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  1. Dear Mary Ellen, I'm soooooooo glad you like our greeting! We all know that you are cat-lover (like me) The idea with the song belongs to AnneNR. The hearts in her message (heartpump.gif) are taken from message board of EC.com. Your cats are taken from your FB page. There is my own cat too (at 3:17 - 3:23). The idea of New Orleans and Mardi Gras symbols is redd’s. All the girls chose her favorite animal to be. I am the chicken coops ravager . Thank you all for taking part.
  2. Happy Anniversary dear Mary Ellen! This is our collective (birdy AnneNR Teresa1960 redd Larisa---P) greeting for you.
  3. I want to show you an awesome video message for David made by Russian/Ukrainian fans for his Birthday. The real celebration! How they love him! Very cool! Fans' message has been posted on David Bowie's Official Facebook Page.
  4. I can remember... Something even older than DOS. It was the Soviet computers which was the analogue of IBM System/360 series. The machine was huge, it took a whole big room to place. The processor, storage devices (for magnet bands and magnet discs), printer was a refrigerator-sized. Also, there was an input devices (punched card and punched tape reader) and keypunch machines. We also played games on this dinos! The games was static. The monitors was a Charactron tubes. We entered commands using consol. I don’t remember game’s name. But I remember personalities as Faerie Queenie, Clingons and Romulans. 1989, it was last year for my favorite ES 1036 machine. A year later I looked into window (I already did not work there) and found it totally broken. It was very sad feeling. But the big era of computers' development started then.
  5. Dear friends, Thank you for your prayers and support. Your prayers helped! My father’s surgery was successful. Primary histological results are good. He is getting recovered very fast, already started to drive a car neglecting our prohibitions. But you know how stubborn the men used to be My own health seems to getting better also. Since last spring I had extremely painful throat sore, was afraid to visit a doc thinking of something dangerous. But after a very long and tough flu plus thyroid issues I finally have to do it. Docs have found nothing «bad» but I now I know how torturous trivial chronic tonsillitis can be. I was waking up at nights with fear, suffering of speaking, swallowing. Sore have been almost healed in a few weeks. Life is never easy and I was so much worried all this time. But now it seems as if I get kind of release and sedation. My apologies for the letters I did not reply, Birthdays I’ve missed and promised stories I did not tell. I remember them all but … maybe someday Thank you again for thinking of me and supporting my family. With love, Larisa ---P
  6. I only knew the song "The Dock Of The Bay" performed by Engelbert Humperdinck. I have found that this is the same song by Steve Cropper that Eric mentioned. The song has very sad history of creation. It was recorded by one of its co-writers Otis Redding days before his death on December 10, 1967 in a plane crash.
  7. Tor browser allows you to vote more often than once in an hour )))))))))))))))
  8. Randy, you can find full version of the interview on topic "Hear Eric on RETRO RADIO 4/12"("That's Rock'N'Roll"thread). I can not post the link here because my smartphone mobile version does not allow to copy&paste.
  9. Happy Birthday Marlene! Best wishes!
  10. Eric, Happy Anniversary, dear! This is the small greeting from us (Cayennegirl&Redd&me) on your special day. Be happy!
  11. Thank you Tim and Cayennegirl, Maybe I did not understood what "pinned" means. Yesterday I found it unable to reply to this topic anymore as if it was locked. So I write to Cayennegirl wondering what it can be. Today it's okay already. My question is cancelled. Cheryl, I'm sure you will find an answers.
  12. The hardest question is the first one I've just sent my answers,
  13. Dear Gina, I am deeply sorry to hear about this. My condolences to you for your great loss. My hearts are with you in this time of sorrow. Love you <3
  14. My best wishes and congratulations to my American friends on 4th July!
  15. Happy Birthday Anne ! I apologize my greeting is belated. Wish you happiness, health, music and love!
  16. Bernie, This JOB IS NOT MINE! And I wrote (see above) why I would never even think of making it because I did't want to do it. I only found and shared someone else’s video.
  17. As Cayennegirl said once, «You might not always like some of the comments and discussions» So surely you will not like what I say. Teresa, You asked me to remake video with original track. Though it’s easy I will never do it. The reason is I do not like the funs in coub.com style. Maybe I’m too old and dull but I find it unacceptable making the fun of my favorite song that plays deep in my heart, very private and sacred. BUT regardless of our opinions this great success of the song is positive moment! The best thing we can do is tell the world in comments who is the author. I did not see in vimeo any comment about the author. You can easily join vimeo using your Facebook account and start comments. BTW I’ve searched and I’ve found this original track version, made by someone else.
  18. Thank you all, my dear friends! Your warm words inspired me! Imagine… What a perfect choice! Waking up today I had one unreal dream that I could only IMAGINE but never even dare to hope it may come true. But… It CAME TRUE. And I could not believe my eyes.
  19. Yesterday I get my Essential thanks to the kindness and care of my dear friend Cayennegirl! The postal gods made the perfect work and I promise I will never be doubt in their omnipotence.
  20. The full version of interview: [post='https://cloud.mail.ru/public/f3f760497694/Eric%20Carmen%20on%20Retro%20Radio%2088.7FM%20WJCU%2C%20University%20Heights.mp3']
  21. redd, Cayennegirl, Thank you for your help! You are so kind!
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