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  1. I thought the same Kirk. It was actually funny what the mime was doing though.
  2. So... just came back from visiting my mom in long-term care but when I got there, I'm just waiting for them to come and buzz me in, and I thought...am I hearing things?? I could hear Hungry Eyes playing quite loudly. So they let me in and I see what was going on... they were watching the movie Dirty Dancing.🤣 And if you are aware of the scene that's playing while that song is going on...😮Made me laugh out loud.. too funny. I guess they needed to warm them up a little bit since here in parts of Saskatchewan tonight it's -38 degrees Celsius.🥶
  3. Wishing you only the best on your birthday Lew..my new special friend. 😘🌈
  4. He totally gets it!!! about Eric's voice..yup.
  5. I don't know about anybody else, but I find it so hard to listen to covers of Eric's songs. Boats is so personal for him and he has the emotions to go along with it. These three artists do such a good job and each their own unique voice. I'll have to give a few more listens... I can't pick just yet.
  6. I'm still learning so much about these gems..I listened to "Devil" 5 times in a row. It's so moving....hard to believe Eric wasn't pleased...musicians are their own worst critics.
  7. Missed this post. Very moving especially with the children's voices. Obviously pre-covid. How refreshing to see the innocent faces of children and hear their beautiful voices without masks. Thanks for posting.♥️
  8. LC ....The 2 ballads: ..Devil and the Deep Blue Sea...this was the first time I've heard it. In the part of the song where he sings "There's nights we catch on fire," is the same chord progression and almost identical melody as in chorus of "Hello" by Lionel Richie. But so moving. Love at Last ...also first time I've heard it.... beautiful. I downloaded them.
  9. Thx Mellie! Was it the Travelodge Hotel?..it has a huge water slide and jacuzzi in the rooms. Wow you had quite a journey across continent! So glad our beautiful city of Saskatoon treated you in the manner you deserved. The river banks are so beautiful in summer and fall. Merry Christmas.
  10. I found eight also Kirk. Thank you Santa Bernie. The two ballads were amazing as usual.
  11. From our family farm in Saskatchewan (-30 celsius)....to all of you....peace and joy♥️
  12. Yes Helen...my people also!! Sometime soon I'll post a little story about how I was introduced to Eric Carmen.. it's kind of unique. The difference in you and I would be that there is zero music in my family. My parents and none of my seven siblings are musical. There was never any music in the home. Just the radio on top of the fridge. I was the first musician in the family... I was singing constantly when I was two. And my amazing family had to work hard to support my musical interests. My siblings called me a freak of nature which I gladly accepted LOL. Merry Christmas.
  13. Merry Christmas to my new friends at ericcarmen.com. Even though I am a newcomer to the site I'm a not a newcomer to Eric Carmen's music. I have 50 years under my belt of listening, emulating, and appreciating his wonderful gift of music. It's been such a treat to have hooked up with some of you on this incredible site that Bernie created. And even though Eric Carmen may not be present here or commenting anymore, of which I missed out on, what is important is that his music has brought us all together. When a person pours their heart and soul into their art, they are gifting you a piece of themselves. That's a huge deal and as we all know here, the power of music is universal and it's VERY strong. Strong ..that it can pull us all together in a world that is sadly keeping people apart. Many blessings to you and your families during the holiday season. AND....Thank you Eric Carmen for sharing your incredible gift of music with the world (just in case you take a peek here).🎄
  14. Merry Christmas James. Your team is lucky to have you. Only thing missing from the picture is you.
  15. Yay.. looks like there's been some progress on my question Vinnie.
  16. Rhonda B

    Santa Bernie?

    Since I'm a newbie, you will have to tell me more about Santa Bernie. But from my objective point of view, I think he's been Santa Bernie all year long guys! (I continually find special little gifts on here every day.)🎄
  17. Happy belated Birthday Doreen!
  18. I must say I laughed out loud at this... thanks Lew. The Hardly Rock Cafe 🤣
  19. This is the Showmanship of a true professional! And also all the musicians and singers backing him up.
  20. Good job indeed! Also, That's why I like to hear Eric Carmen's original demos with his voice and piano only.
  21. You took the words right out of my mouth Helen, I was just going to comment on those same two words... some of this internet stuff just kills me. Lew...it is interesting.
  22. I will go with B as well.. I really like that instrumental...A seems a little sluggish. Thanks Lew.. what's a girl to do when she can't find Eric Carmen Christmas CDs in her collection ...look up what Lew has to offer😄
  23. Ok Mr. Trask. I'll bite. Serious Question: Is there any evidence that Eric Carmen has sung a solo with just himself playing a guitar and his voice only? Or even himself playing a guitar solo? Inquiring minds want to know....at least my inquiring mind that is.
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