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  1. Hey Matthew C. Clark. I don't think you're from Canada, but you sure give some great shout outs to Canadian artists such as Amy Sky. I have a couple of her CDs and I believe she's written songs for Olivia Newton-John or has co-written. Amy Sky has written songs for many other prolific performers as well
  2. Thanks LC for your empathy and understanding it means so much. I have been a fairly outspoken advocate for my mom and seniors since even before the pandemic hit. And yes...they instituted laptops and extra technical support for Zoom calls and FaceTime Etc. Which is how the media reports it, but you never get to really see what's going on behind the scenes with all of the fallout. Some residents such as my mom who has dementia, caused by a stroke, do not respond to screens and in fact if I FaceTime my mom she looks for me behind the device for where my voice is coming from... but she will respond to your physical presence, to your touch and voice. And she especially responds to music. (Probably in the recesses of her mind are all the Eric Carmen and Elton John songs I tortured my family with for 50 years LOL) But this is not a unique case. The exception to the rules would be if a resident is at death's door, then we would be allowed to come in. The scenario keeps changing as you well know. At this time, currently where my mom is, we can choose 2 family members to visit her at different times but it has to be the same 2 and it's by appointment only and if you miss booking online then you miss visiting. My family has designated myself, and of course as is the rule everywhere, you have to wear masks and be vaccinated. So sad ....since we currently have 53 members in our huge immediate family. My mother has already missed seeing two great-grandchildren that were born during the pandemic and one is on the way. Her children and grandchildren are truly the light in her life. But I don't need to go on any longer... it is how it has been for two years now and at one time, nobody saw her for three full months...excruciating to the heart. In our family we are pretty lucky that I am retired out of the bunch of us, so I take on that role of caregiver and visitor. On to Olivia Newton-John. The video I posted above was released last year at this time. I love everything about the song ... And as bridges go, well it gives me chills. LC, I was wondering what you thought of her version of Boats across the Current?
  3. Not much has been said here lately on the pandemic. I choose not even to go back and check old posts.... since it has clearly divided our world... and to be clear I am fully vaccinated. But... After 2 years, as an entertainer, vocalist and pianist ...to be told I cannot perform at venues OR that I have to wear a mask when I sing at other venues destroys my soul. And even more tragic, not to be able to visit my beautiful mother in long-term care who needs mental stimulation every waking hour and who will only communicate by hearing my voice.....this is beyond words too deep to express. I know all of us are praying for this wall to be lifted and are just looking for a little ray of light...a window in the wall. So...I dedicate this song to all my new friends here at ericcarmen.com because you are all my "Window in the Wall". (Olivia Newton-John and her daughter Chloe released last year.)
  4. LC......To be classified as a waltz, a song has to be written in 1 2 3 time. (3/4 time signature )So in your head or outloud you're Counting: 1-2-3, 1-2-3... it's actually like a swaying motion if you get the feel of it when you are dancing to a Waltz. Rock pop songs are typically performed in 1-2-3-4 time (4/4 time signature) which is what this song is of course. Here's a very short video and a very good explanation youtu.be/3aIm3q5oIjg
  5. RCT... totally agree with your comment on number 15... I think Geffen wanted him to do that actually.
  6. Re: Change of Heart demo Classic Eric Carmen vocals. And as usual his demos are as good or better than the actual release. And he proves his own theory on what makes a great song... One Voice + one instrument... If you still think it's great without adding anything else then it's a great song he says. As far as a waltz, you've got to get the old 1-2-3 going in your head and it has a totally different feel in 3/4 time. Thanks for posting Kyle!
  7. You do not write too much LC ..you don't know how full my heart is right now watching this. From your description it made me feel like I was there... that is as close as I will get to seeing him perform. I mentioned yesterday, how I love watching him play the piano when he isn't singing... and how he just gets lost in it. I know all too well about this as he influenced me greatly . He's all about the music ..so so very good. Now let me go find my Kleenex box. ♥️♥️ Ps the comment about your former wife was great to add here.. and in case anyone is wondering... That is what makes a great song.!
  8. LC, just curious, how did they sound with backing up Eric on all by myself?
  9. LC..Thanks for this.... much appreciated! I just recently figured out the search tab and how to narrow down the search... very helpful. Thanks for the heads up. Plus this was an awesome read. What Eric said about determining what is a great song is totally right on 100%... "it has to work without the icing" what a great one-liner. I also think that it also goes for performers if they can sit down with an acoustic guitar or just a piano and sing and you are still moved by the performance, that determines a great artist! I think maybe because I was born more in Eric's era, even though I'm 9 years younger than he is, almost to the day in fact, I end up agreeing with him and just go ..yes yes yes ..on every point he makes. Never wishy-washy opinions that's for sure and a light smattering of hilarious humour every now and then. His opinions shoot straight from the heart because of his experiences and his talent and his genius. I don't have time right now, but I would have lots to share on his topic of what makes a great song. I've spent 50 of my 63 years teaching music in all ways. Private instrument lessons, vocal lessons, and 35 years in school systems where I worked with students from Ages 5 to 18. I probably learned more from them than they learnt from me. And yes.....teenagers...lovely... teaching 18 year olds music when you're only 22 yourself ..it's quite an experience LOL . Believe me, they had very outspoken opinions about what great songs were . Well that's for another time. Thanks again LC!
  10. RCT..... I'm thinking you might be in the minority. But lyrics affect people in different ways depending on what your life and personal experiences bring to the song. So for some the lyrics will add and not take away which is how it is for me. But when I heard the instrumental it just opened up a new way of listening to the song in bringing that incredible melody forth ..I'm concentrating just on the melody instead of the lyrics. So I must say you've made a very valid point here.
  11. Detective Kirk, so excellent we have you on the case because when would I get my Saturday cleaning done otherwise LOL
  12. I agree with Kirk. He's a very good singer but...Firstly, in Sleep with Me, our problem is that we've heard Eric singing it first obviously, and so after Eric, why bother. I just find the arrangement too "noisy".. and the piano needs to be prominent with such beautiful chords in this song. And the bridge is missing some other musical components as well. Secondly, I couldn't even listen to the second one. We're too spoiled Kirk. That's what Eric has done to us.
  13. I would say about the two performances for me, that I can't even compare the two. Watching him perform stripped down with piano is quite different than the original. I get all caught up in how emotionally involved he gets when he's playing the piano. Something you can't hide as a performer when you're so into it ..it doesn't even matter if there's an audience there. It's the first time I'm seeing that live video. And the part I like also about the live video, is that it's such a tender lyric it also deserves a tender treatment. That being said I love the original as well.
  14. ♥️♥️Love it. ..shows the beauty of the melody. Where in the heck did you find that?
  15. LC: Bernie, Kirk and James set me straight when I had said how the cover was so Un-Eric-like and very shocking. So Kirk sent me a photo of the page in Marathon Man where Eric explains the making of the album cover. So disappointing that possibly that cover affected the sales and promotion. It seems so cold and calculated to do that to an artist...like teaching him a lesson. Proud of Eric for sticking to his guns and not comprising on Boats...it's his creation for crying out loud.😡But is why he became so disillusioned I guess with the music "business". James: Truth be told....to inspire my writing in teen years, I set album covers of artists I loved, on the piano stand if I was interested in learning their songs...so just another reason to have album covers. Probably why my brothers were suspicious of me. Now, if I could get my hands on Marathon Man for $100 or less. Right now no offers are under $300 by the time it would get here to Saskatchewan.
  16. Interesting Matthew. You have a keen eye.
  17. It's true people! And Kirk don't go getting all excited here.. this is all above board. Yep I'm totally Wowed by finding this album online.. brand new for an excellent price ..just picked it up a few hours ago. Recently, I posted my great displeasure of the album cover and the fact my parents or my brothers would never have allowed it in our house( gotta love those five brothers who didn't want me to be corrupted) even though I was 21 at the time. Being on this website greatly influenced me that I just had to have it anyway. My original copy, 40 some years ago, went missing as a friend was secretly holding on to it for me and she suspiciously has no clue where it is to this day. I just needed to have it back because "All for Love" is on it. And also a very tastefully done song called Sleep with Me( such awesome chords and equally awesome bridge)... and of course It Hurts too Much. Any of these are easy to get through YouTube or online but I'm old school, I actually like to have the physical album or CD especially to read all the liner notes regarding instruments and musicians producers Etc. So, I'm off to fire up the turntable... and no brothers in sight🤣 And how is your Friday night?
  18. Thanks LC for digging... I did not see that post but I did know a little bit about his troubles with his BOAT album. Sure was an eye opener!! I totally get what he means about Prozac and The Noose...great sense of humour. My favourite song of his, as I posted on my profile, is Desperate Fools. Bernie was so kind to post a video of his only time performing it in the year 2000. But that's under The Forum Ecstasy on this website. The reason it had such an impact on me: I was in second year university when I heard it the first time back in 1978 and I was missing my family after moving from the farm to the city. I wasn't sure at that time if my decision to leave behind my performing life was the correct one to pursue a music degree. The line "and I'm so far from home" strikes great sadness in me every time I hear it....I've never heard anyone else ever talk about the song till I got on here a few months ago. To hear that it was a personal song to him about his dealings in the music business just made me love it more as I could identify. Also, it's taken me a few months to totally navigate this website, but now I think I got a handle on it. So I sure appreciate anytime somebody can point me to these posts.
  19. Dear Lew: I admire your candour and of course it is more than possible, as EC can register incognito. I know that would be great to know..believe me as a new member I never got to experience what past members have through discussing directly with EC: music, sharing, and just being educated about the mysteries of the music business and other controversial topics sometimes. My reason for coming here was to talk about his music and this site does it so well thanks to Bernie of course. I absolutely had no idea that Eric Carmen was actually conversing with the fans here. The first time I saw his name in Big Red Letters I thought, are you kidding me?? It only enhanced my opinion of him. I'm happy for you and the others who had that opportunity. I'm just honoured to relive all of those moments by reading posts from the past 20 years. My only wish is that he has happiness, health and love in his personal life, as I would wish for all of us. ♥️ Rhonda B
  20. Yay Bernie...Oh excitement!!!..can't wait. What a great time to be alive!😃 ( and maybe parties will be back in style by then.. here's hoping )
  21. Thank you LC. I am relatively new to the site ..3 months but not new to Eric Carmen. I have made quite a few posts already regarding that his music has been part of my life for well over 50 years as he literally shaped my own music career. He has just been My Little Secret and the majority of people in my life, including music people, just think I've been influenced by Elton John which I owe much to as well but Eric Carmen literally lifted me to the place I needed to be musically. When I discovered this site it was the first time I could actually converse with people who are on the same level as I am. And during these unprecedented times in our world, we need to be communicating with people on a positive level and music just does that naturally. Isn't it just a great thing to know that Eric's music has brought many of us together like this. How he talks about the Beatles and Beach Boys.. that's how we talk about him or at least I do. What a great legacy to have that power! I'm not even sure if Eric realizes how personally and widespread his influence of music has infiltrated the the lives of so many for 50 years. We here know his musical genius. So honoured that I have I hooked up with you LC. Rhonda B.
  22. Well this was the highlight of my week so far. What a special gem this June 1972 interview is. I couldn't stop laughing.. it brought great joy to my heart to hear a young Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim, probably in their early twenties doing this radio interview. And in one part of the interview commenting it had only been four months ago that they had written the song Don't Wanna Say Goodbye.. so it was still so new in June 1972 . And then they do the news and read Pizza ads Etc. LOL... their interactions with each other are priceless. But their inexperience, nervousness and youth was so refreshing. Listening to it now, knowing the lives they have lead 50 years on, gives one a whole new perspective . So glad I could still access it. I'm very surprised there weren't many comments on it. Most likely many members here know this interview well. But I'm listening to it with a brand new pair of ears so to speak. I see it was a special treat Bernie put on because it was the 20-year anniversary of starting Ericcarmen.com. Soooo that means this year will be the 25th anniversary of this website. Maybe there will be something special in the lineup ...hmmm ...Bernie???
  23. Rhonda B


    Kirk..So just imagine if she would be actually watching a video of The Raspberries singing it and seeing a young Eric performing for the first time..oh my 😃😜
  24. Rhonda B


    I agree it's hard to believe it's the first time they're hearing some of these. I watched the Phil Collins one above right now.. it almost seemed like they couldn't help themselves from mouthing the words.. not sure if this was their first time hearing it... but couldn't wait till the drums kicked in just to see the reaction.🤣 I've seen videos showing the first time people hear All by Myself by EC.. which I find that very hard to believe with all the ads and commercials out there and Celine Dion's version. They are usually pretty impressed with Eric's classical piano skills. But most of them are clickbait I think and I skip over them.
  25. Thanks for the correction Matthew. I forgot that it was ABC back then who broadcast the Olympics. Guess I have NBC on the brain through their promotions for the 2022 Olympics right now. Rhonda B.
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