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  1. Eric,Target makes really beautiful stylized commercials...No sarcasm intended. Still...I just saw a commercial for bathroom goods where among other images...the words "Hello GoodbUy" were spelled out in toilet paper rolls while the Beatles classic tune played as the main theme of this ad campaign. I found this a little yucky. Eric...How much control do artists have in how the songs they've licensed will be used? Have you ever leased a song and had qualms with the commercials that followed? I get a real kick when songs by my favorite artists are used...but sometimes the commercials are "Things That Make You Go Huh!" I'd love to read your take on this subject and look forward to seeing you and the band on Sunday.-Ira.
  2. Eric : What do you think of X-box 360 Guitar Hero? Isn't that just sampling taken to an extreme?
  3. Eric are you going to the Springsteen show tonight in Cleveland?
  4. Okay Eric, back in May I asked if there were plans to come to the House of Blues in Dallas and you said Hmmmmm Dallas would be nice in Autumn. Well it's autumn here and I'm waiting. Were you just teasing me? Of course, if you do come I will be the first one there. Seeing you AND meeting you in July 2006 was euphoric. I need another boost. Come on down. You'll have a good time.
  5. Eric...I don't know if anyone here has ever asked what you think of Peter Cetera and Crystal Bernard's version of your Bee-yoo-tiful! song. I posted the song so others could enjoy it again or if somehow they never heard this version. Thanks...See you in Cleveland and maybe on the Sunset Strip.-Ira.
  6. Eric...did you ever turn down a song that became a hit for somebody else? Did/do you get offered many songs (besides Hungry Eyes)? I would think your song writing talents may have prevented many offers, with the thinking that you mostly recorded your own songs. Sorry if this has been adressed before.
  7. Eric...I'm probably WAYY! OFF! here. Some old standards had introductory verses which are seldom heard anymore. One such song is "White Christmas." I believe Irving Berlin had moved west to be part of the burgeoning movie business when he wrote this classic that actually begins with this verse.... The sun is shining, the grass is green, The orange and palm trees sway, There's never been such a day, In Beverly Hills L.A., But it's December the 24th, And I'm longing to be up north I'm dreaming of a White Christmas Now-Here's a little of "Desperate Fools"... The sun beats down on the L.A. scene, But you can't feel the cold, When the grass is so green Now in "Desperate Fools"...the idea that the external beauty of L.A. masks a less than idyllic and moral paradise is a much more biting paradox than Berlin sets up but it is similar in it's yearning for a better place and the implication that warm and cold may not always be what we think they are. Am I really reaching Eric? Do you feel there is a common thread that you and Mr. Berlin expressed about L.A.? Did you ever happen on this original verse and muse that Mr. Berlin had his misgivings about the land of "Sun and Fun too? I'd love to hear your thoughts.-Ira.
  8. Eric: This is far from any question on music! Just curious..my family and I frequently go to Ho Wah's for dinner in Beachwood even though it is an hour drive from home. In fact, we were there this past Saturday. I know it's near you...do you ever eat there?
  9. Hi Eric. After you get settled from all the excitement from the last show, there is something I always wanted to ask. We all think about our regrets in life, and I think as we get older we look back more and reflect on them. Not dwell on them, but look back and think of what we might do differently. I think we also wonder what regrets those whom we admire and respect have. I particularly ask this because I hope I may be able to teach my children not to make the same mistakes I did. We are both roughly the same age, started families about the same time, and have children about the same age. Was wondering if you might share any of your thoughts with us. Any regrets about decisions in the music business over the years? Thank you and Thanks for all the good times. Play on.
  10. The last time I saw you was on your birthday and I sang you "Happy Birthday To You". The next time I see you will be on my birthday October 13 I was thinking...
  11. eric,what song do u think had the strongest reaction from the fans in ALL the reunion shows? lots of love,chris
  12. Hey Eric! It won't be long. Roadie #3 tells us that guitar strings will be changed this weekend and I'm sure there are a few other preparations going on right about now. We can't wait to get up there and see you and the band again. How are rehearsals going?
  13. I happen to admire the way Mr. Carmen sings but just have the impression he never answers any post relating his voice or singing techniques. Of course I understand he is an artist and may choose to use his rights of remaining silent about whatever he wants but... Does anybody know if he has a particular reason for keeping it as a mystery? maybe he doesn't like his own voice (strange but... tends to happen when listening to ones own recorded voice). May I pay more attention to other posts in which he spoke about it? (never found one) Are we making too silly questions? Haha... OK. Eric: Don't take it bad, I'm asking as a "fan" and just wanted to know more about what I admire (your sound) didn't mean to steal any secret neither to be impolite. (forgive again my English, I'm not a native speaker)
  14. Eric any Raspberries songs that you have never played live that you may have reconsidered to play live? I give my vote for "Cry" that song really rocks.
  15. I search my name on Google from time to time. Partly for professional reasons, to make sure I'm not being slandered and my career is not in jeopardy...and partly out of curiosity. Since I have an unusual last name, I am the only person in the world with "my" name and the search doesn't take very long. But I wonder if more "notorious" (that's not exactly the word I'm looking for, but it will have to do for now) people also do this. So I ask the question... Eric, do you google yourself?
  16. I'm doing this Sunday afternoon show [noon to 5 eastern time] each week on this smaller city FM station. Would it be possible to do an interview with you a little further down the line? I PROMISE I wouldn't do/ask anything but totally above-board, positive stuff. The people up here don't get that kind of listening opportunity very often. I guess the big corporations don't view us as all that important. Only 10,500 people in the city...maybe 25,000 in the listening area. BUT there ARE Eric Carmen fans here...I know. I get requests. [and questions too when I play one of your songs] We moved up here at the beginning of May partially because the folks are SO nice, and friendly. Is it a possibility?
  17. Eric : Tell us something about why the band chose this venue. How is it similar or different to the HOB? What have you heard from other artists? Have you ever played there before? Thanks.
  18. Just got my evening fix of "Live On Sunset Strip". I've probably watched it a dozen times or so. I haven't even skipped a song, yet. Amazing! I was wondering if you would comment on any/some/all of the following: After "I Can Remember" you look especially pleased as the camera fades out. Was it the best rendition of ICR that the Raspberries have done? During "I'm A Rocker" there are a couple of times where I hear a 'mama mama mama' kind of thing while the camera is on you, but you're not singing. Was that you? I have always liked "Ecstasy", but the live version is waaaaay better than the record. This is more the rule than the exception on this live recording! Which songs did you feel surpassed the vinyl versions? At the end of "Party's Over", Wally did something on the guitar where he rides the pick up the strings and back down again. Was that rehearsed? It was way cool! Thanks! Kirk.
  19. Which of the Raspberries songs were the most challenging songs to play live... and which were the easiest?
  20. I might be in the minority here, but I've always loved Eric's version of "Baby I Need Your Lovin'." I clearly recall a review in Circus Magazine which called the version "too polished / too L.A." At the same time, I've also been baffled by this choice of covers, just like I was with "On Broadway" on the 1st album, as it just didn't seem like something that he would do. So Eric can you tell me how you came about choosing "Baby"? And while you're at it, what about "On Broaway"? Thanks.
  21. First off; Awesome Live CD and GREAT sound quality! Question for Eric. After 4 Raspberries albums with Capitol. Four solo albums on Arista and One with Geffen and One with Rhino. How did you come to sign with the RykoDisc label for: Live on the Sunset Strip CD? Don
  22. Eric...in the wonderful book..."Catch A Wave" (The Rise, Fall & Redemption of the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson)...the author Peter Ames Carlin tells of his fascinating visit with Mark Linett at the studio in which "Smile" was engineered by Mark...and now "Live On Sunset Strip" was mixed as well. Eric...Did you have occasion to visit Mark's studio and if so can you elaborate on some of the rock artifacts that this studio contains?Thanks-Ira.
  23. Eric I think somewhere along the way you mentioned that Mike McBride wrote the lyrics to "All Through the Night." Was there ever any consideration given to having him sing the lead? Marv
  24. Eric - after watching the full show 4 times this weekend (yes I don't have a life lol) do you do any particular warming up exercises vocally or do you just go out and belt them out? I really, really, enjoy your singing as well as the rest of the band - you all still have what it takes to GET OUT ON THE ROAD!!!!
  25. Had some time late tonight, and went through the various sites with press coverage on the live cd/dvd. Ironically the thought that came to my mind was that now 99% of the critics are now saying in 2007 exactley what you were trying to describe what the Raspberries were trying to be about in the early 70's. Their Reviews NOW say almost quotes from your early 70's quotes. I find the entire dilemna of were the Raspberries reactionary or influential intriguing. What fooled them all was you were BOTH! Best of both worlds, mixed together, rocked their boats, with your personal touch, talent, and unique vocals and arranging (and a pretty hot little quartet) Eric, throw us a bone for those that could not attend your birthday at Bernies (and would have loved to).. What is your reaction of the current positive press on Sunset Strip, and did you predict it, or are you surprised by it? I'm sure I'm not the only person here that would love to learn of your thoughts. Thanks man. SS
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