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  1. I saw you have Erik Satie on your friends list on your Myspace page, hmmm very interesting. Satie is one of my favorites, I remember a professor calling him a wild and crazy guy . I was wondering if you noticed the parallels you share with him ? His music was ahead of his time and is timeless and a huge influence on other musicians The Love of his life was with model, painter and former trapeze artist Suzanne Valadon. I do not really believe you wife was a trapeze artist, but I thought it was a funny occupation. The obvious Erik Eric Do you have 84 identical handkerchiefs, 12 identical velvet suits and dozens of umbrellas, or something like that ?
  2. March isn't a good month for Valorie or myself as we both lost our father on the 3rd. I just want to say that I am so very happy to see you back on the board Eric. I never wanted to ask 'where you were' because I truly felt whatever time you need away is obviously sacred to you and therefore I did not wish to intrude. I now however, celebrate your return and any wonderful comments you choose to share with any of us here. We all have missed you and we ALL think the world of you! *Vera*
  3. Eric Have you been watching American Idol this season? Any favorites ?
  4. Hi Eric: My question is...do you ever look back on any of the old videos and cringe at what you see or say I really like when we did that...and do you have your own favourite?
  5. eric,did you ever find it was hard parting w/some of your original demos before going into the studio to totally redo them?..i mean sometimes demos have that "certain feel" to them..do you feel that way about some of yours??..lol,chris
  6. Eric, I seem to remember you recorded a song written by Dianne Warren. Was this your choice or a "request" (i.e. do it!) by the label. I remember that Cheap Trick recorded songs by other writers at the request of Epic, and while they had a hit, the songs didn't really have their trademark or fee. While I enjoyed "Hungry Eyes", I still and always feel that what you write is your best material.
  7. Ann


    Eric, I've been wondering how things are going with your dog. How old is he/she now? Ann
  8. eric,"if" the raspberries would do new material,who would be a choice of you guys to produce it,or would you guys prefer to do it yourselves?? ..i understand if it's too touchy to answer that..just wondering that's all..lol,chris
  9. I say the odds are about 100:1 that you answer this post, but here it goes: The Raspberries playing a show in 2008 You getting that solo show scheduled in 2008 You writing a new song and posting it here first. You showing up at Weekend at Bernies Thanks!
  10. Eric, Is this old gem free and clear, written and owned by only you, so there is no legal problems recording the song on your next CD, whether solo or with the boys? Or does some old sleazy record exec from the late 60's own a piece of it?
  11. MJ


    I've got two questions regarding the Flipside show. Did you do all the songs in one take, and were there any other songs that you did play that night that didn't make it on the show? Thanks.
  12. This one goes out to our leader --- Eric, I remember you saying you used to love "Love Is Blue." This was kind of an unlikely radio hit, wasn't it? But it just stuck in your mind....
  13. Eric, Have you ever pulled up to a stop light and heard a song of your own or a Berries tune belting out of someones car stereo. Not GATW or ABM but something that had to be an album cut so you had a pretty good idea it was a true fan with a cd playing. How'd that feel and did you give a little nod or wink their way? I would think that something like that would be pretty cool for both parties.
  14. Dear Eric ( I feel truly I should still be addressing you as Mr.Carmen), How does it feel to know that you are leaving such a beautiful legacy?? You have touched so many so deeply with your music. I know for my sister Valorie and I that your music has been at times not only life altering but life saving as well! Your music breaks down walls that people try to build up around themselves...you remind us all how to *feel* and to *live* and to take *risks* again even after the most painful heartbreak. It's more than evident in the countless number of people who are honored to be a part of this board that you have built something very special with your extraordinary gift of music. However, after reading so much about all that you have done, I also truly feel that you would have managed to make a huge impact on countless lives no matter what venue you had chosen to express your creative force. It's almost that ridiculously simple...your gift as a human being would have touched lives no matter what you would have set forth to do. Therefore, my question, is a rhetoric one because I am certain you DO know what a beautiful legacy you have given this world!
  15. Eric : Will you attend or watch tomorrow night's debate at Cleveland State between Obama and Clinton? Does the debate interest you? Any thoughts?
  16. Hi Eric: This may have been asked before, but as I am still fairly new here I was wandering.... you have had "hit" songs, popular songs...but for yourself (and you can only choose one) which song made you sit back and feel really proud..."like this is the best piece you have ever done?"
  17. Eric, I've always wondered, before you decided to split, had you formulated any ideas or plans for what the next Raspberries album after "Starting Over" was going to be/sound like? Gary
  18. EC...When you are introduced to people for the first time and they dont know who you are or anything about your career, do you tell them that you are a "singer" or "songwriter"?...Then, inevitably, when they ask you what have you sung or written, I'm sure "All By Myself" is first out of your mouth...What do you follow that one up with?...
  19. Did you save all the handwritten lyrics from the Rapberries songs you wrote, and the ones from the first solo record? Graham Nash told me he didn't save any of that stuff from his Hollies days and he really regrets it.
  20. Hi Eric. Just something I heard....Did you know Rush Limbaugh has used the intro to Go All The Way on his show quite a bit? I am not a Limbaugh fan, but with the unfortunate concentration of radio stations into increasingly fewer hands (i.e. Clear Channel, another topic- another day), it is hard to turn the dial and not hear him. In any event....I hope your getting compensated for this. I do know that he was also using John Fogerty's work, and that was brought to a fast halt. Thanks for all the good times!!!!
  21. Good Evening, I was wondering especially since you are both so brilliant on the keyboards if you know Paul Shaffer? He was born where both Valorie and I come from *Fort William* now called Thunder Bay. I bet the two of you could do some serious tickling of the ivories if you ever got together for a jam session.
  22. What did you think Eric, assuming you saw it? There are some of us who thought it was magical, while others thought much less.
  23. Eric, if you get the chance, I'd love to know what goes into building an act. Last weekend we went to see Mickey Dolenz in concert. His voice was phenomenal --- in some respects even better than before! BUT, he was all over the place frantically pacing back and forth way too fast. Then he picked up his guitar and did a couple of songs, then he got behind the drums and did a couple of songs, then he was back to the hyperactive pacing... Yes, there were Monkee hits that he was doing as well as other songs with varying styles. On the way home I told John that I actually couldn't say who Mickey Dolenz was or what his act was like --- it was all over the place! I guess I'm just trying to get a handle on it. when you go to see Raspberries you KNOW what you're going to see. You can walk away saying you know who Eric Carmen (and each of the other guys individually) 'is' on stage. I just didn't feel I could say that with Mickey and was trying to figure out why it all seemed so fragmented.
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