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  1. Thank you Lew. So creative. And so entertaining for a long tiring Monday.
  2. Another shocking death at such a young age. I was watching AFV and they actually interrupted the show to announce his death just 20 minutes ago.
  3. My mom was such a big fan of Sidney Poitier ..she loved the movie "Lilies of the Field" , she especially loved the Amen/response song in that movie... and wanted me to learn it so I could sing it at church..which I did. BTW Sidney Poitier did not do the vocals on this song they were dubbed by somebody else. Apparently Sidney was tone deaf! Who would have thought that? He did a very good job acting the part of a singer. youtu.be/bdtl4SwNEW0
  4. So very well put James. Very touching sentiment and also my condolences on the loss of your brother.❤️
  5. Love the video! Pretty much goes with the territory here in Canada Susie. My parents cross-country skied here on their farm for years... my five brothers were in hockey ..my dad was a coach ...we don't even think anything of it ..we are born into it. And we all have homemade ice rinks here on our Farms or we find a good frozen slough somewhere on our farmland. I love the story about your parents skating... brought a smile to my face thank you.
  6. Oh James that is too funny. I'm one of I guess almost 1.2 million in Saskatchewan. Over half live in the two largest cities Saskatoon which is the largest and Regina. Wait till summer comes I will be telling you how Bloody hot it is here.. last year we had +40 Celsius temperatures in summer which is 104 in Fahrenheit.. our Farmland is suffering so we welcome the snow for moisture. We live in what we call Extreme climate so in between winter and summer our temperatures go through a difference of almost 140° Fahrenheit.(40 below to 104 above in Fahrenheit).
  7. snow_____. My answer: is up to 12 inches on the window sills and knee deep in the long farm driveway and is still falling with extreme -40 temps all week. (But I love it!... I was born to live here...hmm kind of sounds like good lyrics for a song)
  8. Yes Kirk! Isn't that so cool.. not everyone would pick up on that. ... those intricate details musicians add to their songs... The good majority of these details go unnoticed. But you can find something a little extra in just about all EC songs. Like in " Brand New Year" for example, I read his comments about the production of the song and I would not have known the little clink he added to .."here's a toast to .." was actually wine glasses.. I heard it but I didn't know that it was actually two wine glasses.
  9. Only for my mother would I do this, be driving at night when it's minus 40 degrees Celsius...to go in and help feed her in long-term care... so yes All for Love is very appropriate. And I actually did have this song on in my car... it's my favourite go to driving song and it's just my favourite Eric Carmen song (along with Desperate Fools). Everything about All for Love that makes this my favourite song: 1. The acoustic guitar/piano introduction ..can't get enough of this...so well performed. 2. When EC harmonizes with himself in a lower voice register...so great... I like to call this attractive singing. 3. The well-carved lyrics about a significant other not being patient enough to wait for someone who has chosen to pursue their dreams. I identify with this lyric. 4. Then we have the saxophone/ instrumental that serves as the bridge and wakes you up from the beautiful ballad to....it's time to shout in the Rock voice. LOL I can play All for Love 5 times in a row and I never tire of it. And it's been around for 42 years now I believe. I hope you are warm and cozy wherever you are. Rhonda B.
  10. Happy birthday Annie! I hope you have a great day and a great year ahead.🍰🙂
  11. Bernie I agree...it would have been a lot more bearable to be hearing Eric's voice in that commercial three to five times per hour.
  12. Kirk... nothing devious going on here, I am just common folk. I'm not talented in the poetic department as are James and Lew.
  13. Even when I'm not trying, Eric tends to be in my life at least once a day through these Canadian ads. This particular one has been playing here in Canada for 2 years I think, but I just heard three times in the last hour again.... thought you might find it interesting🙂 Rhonda B.
  14. Thank you Billy. I was hoping for some frost because it's just a winter wonderland in this yard when we have frost. This yard my parents built together in 1953. My dad died in 2008 and my mom declined shortly after that and is still in long-term care.. and I might add she loves Eric Carmen because of me! But mostly she loves Elvis Presley. 😊 I stay here when I come to visit my mom which is about 90 miles from my home in Saskatoon. And as a tribute to my heroes, my parents, I will continue to take care of the farm as long as I can even though I have my own home in Saskatoon. I can't wait to send pictures in the spring and summer ..it's like living in a park away from all the nastiness of the world.
  15. It's already starting off to be a crazy New Year.... but in a good crazy kind of way😉
  16. I love that James... thanks for posting.
  17. Brand New Year by Eric Carmen 2014 I was pretty sure somebody would have posted this by today but I just have to post it simply because we would probably have new viewers or members to the site that have never heard of this beautiful song for the new year. A song Eric Carmen released in 2014. It's such a crisp recording ..the sound is spectacular. There is lots of great information on this website regarding how this song came about for Eric Carmen. Also, when I heard it the first time I didn't even know about his association with the Beach Boys. But anyone would immediately know that sound was inspired by the Beach Boys upon hearing. I don't know if anyone else has ever commented on the fact that a big part of the main piano accompaniment in the song, sounds like "In My Room" by The Beach Boys.. it hit me right away when I heard it. Not sure if that was intentional or just a coincidence. Anyway here it is..."Brand New New Year" for new and familiar members..enjoy🙂 Rhonda B.
  18. Aww... Betty White..loved you ..of course you would go out in a big way ..on the last day of the year! RIP ♥️
  19. But hey, the two songs songs are very similar but to an avid Eric or Raspberries fan we know the difference.
  20. I noticed that the lyrics he's quoting here are not from "Go all the Way" but from "I wanna be with you"
  21. Loved Air Supply. But I did notice their songs all started to sound alike after a while. If you were going through some emotional times when their songs were popular, I think you could identify quite well.
  22. A good laugh with my morning coffee..Happy New Year Lew.🥂🎉
  23. Yes Lew... I feel honoured that I am conversing with these two prestigious members. I've been on here one month now and I am happy to see that I have put Saskatchewan on the map with over 42,000 views in one month, I am amazed. This is my first open social media site I have been on since I've had the internet. And yes, I have been on Facebook etc. but that is for my actual known family and personal friends. I feel like a giddy teenager or even a small child who is excited to watch the same movie over and over 20 times in a row! Thanks y'all.♥️ Rhonda B.
  24. 😜whoa... is he playing a guitar or singing?? I hardly noticed. Thank you Bernie.
  25. Thanks Vinnie...I was losing sleep over that question... have a good day.
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