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  1. Together with the Eric Carmen inofficial CD and DVD came two Raspberries inofficial Live CDs: Here is the first one:
  2. I know. Eric is still popular in Japan. I purchased the inofficial releases in Japan. And this photo of Eric is also from Japan. I bought it today..
  3. I also bought an inofficial live DVD of Eric. More or less by accident, having thought it a CD. The front cover is indistinct, the back cover is very clear. Oddly enough this DVD, in wide circulation in Japan, is not mentioned on Discogs. But sooner or later I will upload it on rateyourmusic.com.
  4. HI. I was referring to this one: https://rateyourmusic.com/release/unauth/eric-carmen/live-at-the-bottom-line-1976/ I bought the 2CD of Live on Sunset Strip ages ago and have a download of Pop Art Live. But being an incorrigible collector I am in the process of buying the Japanese INofficial/UNofficial CDs of Eric and the Raspberries. Do realize I go for REAL bootlegs, not illegal copies of an official CD..So far I have half a dozen CDs and one DVD. I have this liking of the past. My late girlfriend said that I was stuck in the 1980 and my family commented that it was another try to live in the past. At University I had multiple training, among them as librarian and historian. The entries on RateYourMusic are for a small part mine..
  5. Well, i seriously entered music fandom in 1979 and more or less no longer became interested in modern music around 1990. Around 1980 I endlessly played Eric's four albums and bought them second hand. But the Fifth LP with "I Wanna Hear It from Your Lips"I bought new and that song is with "On Broadway"my favourite. Many years later I bought all Raspeberries albums I could get. And even a second hand vinyl LP. But through the years I kept buying vinyl singles of Eric. In the meantime I became a contributor to rateyourmusic. com or RYM, Discogs' competitor. Last year I re-re-discovered the Raspberries again. But I already had about everything. So I started diligently to search for Live Albums. With one or two exceptions they are inofficial. A pity but they are real bootlegs, not some illegal copy of an already existing CD. And of course I started hunting for unreleased studio stuff but only located a few, most on YouTube. And I am still searching for more as well for Live stuff. Well, that is it, Johan PS. I am not too good at computers and my laptop is 15 years old, a legacy from my brother. J.
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