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  1. Good company there! Being from the Atlanta area I was a big ARS fan.
  2. For about a year now I listen to ec, and the Raspberries every week.
  3. I was kind of joking. I remembered reading when Eric said Rundgren ripped him off on one off his song, and Eric turned around and did the same to TR.
  4. I love hearing this CD in my car it has a lot of ec's best songs. Two songs I love that are not on there are Foolin Myself and I'm Through with Love. Two songs imho that don't get enough credit.
  5. I had the privilege of seeing Dan Fogelberg a couple of years before he got sick. Like EC, great piano player, guitarist and singer.
  6. Awesome Bernie! I noticed this was not the same as the Sunset Reunion DVD, Overnight Sensation song. Both great!
  7. Todd Rundgren. As Eric said, thievery!!! Madonna. Lmao
  8. I can understand the first breakup being young and prideful. What gets me is the reunion in 2004, those guys rocked it! For some of the same problems to come up again some 30 yrs later is just dumbfounded. If they wanted to keep touring it should have been equal pay. Seems like they could have worked it out if they wanted to.
  9. Too bad the guys couldn't get over their differences and continued to have performed together. Damn shame!
  10. Man! This was great, reading about the guys during the tour. I'm 17 years late to the show, but I'm enjoying the heck out of reading new things about the band and EC.
  11. Mike Reno came into the pizza joint I worked at in HS, Loverboy was playing in my hometown, this was probably 1981. He seemed like a cool dude.
  12. Loved hearing Rita sing, I'd Rather Leave While I'm in Love. HS memories.
  13. What a bummer to hear this! Ann was probably eating a ham samich and couldn't talk.
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