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  1. I have to write quickly before my crazy caped captor comes back in that thing he calls "Batmobile". I signed on here a month or so ago as a new member, and I was enjoying the site and interacting with the other members, when this loony person dressed in tights and a cape and wearing a pointed eared mask sprayed me with sleep gas. I woke up in this dark, damp cave with an odd combination of bats and computers. The kidnapper tossed me into a locked room and will not let me out, except to go to the lavatory. While I was out of the cell and in the loo doing my thing, I heard this crazy "beep-beep" sound out in the cave, and I heard my captor say, "I'll be right there commissioner". Then I heard that abominable car start up and screech its wheels. He must have forgotten I was still in the boy's room. When I opened the door the cave was empty, but there is no exit that I can find. I have no idea where this place is, so getting rescued will be a real challenge. Can anybody suggest a plan? Thank you. PS - I am really getting concerned for my HiFi system. It hasn't been used since my abduction, and it isn't used to long periods of neglect.
  2. I came across this topic about the film "Guardians of the Galaxy", and I was compelled to relate an experience concerning it. I went to see this film with my family when it was released in theaters. I had just heard the song GATW playing on Sirius/XM radio in my car (70's on 7 channel) on the way to the theater. Then about 10 minutes into the film it comes blasting on the screen when Chris Pratt sticks the cassette in his sound system... my reaction must have been a bit hyperbolic because people sitting near me were giving me looks! I just thought that it was so great to hear the song used in a new major motion picture. Truly a testament to it's timeless appeal. OK, I'll shut up now.
  3. Eric was indeed huge in Japan. Smart people, those Japanese!
  4. R.I.P. Mr. Weinstein. He gave us some great 1960's classics. 😪
  5. Welcome, Kath. I am also a newbie. I joined in January. You'll like it here... good folks.
  6. PowerPop72

    Take Two

    Thank you for your assistance. Much appreciated.
  7. PowerPop72

    Take Two

    My video links aren't working here!
  8. PowerPop72

    Take Two

    Silence Is Golden - written by Four Seasons keyboardist/vocalist Bob Gaudio and their producer Bob Crewe ( both from Newark, NJ). Covered by Brit group the Tremeloes, and the version that charted higher than the Four Seasons original The Tremeloes - Silence is Golden - Bing video 1st RECORDING OF: Silence Is Golden - Four Seasons (1964) - Bing video
  9. I just read earlier this week that Dick Van Dyke still dances with his young wife. He's in his 90's. God bless him! Dick Van Dyke sings and dances with wife Arlene Silver in their Everybody Loves a Lover music video - YouTube
  10. While I have never faced this experience ( restaurants, traveling, etc. ) with my own parents, whom both lived to their 90's, I have deep respect for children that reverse the roles and become "parent-caregivers" to their elderly and frail mothers and fathers. We had to eventually hire a live-in home health aide in the last few years of my parents lives, but it was worth every dollar if for nothing less than giving them the comfort, familiarity and dignity of living out the remainder of their time in their own home.
  11. Raspberries - GATW Solo- Toss up: Hey Deanie from early solo career; Make Me Lose Control from latter part of his career.
  12. Thank you very much. Seems like a great collection of folks here. Glad to be here.
  13. Kirk, very impressive speakers! I admire people that design and build their own units. Living in California, you were near the facility of one of the best American speaker designers/manufacturers, James B. Lansing Sound, Inc. Commonly known as JBL! (Yes, they used the exclamation point in their name). If we were neighbors, we would probably have been at each others' homes all the time showing off our systems.
  14. A very convenient device for the time, although there was tremendous loss of audio from the very clean digital CD tracks, and the very limited frequency response and dynamic range of the car's tape deck, but most ears would never notice it on a car stereo. I had one for a while and it worked well. Being an audio-snob, I bought the Sony unit! It reminds me of the early days of FM album rock. Very few cars that kids were driving had FM radios, so they came out with FM converters that went between the antenna and the car radio. You tuned the car radio to AM 1400 kHz and tuned your FM station on the converter. They worked very well. When the converter was turned off, it was bypassed and you had your AM radio back.
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