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  1. Bernie, I purchased Raspberries TONIGHT from you a few months ago but only just got around to reading it yesterday. Found this quote from EC on p. 25: "If you go back and listen to the harmonies on GATW, I sang the middle part and the high part on the record, while Wally sang the low part. I'm not sure why we did that, but that was the way it was done. In concert Jim sang the high part, Wally sang the middle part and Dave sang the low part. It was good, but because Jim was playing drums and Dave was playing bass, it was harder to capture what was on the record in the live situation."
  2. Here's an example of what the Hollies were like on stage during the Rickfors period. Well, sort of--I know they also did a lot of "mellower" material from Romany and Distant Light during their shows at this point, which can be an acquired taste and surely bored the pants off those young-'uns riled up by the '72 Raspberries. I'd have missed Clarkey as much as anyone, but for most Hollies fans at least, this era of the band was odd but not without merit. youtube.com/watch?v=OjXd6oeVCbw
  3. I have seen it--twice--but I cannot remember how (or how loudly) the song was used. It's a documentary about the National Lampoon, so I imagine it underscored a discussion about some sexy satirical piece in the magazine.
  4. This bit on page 6 stood out to me: "Another factoid about 'Go All the Way' that may not be widely known is that Eric Carmen is doing all of the vocals on this track, including the back-ups." I can't recall if I've read that anywhere else before. Is that true? If so I kinda feel like I did when I learned that Graham Nash did all the harmonies himself on the chorus of "Carrie-Anne."
  5. To be honest, the chain died a death decades ago. I was in Lake George a few years back for an Ohana tiki festival, and was compelled to check out that HoJo's just for nostalgia's sake--but truly, it was a HoJo's in name only, with nary a hint of the fried clams and super-rich ice cream of the glory days. It was musty as hell in there too. Fortunately, the A&W stand down the road from there was an intact slice of retro resto heaven.
  6. With You In My Life Money Down Rose Coloured Glasses Studio version of I Can Remember...song itself isn't a clunker but production is a bit clunky to me. Live versions are transcendent and glorious and we're blessed that they exist.
  7. You don't have the book Lew? I couldn't tell you the exact page but we do get Ms. Shane's side of the story in chapter two. A hairpiece is involved. I've seen the occasional comment from her on YT, and if you dig deep enough you can find the odd message from her on the early version of this board.
  8. I was about 7 at the height of Greasemania, so naturally I loved her and owned Totally Hot as well. I'm sure I listened to it often, yet when I heard EC's original BATC many years later I had no recollection of knowing the song. Maybe I was too much of a tyke to really absorb and understand it.
  9. You could be on to something Batman. After I posted the picture I remembered there is a small repro of it in The Book, but it's from a newspaper article, and of course the resolution is more '90s Xerox-esque than 21st century scanner-like.
  10. Since we're askin', has anyone ever seen this variant unencumbered by overlay text?
  11. Double-flip on the part of the seller. B-side goes with sleeve's backside.
  12. My pleasure. A couple of others I'd never seen before have turned up since then too.
  13. Batman, assuming you're also "Raspberryelvis" on YT, here are the links.
  14. https://web.archive.org/web/*/ericcarmen.com
  15. Ira, I'm a newbie to the forum but your old posts in the archives have given me much retroactive delight. I dig your vibe. Please stick around if you can. Rasp. catalogue in general for me never gets old. And every now and then I get stunned by hearing subtle little details that were previously unnoticed.
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