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  1. Good Day Mr.Carmen, I was wondering if you have written songs that are meant to be only private for either your wonderful wife or your two beloved children? If this has been asked and answered before can someone please just direct me to the response and/or link to a response. Wishing YOU and All those you hold dear a long,healthy, happy life filled with precious memories.
  2. As you know Eric, we're all thrilled that you so actively participate on this Message Board, but have you ever regretted getting so personally involved? Most of us are bright, intelligent and respectful but there are a few out here that worry me at times
  3. chris hess


    eric,what kind of mics were you guys using at the cleveland show?? lol,chris
  4. Eric, When was the last time the either you or the Raspberries played in Pennsylvania? My recollection for the Raspberries is 1975 in Scranton, PA. Sincerely, Deborah
  5. Eric, Here is a piece from South Pacific and one of the best songs ever written as sung by Reba McEntire and Brian Stokes Mitchell...... Just fantastic!!! Enjoy, Phil
  6. In 1966 or 67 we went to the Doors concert at Public Hall, while waiting to get in there was a band playing outside, my memory (pretty cloudy) says it was Cyrus Erie, is this correct?
  7. Eric...As I'm sure you know the Cleveland Museum of Art is currently closed for renovation. Well I'm in L.A this weekend and I went to the fabulous Getty Museum this morning and their current exhibit..which ends today!..was Medieval Treasures on loan from the Cleveland Museum. It was a fabulous collection. Eric and anyone familiar with it...Can you tell me a little about the Cleveland Museum of Art? Also Have you visited the great Getty?-Ira.
  8. Question for Eric..... I know the record companies usually make these type of decisons, but I was wondering if there was ever any thought or discussion to release this great, great song as a 45 when it came out either from the band or the record company? It is such a brilliant song that I cannot believe it would not have soared up the charts in the early 70's. It has always been near the top of my all time faves in your song library.
  9. Eric...Sometimes I know a song so well that I just listen to it and don't think past that. Today...In my ongoing mission to recruit people to the wonderfulness of the Raspberries and your solo work...I played a friend some cuts from "The Definitive Collection". While listening to "I Wanna Be With You"...my friend immediately likened the guitar intro to the piano intro of the Chiffons' "One Fine Day"...and upon further reflection I thought that indeed there was a similarity. By The Way..she loved the song. Was she right? Was there any connection between these two songs when you wrote "I Wanna Be with You"?-Ira.
  10. Eric: I always felt that "She Did It" should have made the Top 10 nationally, as it did in Chicago (WLS), instead of its more moderate success at #23. Which of your songs have you hoped might have charted just a little better than what they did? (Of course I am sure "All By Myself" going to #2 would have been one of them!)
  11. Eric You have the private messages flying around here. I hate to ask.... What did you mean by closure ? Was Cleveland the end? B
  12. eric,what was your favorite copy song to sing in the 'bar days" of all the bands u were in?? or fave band to play in those days?..lol,chris
  13. Eric..I wondered how you felt about the music of Ray Davies and the Kinks. I find the Kinks to be a group that I sometimes forget how much I enjoy...and then I return to them and remember how incredible Ray Davies is. Whether it's the "Rock" of "All Day And All of The Night", or the power chord opening of "You Really Got Me" or the social commentary about little people trying to make it on a "Dead End Street" or some regular folk enjoying a "Waterloo Sunset" or some working-class blokes enjoying a vacation in "Blackpool for the Holidays" or a complaining husband attempting to avoid charges of "Drunkenness and cruelty" from a "Big fat mama who's tryin' to break me"...The Kinks...and Ray Davies in particular...really occupy a very special place in "Rock" and "Literary" history for me. Eric..What's your take on Ray Davies and the Kinks?-Ira.
  14. at the post-party & in the elevator: 'please let me come back home' & 'oh tonight' you & wally really had your beatles ears on; these are really great songs (esp plmcbh), i hope y'all can give them the new millenium treatment one day soon man, i hope you feel good about the theatre show, b/c it was a bring-it-all-home zenith evening for y'all from a fan's perspective
  15. chris hess


    hate to bug you again eric,but why was a mic set up about 15-20 feet from the mixing board? alot of people noticed it,so i thought i would take the plunge and ask you directly!! oh, i'm talking bout the last cleve gig(which kicked ass)..lol,chris
  16. again,your opinion on the in ear "monitors"?..after seeing you tube before "all by myself"..what are the pros and cons on YOUR opinion?..lol,chris
  17. eric,you guys kicked ass friday night...how was the feeling in the band when you left the stage?..i have'nt felt like this about a band in a long time..never forget it..i'm still in my post concert high and do'nt want it to end!! lol,chris
  18. I was wondering about the somewhat rare CD with the voice out tracks to IWBTLY and Almost Paradise. Bernie told me about the CD and I bought back around the time Winter Dreams was in release. Was it just something different to try, or were you testing the waters for something? JIM
  19. Eric, will you be tuning in to Att Blue Room for Acoustic Christmas? My husband wants to know. Sherry (great meeting you, thanks for the hug)
  20. GMan

    Joe Borowski

    I know this isn't a sports forum but I know Eric is an Indians fan.Joe Borowski is from my hometown of Bayonne,NJ. I know he makes you guys sweat a little but all of us from town wish him and Cleveland well against Boston!! We even went to the same high school. Eons apart of course
  21. Eric, we all know you felt terrible about the problems at HOB, just know that your fans still had a blast and I for one was not bothered by it! I still had the time of my life! And since I started the "Please come to L.A." thread, a million THANK YOU's for coming to L.A. and thanks for the hug! Sherry
  22. Eric, On the new live Cd you start telling a story about the transistor radio and listening to your favorites groups. Someone in the audience yells out "Over Night Sensations", you pause and then simply say,"This is about that". It seems like you may have had a little more to the story till the yell out. ???? Jeff
  23. Eric, I have tried to listen to your Geffen album so many times, but I cannot get past the 80's reverb and electronic drums... I love many of the songs on that record, and feel they would have been so much more spectacular without the 80's production... As an example: American As Apple Pie ....with your 70's band, that song would have been so much more colorful, and emotional....the only saving grace on that record, is your amazing vocal performances...(as always, you never short changed your audience) and the REAL piano on the ballads. I wonder if you had, during the creative process (and after it was finished) feelings of "my songs were hacked", because of the production? Also, what did you do when a producer had different ideas as to how YOUR song should be arranged, versus what you heard in your own head? bahoo
  24. Eric...I've been reading "Phil Spector..Tearing Down The Wall Of Sound" for what seems like forever. It made me go to YouTube to peruse some Darlene Love videos and thanks to ScentLady I saw a video that was posted by Art Fein.... of Darlene Love in the 80's as she began her comeback.Art is a fixture on the L.A. scene. I thanked Art for his video and wrote him to advise him to catch you guys next week in L.A. He responded that he has photos of the Raspberries from the 70's...and that he worked at Capitol in '72 and '73 and that John Lennon remarked to him that the Raspberries reminded him of the Beatles. He wasn't sure if he can make the shows next week...BUT he is yet another fan. Do you remember Art Fein? After I wrote him I actually found him mentioned in the aforementioned Spector book as an invitee to Spector's "Invitation Only" luncheons in the early 2000's. I thought you might enjoy knowing that John spoke fondly of you. Hell I speak fondly of you to anyone who'll listen...BUT John wielded a little more influence than me even though I can be downright charming. Knock 'em dead in L.A. See you in Cleveland.-Ira.
  25. Eric, I was in the Staff Cafe at the Hospital where I work today and there was this lady enthusiastically relating her experience of her something that happened during a recent visit to USA. Yes, it was Kiwi telling another staff member about WAB and you and Jim turning up. All I can say is that after being back in New Zealand almost two and a half months her joy at meeting you has not diminished. I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for being there and making my girl so very happy. Now the question. I read an article on the board a little while ago which quoted you. I can't find the article now but in it you were quoted as saying something along the lines of..."The girls got Raspberries music but their brothers were getting Jethro Tull".. Then at a Church service I attended the preacher made reference to AQUALUNG by Jethro Tull and how much controversy it generated at the time. The part the preacher referred to was the "rewrite" of Genesis 1.."In the beginning Man created God; and in the image of Man created he Him.". I guess my question is two part. Have you ever been tempted to "jump" on the bandwagon of what seemed to be popular at the time and write lyrics/music to get exposure of your music? Have you ever written or wanted to write lyrics that reflected anything of the hypocrisy of people's religious claims?. Muzza
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