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  1. For sure!! I have emailed them multiple times re: Eric and the Raspberries. Always get the same line of BS. Pretty much fed up with them. πŸ˜–
  2. Yes, very disappointing. πŸ˜”
  3. My brother and his wife are cat lovers and they shared this with me....SO SILLY! One of the commentors on YouTube said when he played it, his cat ran off and joined the navy!.... πŸ˜„
  4. Stepping into the opera ring.....Luciano Pavarotti, "The King of the High C's"
  5. Another from back in the day... had some good times then πŸ™‚
  6. ooch

    Car Song Lyric quiz

    You did better than me!! πŸ˜‰
  7. Lots of popular songs refence cars but can you pick out the right model? https://www.regit.cars/car-quiz/car-song-lyric-quiz-1787
  8. He sounds rough....maybe he doesn't feel good.
  9. Can't forget the "The Trial of the Century"....
  10. Fun stuff, Matthew! πŸ˜€
  11. NICE cover, Kirk! (I sure miss our Eric...πŸ’”)
  12. Good one, Mike! πŸ˜€ I'm a BIG baseball fan so I'll add this one:
  13. This is an oldie...
  14. That's a good one, McMimiZ!
  15. Thank you Kirk for sharing another Eric goodie.....πŸ˜ƒ
  16. Ray Charles did a killer version of "A Song For You" as well....(tear my heart out, Ray!...LOL)
  17. Awesome Bernie!! πŸ™‚
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