You go on to say that your apartment overlooks the lake and is on the 21st floor, and that the only furniture you keep in the living room is your piano. Do you remember where that apartment was? Was that when you were living in Euclid? Just curious.
  9. Did everyone notice that the autographs were signed in the position the band plays on stage, and a particular nice touch was the positioning of Wally's flying V on the right side of the picture where he plays and autographed. Was this intentional? And is there a story to the cover alley scene? It's a cool picture, just curious
  10. Hey Eric, I'm a 36 year veteran of the music industry, and 10 weeks ago I started a new chapter of my sordid life --- working for Capitol Music Group, and based in the famed "tower." So, my question to you is: What are some of your memories of this illustrious building? I think my three favorite non-Beatle/non-Todd Rundgren/non-Barenaked Ladies musical acts of all time are Badfinger, The Beach Boys and The Raspberries, and I would love to know more about the vibe in this place back when it was vibrant and full of music. (Yeah, I know, I'm kind of condemning the industry in the 21st century, but I can't imagine how this place was when you were delivering your finished albums to the execs here...) Any stories? Marc Nathan (who has a couple of other far more pointed questions, but will hope we can start with a far more cinematic experience.)
  11. Eric, I am a huge fan of your work, solo and with The Raspberries. I'm also a big fan of the Left Banke which, I understand, you also enjoy their work. I was wondering if you had any memories of them, Did you see them live? Did you ever get to meet Michael Brown or Steve Martin Caro? What was their status among other musicians at the time? Thanks
  12. I hope not to sound impolite but is there any studied technique to get that efortless-like sound at high notes? or it comes out naturally... Of course I don't want any secret revealed to me(neither seriously believe it to exist) but Eric Carmen and Roy Orbison are two of the very few pop (I mean non-operatic) singers I've heard crossing through an E or F note without sounding as if their neck was about to explode or opening the mouth as if they wanted to eat a whole watermelon at once and thought that maybe not a secret but there could be a technique besides of nature being generous with them. Regards, Ernesto (from Argentina, not a native speaker in this language, please don't pay attention to my mistakes)
  13. What is the Raspberries band birthday. Like maybe -- 1st jam session, all members agreed and on board or when the name was agreed upon??? Inquiring & Perspiring Minds want to know!! I realize this could end up being a ball-park date.
  14. Eric Are you surprised, pleased, relieved, at the quick sell out ? Did you think they would go so quickly?
  15. just went & bought the Sunset Strip cd/dvd combo for a pal/fellow musician who's out of town (my limited edition version is on the way), & i gotta say after watching the 5-tune dvd: Eric is ripped & is looking freakin' buff! Eric, lay some arm workout tips on me, i got a little catchin' up to do, headed to the gym tonight w/ my new wife, in fact - free weights, machines, diet, lifting kids & gear, or all of the above? who am i kidding? Eric probably hasn't lifted his own gear in years... oh, great show, btw - can't wait to see & hear the rest
  16. EC any special plans today during the release of the Live album... are you getting together with the band mates and celebrating somewhere?
  17. Eric...you have always been incredibly forthcoming about some of your past work that you have mixed feelings about. As someone who loves the Beatles...I wondered what Beatle songs you thought were a wee-bit below the "Fab Four's" incredible standard of excellence. I'm of course curious to hear from all of you EC.comers as well....as we "nit-pick"...and talk about Beatle songs that you thought were just okay or heaven-forbid....not so good. My least favorite Beatle tune just may be..."I Want You(She's So Heavy") from Abbey Road..which I believe suffers from the extended,never-ending,instrumental-canoodling that Eric has criticized in the work of many other "Jethro-Tullish"-type groups from the late 60's and early 70's.(Even now I shudder as I remember seeing Lee Michaels and his drummer -"Rusty"-or something-doing "You Know What I Mean" at the Fillmore East one night in the late 60's.Their version that night as I recall...actually ended sometime in the early 70's!) Anyway I'd be curious to hear from you Eric and alla you cyber-buddies with your Beatles ("nit") picks.-Ira.
  18. are you freakin' pumped now or what?? i know we are!! lots of love,chris
  19. Eric....Have been listening to some Spooky Tooth lately, specifically "Evil Woman". The Quick had this song in it's playlist. Now, regardless of what you say about The Quick, because you've indicated in the past you thought they were terrible, you guys were great!! McBride on drums, the Klawons on guitar & bass, you on vocals & guitar...when you guys performed "Evil Woman", it was awesome! The trading off of verse lines...driving bass riffs.. Randys searing leads!!! I remember you also had a rendition of "Gimme Some Lovin", the Spencer Davis song where you descended to a key at least a full step down at one point... For not having any Beatles tunes at all in this group, it fit in perfectly with the times...that Led Zepp. era.... why didn't this group give you pleasure????
  20. Eric, Pardon me if you've discussed this before in another thread. Since it's only been 20 years since "Hungry Eyes" and "MMLC" was released was there a plan of sorts for you to record another album and it just never materialized in one way or another? Thank you in advance. HT
  21. Eric? I was wondering if there were any connection between the two Brian Wilson songs "I Went To Sleep" from 20/20 or "Busy Doin' Nothing" from Friends and "Last Night"? The first thing that struck me when I heard that song was - this guy has been listening to Friends!
  22. were the effects on the vocals and drums added live when you heard them in concert,or was it added by mark? i don't care one way or another..just curious!! lol,chris
  23. eric,are you guys in standard tuning,or down half a step? thanks..lol,chris
  24. From your interview on the Robert W. Morgan show, probably around the time of "Boats": "If I change the world, it'll be by accident." A little insight, please? Kirk.
  25. Eric, it's no secret the Geffen album is one of my favorites. While listening to "Spotlight", I was trying to figure out what was going on for the bridge/middle eight (or was it nine?). I remember you saying that Keith Richards could sneak an extra measure in there at times. Is that what I'm hearing, or? Kirk.
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