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  1. What did you think Eric, assuming you saw it? There are some of us who thought it was magical, while others thought much less.
  2. Eric, if you get the chance, I'd love to know what goes into building an act. Last weekend we went to see Mickey Dolenz in concert. His voice was phenomenal --- in some respects even better than before! BUT, he was all over the place frantically pacing back and forth way too fast. Then he picked up his guitar and did a couple of songs, then he got behind the drums and did a couple of songs, then he was back to the hyperactive pacing... Yes, there were Monkee hits that he was doing as well as other songs with varying styles. On the way home I told John that I actually couldn't say who Mickey Dolenz was or what his act was like --- it was all over the place! I guess I'm just trying to get a handle on it. when you go to see Raspberries you KNOW what you're going to see. You can walk away saying you know who Eric Carmen (and each of the other guys individually) 'is' on stage. I just didn't feel I could say that with Mickey and was trying to figure out why it all seemed so fragmented.
  3. Good Day Mr.Carmen, I was wondering if you have written songs that are meant to be only private for either your wonderful wife or your two beloved children? If this has been asked and answered before can someone please just direct me to the response and/or link to a response. Wishing YOU and All those you hold dear a long,healthy, happy life filled with precious memories.
  4. Hi Eric, this is Valorie's sister from Canada. I was just extremely curious what those barbie dolls on stage that I see you and Dave goofing around with were all about. I see them in some of the photos sitting by Jim's drums. Gonna clue us in or is this a 'private joke' Also I just wanted to say that I was the one who gave your lil girl the Canada Flag jersey..I did not even realize we were sitting behind your children but man o' man were they ever so much fun cute lil ones and so were their two lil friends...soooo funny!!
  5. As you know Eric, we're all thrilled that you so actively participate on this Message Board, but have you ever regretted getting so personally involved? Most of us are bright, intelligent and respectful but there are a few out here that worry me at times
  6. I know this girl from somewhere but where? At the beginning the guy watches a film then gets up, looks outside of his window to see a woman pulling flowers from a tree; then auto changes her clothes looks back up at the guy, then the guy stops looking outside. Who is this actress??? If you continue to watch the video, shes in it some more Thanks
  7. Did you save all the handwritten lyrics from the Rapberries songs you wrote, and the ones from the first solo record? Graham Nash told me he didn't save any of that stuff from his Hollies days and he really regrets it.
  8. EC...When you are introduced to people for the first time and they dont know who you are or anything about your career, do you tell them that you are a "singer" or "songwriter"?...Then, inevitably, when they ask you what have you sung or written, I'm sure "All By Myself" is first out of your mouth...What do you follow that one up with?...
  9. I'm sure this has been discussed before, but maybe worth repeating. Naturally the music is how most artists and groups are judged, but always thought that style of delivery or stage presence was as much a part of the the experience as the music, or at least, added to the enjoyment of it. Like an actor....the script can be great, but only certain actors can make it come alive. There are very few groups or solo artists that have that extra something....that pizazz....that polish....to do that. No question Eric has it. I would venture to say that if you saw a silhouette of Eric, you would know who it was performing. Who else do you think has stage presence?
  10. chris hess


    eric,what kind of mics were you guys using at the cleveland show?? lol,chris
  11. Not being a musician...I may not describe this phenomenon accurately...But on the few occasions I attempt to listen to Adult Contemporary Radio in 2008...(and I consider myself adult and contemporary)...I wanna puke as I hear this overblown Mariah Carey-ish American Idol-ish "Hero"-ish/Daniel Powter-ish/Celine Dionne-ish/ synthesized CRAP! I feel like Joni Mitchell...who I don't love...said it best when she wrote..."Don't it always seem to go...that you don't know what you got till it's gone". On the other hand...just today I was listening to Rhino's "The History of The British Invasion Volume 6...and on this one CD alone...I thrilled to "Sha-La-La-La-Lee" and "My Mind's Eye" by The Small Faces. "Baby Now That I've Found You" by the Foundations, "Concrete and Clay" by the Unit 4 + 2, "Here Comes My Baby" by the Tremeloes, and "Groovy Kind of Love" by the Mindbenders. Eric....What the Hell happened to good ol' Rock-Pop?-Ira.
  12. Eric in another thread you stated: "I only wish my career trajectory had given me the opportunity to do exactly what I wanted to do, all the time, like Don Henley and Bruce Springsteen." This quotes intrigues me. What would you have done, if your "career trajectory" had given you the opportunity?
  13. Eric, Here is a piece from South Pacific and one of the best songs ever written as sung by Reba McEntire and Brian Stokes Mitchell...... Just fantastic!!! Enjoy, Phil
  14. In 1966 or 67 we went to the Doors concert at Public Hall, while waiting to get in there was a band playing outside, my memory (pretty cloudy) says it was Cyrus Erie, is this correct?
  15. Eric...As I'm sure you know the Cleveland Museum of Art is currently closed for renovation. Well I'm in L.A this weekend and I went to the fabulous Getty Museum this morning and their current exhibit..which ends today!..was Medieval Treasures on loan from the Cleveland Museum. It was a fabulous collection. Eric and anyone familiar with it...Can you tell me a little about the Cleveland Museum of Art? Also Have you visited the great Getty?-Ira.
  16. Question for Eric..... I know the record companies usually make these type of decisons, but I was wondering if there was ever any thought or discussion to release this great, great song as a 45 when it came out either from the band or the record company? It is such a brilliant song that I cannot believe it would not have soared up the charts in the early 70's. It has always been near the top of my all time faves in your song library.
  17. Eric You have the private messages flying around here. I hate to ask.... What did you mean by closure ? Was Cleveland the end? B
  18. Eric..I wondered how you felt about the music of Ray Davies and the Kinks. I find the Kinks to be a group that I sometimes forget how much I enjoy...and then I return to them and remember how incredible Ray Davies is. Whether it's the "Rock" of "All Day And All of The Night", or the power chord opening of "You Really Got Me" or the social commentary about little people trying to make it on a "Dead End Street" or some regular folk enjoying a "Waterloo Sunset" or some working-class blokes enjoying a vacation in "Blackpool for the Holidays" or a complaining husband attempting to avoid charges of "Drunkenness and cruelty" from a "Big fat mama who's tryin' to break me"...The Kinks...and Ray Davies in particular...really occupy a very special place in "Rock" and "Literary" history for me. Eric..What's your take on Ray Davies and the Kinks?-Ira.
  19. eric,what was your favorite copy song to sing in the 'bar days" of all the bands u were in?? or fave band to play in those days?..lol,chris
  20. Eric, When was the last time the either you or the Raspberries played in Pennsylvania? My recollection for the Raspberries is 1975 in Scranton, PA. Sincerely, Deborah
  21. chris hess


    hate to bug you again eric,but why was a mic set up about 15-20 feet from the mixing board? alot of people noticed it,so i thought i would take the plunge and ask you directly!! oh, i'm talking bout the last cleve gig(which kicked ass)..lol,chris
  22. at the post-party & in the elevator: 'please let me come back home' & 'oh tonight' you & wally really had your beatles ears on; these are really great songs (esp plmcbh), i hope y'all can give them the new millenium treatment one day soon man, i hope you feel good about the theatre show, b/c it was a bring-it-all-home zenith evening for y'all from a fan's perspective
  23. eric,you guys kicked ass friday night...how was the feeling in the band when you left the stage?..i have'nt felt like this about a band in a long time..never forget it..i'm still in my post concert high and do'nt want it to end!! lol,chris
  24. I was wondering about the somewhat rare CD with the voice out tracks to IWBTLY and Almost Paradise. Bernie told me about the CD and I bought back around the time Winter Dreams was in release. Was it just something different to try, or were you testing the waters for something? JIM
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