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  1. OK, this is weird, but I was thinking about this song earlier today, many hours before I read this thread. For some reason my mind went straight to the factoid, which I surely read in some Who bio years ago, that the title was inspired by one of Townshend's guru's sayings.
  2. Has anyone heard the tape? I've heard some good KSAN shows--the Paul Collins Beat one in particular is one of my favorite live recordings of all time. https://researchworks.oclc.org/archivegrid/collection/data/430388944
  3. I had no idea this model kit existed, but I do have unbuilt kits for the Monkeemobile and the Raiders Coach.
  4. For those who absolutely MUST read the last column. I believe I got it off one of the FB groups from a fan named Jean.
  5. I've only seen him twice, once in the '90s, the other about 20 years ago. He was much better the second time around, but that could be attributed to the fact that he was playing with the Imposters (including a couple of Attractions like the always excellently named Steve Nieve), and he looked more like his "classic" self (with Buddy Holly-esque specs and short hair, as opposed to his shaggy, bearded and somewhat bloated appearance ca. '91). I acknowledge things could be different now, but stick with his '70s stuff and you can't go wrong. I really dug his memoirs too.
  6. The drum and piano sounds are impressively similar to the original record.
  7. Oh well, that blessedly boyish figure didn't last forever. (Signed, Metabolically Challenged Since Birth)
  8. Led Zeppelin (Pagey)--Over the Hills & Far Away Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps (Cliff Gallup)--Jump Back Honey Jump Back Stray Cats (Brian Setzer)--Rev It Up & Go Jimi Hendrix Experience--Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) Eddie & the Showmen (Eddie Bertrand)--Mr. Rebel The Knickerbockers (Beau Charles)--One Track Mind Kinks (Dave Davies)--I Need You Untamed Youth (Deke Dickerson)--She's So Satisfying Van Halen--Little Guitars Rockpile (Dave Edmunds & Billy Bremner)--Any live version of Heart of the City
  9. I think I figured out that timing conundrum...Unlike the original, the ballad version omits repeating the full chorus at the end.
  10. I can hear a wee bit of "I Saw the Light" in the ascending scale at the :05 second mark (and several other places).
  11. Kirk, that's at least a decent hair day for sure. Looks like the basis for this sketch:
  12. Oops, sorry that was me. I realize they were both pretty big hits and one of them is partly Rach-inspired, but I find them kind of, I dunno, sing-songy? Perhaps if the lyrics were more soaring and unique I'd dig them more. I always appreciate when a fandom is able to temper the undying admiration for its subject with just a touch of irreverence and a critical viewpoint. No artiste is perfectly infallible. Even those I consider bigger songwriting talents than EC--such as one of my personal fave-raves Ray Davies--have offered up the occasional stinkeroo. I think it's OK to acknowledge that, as long as one isn't too obnoxious about it. [Speaking of Ray...I happen to like the oft-maligned "You Took Me ATW," even though I'm completely aware it's a total cheese-fest, because I have a soft spot for the "let's rip myself off" genre, "Destroyer" being one of the all-time finest examples thereof. To me the only egregious part of "You Took Me" is the electronic drums.]
  13. My oof list 1. Anything from Winter Dreams 2. I Need You 3. American as Apple Pie 4. Couldn't Say Goodbye 5. Haven't We Come a Long Way 6. Change of Heart 7. Never Gonna Fall in Love Again 8. Living Without Your Love 9. Maybe My Baby 10. Come Back to My Love
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