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  1. The tragic events happened in Odessa
  2. Cayennegirl, < Thank you so much! I spoke with the local postal goddess and she assured me that everything will be fine! :-) I hope I wrote my changed country and zip-code correctly. Week or two ago I tried to create the account in PayPal that eBay requires. And again... My country was defined as "Russia" and my phone number must be +7 ХХХ ХХХХХХХ thereby. But my number remains +38 ХХХ ХХХХХХХ My registration was failed. I could not take part in Garage sale.
  3. Mary Ellen, many thanks! You are the best! Now I think we have to risk or we will wait for too long. Go-ahead is right now! Love? I know what it means. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- James, the song is my favorite too. Is it your favorite because it’s about freedom? "Turn me loose from your hands Let me fly to distant lands" (BTW the lyrics by Bernie Taupin. Elton wrote only music for his songs). We need to move to sir EJ thread if it exists here in Come Around And See Me. I can talk about EJ music hours and hours!
  4. James, I appreciate your offer. But it is too far away and you can drown. Maybe it's better to use the "Skyline Pigeon" by sir Elton for the delivery?
  5. Video... this is not my merit. It was the simple and lucid theme and making was so easy. Images appeared when I listened to the song and the one thing I must do was only find them in Internet and select. There are NASA images and others. But the photo of the rock (that called Burun-Kaya, seen from my window) and the moon above the rock at 01:50 are my own! Moreover, you can see some other Crimean images at the ending part of video. I decided to add them in a last moment when the video was almost done. It was funny. It was like a prophecy. It was the Sunrise for Crimea. When I made the video in February I did not expect that events. My apologizes I took selfish theme and it’s better to return to THE SONG that is really great and always make my days when I hear it.
  6. Birdy, I wrote the part 2 of my story in "My order for "Essential" cancelled! '&do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  7. Bernie, Thank you for your update. Now the embedded video player has its Vimeo original width="640"
  8. Bernie, I must say that my situation is NOT TERRIBLE in Crimea but very terrible in the rest of Ukraine. There are the temporary issues in Crimea that are always observed in the transition period. ..................................................................................................................................... It is «The Long And Winding Road» that leads Essential to my door)))))))))))))))))))))) I did not get my Essential because I had to cancel my order. It was returned as Undeliverable. I did not want to search someone in Moscow who can resend me my package. Tried to change delivery address to Vladivostok where my friend lives who could resend it to me. But delivery company did not accept the address change. They said that I can cancel my order and make it from the start to any address I want (except Crimea for a while) after returning the first one. But it’s already impossible to change delivery address after my order is done even if I ask. I was surprised by illogical rules of delivery company! The client asks to send the order to Vladivostok where THEY HAVE AN OFFICE and they refuse! The one and only reason of refuse was the fact that initial address was another. But I have a friend who promised me her Essential! She is so kind to me. Can’t wait to see it! But have to wait more and more.
  9. Sorry but I had to delete full version and cut off the songs because of copyright problem. Cayennegirl, Yes, it was 88 delicious minutes that I reduced to 61 delicious minutes (no songs included).
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgswHP86XX8 (I promise to remove it at the first request of the copyright owner)
  11. It was delicious and exciting to hear Eric online for 88 minutes ! Wendy-Ann, Don’ t worry. I made the record for those who wasn’t able to listen to the live radio stream. Will post it very soon (uploading ). If there will be copyright problems I will not do it of course. I also have AAC file (much better quality) but it’s impossible to upload it to YouTube.
  12. My dear friends, Thank you many many times for your great support and sharing my video! James, I’m sorry to disappoint you. But there is a big difference between YouTube and Vimeo services. YouTube gives a poor lossy quality with trembling and instability of the frame, sometimes it looks like «Gaussian blur». I suspect that this only applies to new YouTube users who upload their video. But my friend said that I choose the wrong video format when uploading to YouTube. Perhaps I will work on it. Vimeo gives perfect lossless quality of the frame (full screen inluded). But only YouTube gives best search&views result for the videos because YouTube is more popular than Vimeo. That's why I use them both. When sharing my video I prefer Vimeo. YouTube users will find it anyway when searching.
  13. As I expected, I have a problem with delivery of my order from Amazon. Today I received a call from Moscow, the delivery company UPS. Manager told me that they already got my order but can’t ship it to Crimea because of difficult current situation that (maybe) will be changed in a 2-3 month. I was proposed to choose another city in Russia they can send it. I told them they can send it to my friend in Vladivostok (much FAR but SURE because we used this way several times getting order from other internet shops). One hour later, I get second call and manager said me «Sorry, we CAN NOT ship to Vladivostok too». I was told to choose some address only in Moscow. They gave me 10 days. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want my order to be returned back to Amazon. You can’t help me. I told you this story without any purpose. Have to find someone in Moscow or try to convince them to send anyway by usual mail.
  14. I'm Pink Floyd fan for 25 years! James mentioned today them so I recall my favorites. Crazy...
  15. This is my fan video of delight, appreciation and love for The Sun. It is dedicated to Eric's new album release. I congratulate him heartily! Brand New Year gives people new strength for living. But this fairytale happens only once in a year. And every day… We must find the reason to rise and start. A golden smile…
  16. James, This is just the same I wanted to do. To transfer this discussion to Cartoon World
  17. Wendy-Ann, I'm sorry to hear that you had such problems with Lithuania's accession to the Union. School history textbooks say sometimes only half the facts. The rest of them remains a secret for us. The Soviet Union was not sinless. But I am Soviet child and it's impossible to change. So we were taught in school and family. Collapse of Soviet Union was very hard for us. We found ourselves with all our friends and relatives on different sides of the border suddenly. It was absurd. I respect your position and your choice about self-determination of your country. I also think that there is nothing to discuss, and should not continue. All I wanted to do is ask Eric about his grandfathers' homeland. I did it because it was really warm and nice to read his mention of Russia. And I tried to explain why Russia is native for me, even though I live in another country.
  18. Hi Wendy-Ann, I agree with you completely. Lithuania is a different culture and a nation. Its accession to the Soviet Union was a big mistake. While Russia, Ukraine (and Belarus too) is a common nation with a common culture, history, very similar languages. I think it's better to move this discussion to a more suitable for this thread
  19. ...continuation of my previous post. I recalled something. You wrote "near Black Sea". I live near Black Sea too. Now I guess it could be Odessa or Kherson where your grandparents from?... My initial assumption about the Caucasus is likely wrong, I think so.
  20. Eric, This is a very great pride and honor for Russia to have such descendants like YOU! Though I live not in Russia but in neighbour Ukraine (and was born in Kazakhstan), after the collapse of the Soviet Union it’s hard for me to consider the post-Soviet republics as different countries, even though it's happening now... I would want to know in what city or region of Russia your grandparents lived.
  21. marvin, redd, Natalia, Thank you for being worried about us. The reason that my country is now a focus of the news is not very good, and I would like to change the situation. However, in small towns all quiet. We live and work as usual. I'm even able to think about things such as autographed notes.
  22. Than you Bernie! My guess was right (anyone can participate).
  23. Dear redd, Thank you! (I never won the lotteries in my life. I studied Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics long ago but I remember that there's no use to ignore it) I wish you good luck too (as I wish good luck to everyone)! (Ðnd thank you America for your tolerance to my stupid questions.)))))))))))))))))))
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