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  1. The Greatest Discovery is about Bernie Taupin's discovery of his new born brother. You maybe know that. I recently sent the song to my niece who just had a little boy.. so the song was for the benefit of his big sister. And yes, that is a great album. His little unknown gems, like Eric, are sometimes the ones I'm attracted to the most.
  2. Sorry I'm not sure why this posted twice.. if somebody wants to remove 1 of the posts they can
  3. While I have all of this time on my hands I thought I should tell you why I have all this time on my hands. I feel this story needs repeating as it restores your faith in humanity and talks about a real hero. Seven days ago the province of Saskatchewan was hit with a major blizzard and then throughout the week there were high winds and more snow which meant I could not get back to Saskatoon. I've been waiting it out at the Family Farm 100 miles away. Thank goodness the internet still works. I couldn't even open the door let alone drive over 3 ft snow banks in the yard. While we are a tough bunch and we are used to this weather all of the time, the blizzard caused much havoc and put people's lives in danger. The next day cars were left abandoned all over roadsides and some people had to stay inside their cars overnight. A farmer lost his life when his tractor got stuck and he walked for help. However, an 80 year old man emerges to save the life of one woman and others near the small town of Pense, Saskatchewan.( and with a little help from Facebook) Pense is around 150 miles from the American border in between Montana and North Dakota. The videos are amazing and almost look like a staged scene from a movie. So thankful I made the decision not to be on the road. I hope you can open the link below and watch the video. Then under the video if you go down a little further it says 'related stories' and if you click the blue text it tells the whole story. https://www.cbc.ca/player/play/1999523907755/
  4. This review of the EJ concert could have easily been the review for the concert I saw in Saskatoon October 2019. I actually didn't mind some of the background video going on since it highlighted his career from the early 70s up until now. I didn't find it too distracting because you'd almost expect it. Truth be told, a fantastic concert, but the concert where it was just EJ on the piano and Ray Cooper on percussion I much preferred from a musical standpoint.
  5. LC... I think you meant "Inside Story" 😉
  6. Ouch! I'm surprised that even got passed the editor. How brutal! And to say it about a home town celebrity. No class. Uncool. Her kind and generous comments before that somehow get obscured by adding that ridiculous comment. (LC is the consummate gentleman assuming it was a He ). I am even more surprised that nobody here even commented on that until now. You better believe if I had joined this site a little earlier and seen that, I would have been writing to the editor.😡
  7. Yes it will be his last . With all his health issues at present I'm so surprised he is out this soon. Can't wait to hear a review. I saw him three times in Saskatoon and last time was Oct. 1, 2019 just before COVID hit. Of course it was the Yellow Brick Road tour.. how lucky! Are they allowing full concerts in the US now? There are no concerts here at all.
  8. Eric's words from the interview link above posted by LC: "There's a very funny bridge in "Last Night" from my first solo album, and Chopin is probably rolling over in his grave." WOW! He's talking about the exact piece of music I just posted. Thank you for this. You and Kirk definitely know how to navigate this site to find that so quick. And the interviewer also knew his stuff.
  9. Don't hate me but I have a Samsung. HAHA! I find they are more user-friendly and so far I haven't had trouble with the photos part. I just click and follow the information. But what I usually do is, after I've taken the picture, I edit it down to a smaller form ..maybe that would help. That's what I did with these two. I'm no technical Guru let me tell you. I appreciate anything I can read here so I'll check that link above. I'm all about the music. I can tell you everything I know about that without researching. I think I'm pretty good at researching myself but I'd just don't have the patience and time. Thankfully this week I'm glad I have this site to turn to as we've had a very rough time weather wise in Saskatchewan and I've been stranded at the family farm. So I'm having lots of fun here. I'm going to put a post on that under the Everything forum. Thanks LC.
  10. Found it! Chopin's Etude in E major Opus 10, no. 3. For non music people that is a study that we use for students to practice technique. This particular one is for practicing Legato or smooth movements. It's a relatively easy piece but beautiful Melody. The red circled part is the exact notes he uses for the bridge in Last Night. I just knew this for probably 50 years but I probably only shared it with some of my music students. I was overjoyed when I found this when I was a teenager actually practicing it then Eric releases the song. Imagine my ego thinking the stars were aligning for me. ( or maybe they were?)
  11. Oh darn..sure am Kirk. But...do you know the exact Chopin song he used? I'll post it!
  12. Hey Kirk: I am very honoured to know something that you don't know. According to other members here you're the go-to for everything. Or the know-it-all. This was just some useless info I've had stored up in my memory for almost 40 years. We can go head-to-head anytime. LOL. Just about every note of every Eric Carmen song is emblazoned in every cell of my body since I was in my early teens. As a classically trained and pop musician myself, that isn't too surprising I guess. I've been waiting basically 50 years to talk about this stuff. I could start a few topics. Here's a little teaser: Right now, actually I'm looking through my Chopin music. Something I discovered about one of Eric's songs when it came out at the same time I was learning a Chopin piece of music and I have the notes to back me up. So when I find it I will post. It's just the "Leo" in me, I'm super competitive... I've been trying to hold back. Talk to you later. Ps Kirk... it's possible you even know what I'm talking about, but don't go Googling.
  13. Susie... my favourite and probably the one I know best by The Byrds is Here Without You ...hauntingly beautiful. And especially brings meaning to one's life if they've lost somebody close.
  14. I won't be quite as harsh but as we know and I've said before, we are very spoiled by Eric, and after Eric Carmen singing his own songs, why bother? That being said. I give anybody huge props who attempts a song like this. The melody line is not an easy one ..the notes go from low to high and back again. And this guy does it quite easily but with very little emotion attached . The song is so beautiful I don't mind listening to it just to hear that great Melody.
  15. LC: Hard to believe that this thread did not get any action. Simon and Garfunkel.. huge to me. And I was wowed when I saw that you posted "My little town" here. ..story coming..... As a farm family, we were bused every school day for 12 years to our little town of which was largely a rural community. When my class graduated, only ten of us were in the graduating class... we were a very tight-knit group. When it came time for our grade 12 graduation, I had lots of ideas for the music for the ceremony and I brought my brother's Simon & Garfunkel records. My suggestion for the slide presentation, was "My little town" . But we only used excerpts of it obviously. I don't think the line "nothing but the dead and dying back in my little town" would go over well in the Community LOL. The girls in my class were crying their eyes out the first time they heard it. So it was a definite 'yes' with the group. The song is the real thing for all of us who grew up in a small rural community of 500 people. That is why I was 'wowed' by the fact you put it on here. The boys in my class really liked the song Sounds of Silence .. even though with the principal's help, I tried to convince them that the lyrics were not appropriate. But they persevered and got their way and we walked into the gym to that song. Now, I have to agree with them because everytime I hear that song it brings me right back to that day and something about the lyrics just sticks with me. Many thanks LC!
  16. LC...great bump. The hijacking of the thread that started out as The Boxer was quite hilarious. Gave me some insights on Eric in the gym.....I never would have known. Truth be told, I don't even know how he looks since the reunion tour. But I was glad to hear he was taking care of himself like that 12 years ago. His comments regarding the music in the gym also.. there's no candy-coating his opinion...ever! But I love it. Simon and Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Water.. another one of my brother's records, what would I do without that brother? Because we played these albums so much you cannot get them out of your music memory box. Bridge Over Troubled Water was I think the third pop song I learned to play by ear and actually performed it but that was with the pipes of a 15 year old. I can't believe I did it..the vocals at the end of the song require a lot of control and preciseness. As far as the song The Boxer, I prefer Simon and Garfunkel's version... just got to go with the original as usual but I also agree it's probably best from a man's point of view. Alison Krauss has the voice of an Angel and so effortless. Shawn Colvin blended very well with her voice. Thanks LC
  17. That last comment above was meant for LC.. thanks for making me re listen!
  18. Blackhawkpat you rock! Looks like everybody pretty much agrees about that song here. Thanks for making me re listen.
  19. And one more thing, this is so technical of me to know but... the first five notes in his introduction of "I'm through with Love" are identical to the first five notes in the introduction of My Girl on the French horn. ... and I'm pretty sure they're in the same key. It probably wasn't even intentional I just thought I'd throw that out there.
  20. Not sure many people would even know that David Foster was in that group.
  21. Susie, I love what you said about 'so much going on under the hood'. I think that pretty much describes Eric Carmen as well. I gave the song another listen and the points I made in my post above are pretty much what I remember my whole life about this song ...first time I heard it I think I was 17. The only other thing I would add is that the bridge is phenomenal and I always thought it could be a piece all on its own. Also, on the Essential CD, My Girl precedes All by Myself. There is such a contrast between the 2 songs you almost wouldn't think it was the same singer and songwriter if you didn't know better.
  22. A few quick points as I'm waiting in my car but I would like to give the CD a listen to later. 1. Good point Kirk re: Rachmaninoff connection in the song My Girl. As it's in the intro with the French horn and then comes back in the bridge again...pretty subtle. 2.The biggest thing I can tell you about My Girl is I do not attempt to play that song on the piano. I'd say it would be a little bit of a nightmare for a bass player LOL. Holy Moses he is all over the place with his bassline and piano chords. They are played in inversions (if you're a musician you would know that means he's not using the root of the Chord) he's using other notes of the chord to be the bass. But it's what I love about his music ..also Elton John does this for example in Someone Saved My Life Tonight but a much slower Tempo so easier to do. In My Girl it gives the feeling that you can't wait to get back to the chorus so you can get back to singing along with the chorus..like it's a relief. I don't know if that makes sense. Those chords create quite a bit of tension in my opinion ...is what most of his songs do but there's such quick changes in this song. 3. The song just screams Brian Wilson... in a great way and Eric's vocals are so so good. More later.
  23. Ha Ha.. Help Me Rhonda.. first time ever hearing that in my life..not! "My Girl" that will be my homework assignment for today. TTYL
  24. Dave... thanks for the Post regarding you and Bernie. That's a little bit of what I miss here... not knowing the people I'm conversing with..like their first names, where they are from and what is their background. What a great connection you and Bernie have. And now I love knowing that you write children's books. I'm going to check that out! As a retired teacher I would have loved to know that about you. There's something that makes my heart glad when I see children reading books and not even being distracted by their environment around them. Before my music classes would begin, I required all my students to read in my music room for 10 minutes before we began music. Best way ever to shift their thinking process and be ready. Also, Kirk, thanks for sharing that info about yourself as well. I love the part about you wanting to have a little bit extra cash for albums Etc. That's what I had to do while I was going to University. I actually had to start teaching private music lessons again just so I could have some money in my pocket to buy albums of which I was obsessed. Our university had a HUGE bookstore and a record section..best thing after my classes were done as I went there Every Single Day!
  25. Showcases Brian Wilson's exquisite song writing. That Melody line is a hard one to tackle there. A nice easy listening version. Thanks Matthew
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