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  1. I know Craig. That's how I feel about most of his ballads... especially the ones he wrote early on.
  2. Kirk... You really have to give props to anyone trying to sing a song like this. Vocally, a very difficult song with the jumps in the notes. I miss hearing songs like this as I'm always about those big ballads. Thanks Kirk.
  3. Sure this song has been discussed before, but it's worth repeating and maybe some new members haven't heard it. ( And this is EricCarmen.com) One of the most beautiful Melodies ever! And one of Eric's most beautiful ballads. Vocally, no one can sing this like he does. No collaboration here, totally Eric. Thank you Eric. ❤️
  4. WOW THIS IS BIG NEWS TO ME! However, a certain someone won't be a part of the band😕
  5. Susie, thanks for sharing that non-coincidence...love it!
  6. In case you didn't check this info out on YouTube, he performed this song Yesterday April 9th, 2022. These are Julian Lennon's words:
  7. I would say that girl has very good taste Vinnie.
  8. Congratulations Raspberries! 2022 is turning out to be a year of great milestones. What a great interview! Thanks for posting Bernie!
  9. So touching James! I can tell you at least one thing Lew did. He made me feel very welcome when I first joined EricCarmen.com. I think he's pretty great.♥️
  10. Thanks Bernie! You know how I feel about this incredible site. Congratulations to you and all members who keep it going. Awesome!
  11. ♥️♥️Loving them both...who would complain with either. Certainly a different look compared to his first album. Thank you!
  12. Jonathan Winters! Yes! He didn't even need to open his mouth. All you had to do was look at his facial expressions if you wanted to have a good laugh🤣
  13. Great song from the 70's that YouTube had waiting for me this morning. I found it here under the topic Passions so I thought I would bump it. Great song Tammy. Rhonda B.
  14. Yes! Can't wait Bernie! Thank you for all you do and to all those who keep this site up and running....including all the moderators... and also thanks to Lew. ♥️♥️♥️
  15. One of the brothers injured his arm badly in a fall: https://fb.watch/cdAdZYrKlK/
  16. TRIBUTE VIDEO https://fb.watch/cdyPvOEAYx/
  17. Somber Day. April 6th 2018. Some of you may be aware of the tragic bus crash of the Humboldt Broncos hockey team on April 6th, 2018 that took the lives of 16 people. Humboldt, Saskatchewan is 25 miles from our farm. It is the city where we do all of our business except schooling. It is where I was born as well as all members of my family. So except for the fact I grew up on a farm, Humboldt was our main centre and it is for all close rural communities. The devastating bus crash got National and International coverage. We had many American reporters staying in Humboldt including Lester Holt(NBC). It is a very close-knit community of German settlers . But this crash has very close connections to our family. One of our relatives, and 2 family friends were killed in this crash. Closest connection to me was a survivor who was one of my former music students from the last school before I retired. He had a friend from the public school beside our Catholic School . Both of these boys, rose up in the hockey ranks and went on to play Junior Hockey with the Humboldt Broncos... they were both in the bus crash. The student I taught survived ...his friend did not. There were 16 deaths in total. We were avid fans of this hockey team and still are. So devastating for our community and the recovery process is ongoing. One thing that is never mentioned is the effects on the First Responders that came to the crash site that occurred on a road that our family uses often ..60 miles from the farm. These First Responders saw the most horrible things no human should ever see. And these responders knew the members of hockey team. Many could not return to their jobs after and are in counselling still.😥
  18. LC: Another thing you had going for you on the post was the fact that it is the 45th anniversary of the release of Boats against the Current.
  19. Oh no Kirk.. you FELL for it! I hold you in such high esteem with everything ERIC...can I ever trust anything you say again?😟
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