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  1. Kirk you are a disgusting romantic aren't you. Beautiful song by a beautiful artist.
  2. Such a great result Bernie! I sure hope I can still get it and I didn't want to start complaining and be put on your Crabby Canadian list.... but I had actually ordered one and they charged me and then they sent me an email saying they will credit me back because they're not sending outside of USA.🤔
  3. All right, the boys have corrupted me here. Now I must add "I feel like a bullet in the gun of Robert Ford" from Rock of the Westies to my top 15 so I'll call it number 16. It is a great song about "regretting a breakup" on the guy's part. The great guitar solo by Davey Johnstone played like a weeping guitar.. well done ! Some of the lyrics in this song..breaking up sometimes is like breaking the law or if looks could kill then I'd be a dead man (you bet buddy... I hope you are still weeping and crawling back). Good song writing brings out those feelings.
  4. Love it! Bernie... you created the logo? Only problem, not available to Canadians😥
  5. Yes! And you probably wouldn't be surprised to know then that in my earlier days of discovery, I have a notebook where I wrote down musical things that I noticed the same between the two of them.. in many of their songs.
  6. I thought so Kirk! but I thought if you don't come on and say anything who's going to argue. I was pretty sure that is not how Eric looked in the 2004 videos, according to other videos posted. He sure must have done some Hardcore gym workouts also within a year. But what do I know about that... I'm just all about the music. 😄
  7. LC...Speaking of Funeral For A Friend, has anyone ever mentioned, that you can remember, how the ending of Eric's Sunrise really sounds like ending of "Funeral ". I heard the similarities the very first time I heard to "Sunrise".
  8. Craig/LC: I just watched the Pete Pardo album ranking for Elton John video that Matthew had posted originally in Aug. 2020. Sure brought some things to the light re: Yellow Brick Road. If you listen to the video you'll see what I mean. Bernie Taupin was obviously going through something dark,I believe, when he wrote the lyrics to songs on Yellow Brick Road. It may have coloured my opinion of the double-album somewhat from a female point of view. That's not to say that there isn't brilliant music put together on this album from Elton's contribution.
  9. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ I may have to eat my words when I say it's all about the music for me. Watching Eric Carmen up there I forgot about the music momentarily... probably longer than a moment actually. But it's Valentine's Day what can I say....thank you. ♥️
  10. Craig where have you been all my life? Oh, right apparently you kicked the bucket a few years back 🤣one of the most hilarious posts I've ever read! All kidding aside though, glad you're here. I just crank up the old stereo with Ball and Chain. I know it seems like strange choices to put in my top 15 but I'm going by songs that I listen to all the time and still bring me joy.
  11. This is one of the funniest things I've ever read! Literally laughing out loud and especially the part about Darlene chiming in when she didn't know Craig was still alive. Now that I know a few of you it even makes it that much more intriguing. Everyone's sense of humour was just side-splitting.🤣🤣🤣 if I ever need a pick-me-up I'll just come back and read this thread. Thanks for posting LC.
  12. LC...100... my exaggeration because it just looked like it went on and on and on.. and I was laughing out loud. I'm fine with you doing 100 also. I wanted to see if I could stick with 15. Yes, I knew you might be quite shocked with what seemed like me ignoring Yellow Brick Road. Some of the songs don't do it for me anymore cuz I over listened and overplayed like on the piano as well so I kind of got them out of my system. I still honour them and hold them in my heart. "Harmony" was one of them. I did love them to death at one time. And of course our friend Lew won't agree but lyrics also play a big part on what songs move me. And that is why in my case when I say in all honesty how close Elton's songs are to me, when Eric Carmen's music entered my life it was a huge turning point away from Elton. Says a lot about Eric Carmen and what his music does for people. And I'm always speaking from the perspective of a musician.. it takes a lot to move me. Two brilliant musicians..my two E's. How lucky that I had these two in my life like that. Now that being said, these 15 choices are songs I listen to religiously I love them so much. And even Bennie and the Jets I played that on the piano so much and loud that one time a big Beethoven Sonata book fell off the piano onto the record player that was playing the album and destroyed the record! Something interesting about that I'd say. 😮 Thanks for your feedback LC.. this is all very new to me being able to share my musical opinions with others who are into it as much as I am. Many discussions await in the future.♥️
  13. Very Very difficult... These 15 songs would be the ones that are on my playlist always, I never tire of them. They probably won’t be familiar to most who are not avid Elton fans and don’t have all of his albums. You will notice I have left off his well known hits, mostly, as those aren’t the ones I listen to even though I love them dearly. I am of the Disgusting Romantic variety and go for the piano ballads since “it feels so good to hurt so bad” (a quote from Sad songs say so Much by Elton). I have the list below as song, album, comment. DRUM ROLL PLEASE: 1. Your Song from ELTON JOHN ..My all time favourite as it was written on my parents’ wedding anniversary. Oct. 27 (as written in Elton’s journal 1969)see picture below.. simple and beautifully stated song. I would sing it for them on their anniversary every year. 2. The One from THE ONE...piano is outsanding, great vocals, when the drums cut in on the line: “in the instant that you love someone” I get shivers. Great Love Song! 3. We all Fall in Love Sometimes from CAPTAIN FANTASTIC I love how he transitions from a minor to major key (verse to chorus) and back to minor. The song is about the early struggles of Elton/Bernie music business and in a little part of the song is the use of a harpsichord reminiscent of his Empty Sky album. This songs blends into the song Curtains. 4. Breaking Hearts from BREAKING HEARTS has a little bit of nostalgia feel 5. Ball and Chain from JUMP UP .. because I need something peppy and I play this very loud (sounds best on my parents’ old console stereo) 6. Sacrifice from SLEEPING WITH THE PAST...this is the song that has the lyrics...cold, cold heart (that are used in the song mix with Dua Lipa)... the lyric “It’s no Sacrifice ..just a simple word” pulls me in immediately. 7. Too Young from ICE ON FIRE .. If you like a very heavily driven drum beat, you’ll love this, along with the theme of forbidden love. Very addicting....I play it on repeat. 8. Salvation from HONKY CHATEAU.. Loved it from the first time I heard it . 9. Healing Hands from SLEEPING WITH THE PAST..I think I love this because of the lyrics and the fact that I saw the official video when it came out. Truth be told...I love Elton’s look (no hairpiece) during this time and in my opinion, he should have stayed away from the hair piece and just gone with his naturally distinguished look. We already knew he was balding in 1972. Check the video below. 10.High flying Bird from DON’T SHOOT ME .. amazing what a beautiful song can come out of piano, bass, drums, and guitar and close harmonies by band members. (ex. Raspberries) (sorry, but if LC gets to put 100 choices on page 1, I think I am allowed 15) 11. Elderberry Wine from DON’T SHOOT ME ..how could I not choose this one it’s so full of get up and dance. Plus it was one my brother’s favourites and he played it endlessly and it was his album after all. 12. One More Arrow from TWO LOW FOR ZERO some might not appreciate Elton’s high register vocals here but he vacillates very easily back to the comfort vocal range. I just really love the melody. 13. Tiny Dancer from MADMAN ACROSS THE WATER. Love everything about this song and even that it was about Bernie’s first wife but girlfriend at the time of writing. Also, Eric Carmen must have really loved the intro to this song as it sounds suspiciously identical to the intro to Starting Over, albeit slower tempo in Eric’s version. 14. Someone Saved my Life Tonight from CAPTAIN FANTASTIC. Chords Chords Chords. AND a great bridge. 15. Skyline Pigeon from HERE AND THERE...Elton has a couple of versions of this (originally from his first album EMPTY SKY). But I prefer this live version and what can I say, I am in love with his piano accompaniment, great vocal and no other instruments needed. Honourable mentions...Shine on Through, Roy Rogers, Don’t Let the sun go down on Me, Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters...there was a song called Mona Lisas and Mad hatters part 2, on his REG STRIKES BACK album..nothing like the original and I don’t care for it. And last honourable mention: Teacher I Need You. I didn’t think it would be appropriate to put it in my top 15 as I am a teacher. Teaching music to 17/18 year old boys in class when I was 21 was extremely awkward... not for them LOL. Any future lists will be much shorter I promise.
  14. Boys, as you know I have been labelled a completist, so I cannot post my Elton list if it is not complete to the nth degree. I hope to have it up by tonight and I hope you won't be disappointed. And James, I'm just a simple, naive farm girl from Saskatchewan, I do not know which expletive that even refers to. 🤔 but I must say I know a few, courtesy of the brothers. Please give this song another listen. How can you ignore the lyrics... but what good does it bring If I Ain't Got You... Ain't Got You.....And in the chorus all building up to.... you don't know what it's like... then complete silence followed by to Love Somebody, to Love Somebody the way I love you. ..Melts me♥️
  15. LC and James..Oh no... To Love Somebody isn't in your top 20🥺
  16. Rhonda B


    And the people thank you dear leader♥️
  17. Thanks for posting that bloopers reel Susie. I've seen every Star Trek TV series episode at least 10 times each.
  18. Rhonda B


    Would you be able to label the pictures Kirk? I know who you are but the others I don't know. Also, would anyone have a video of that birthday party of Eric's that everyone was at? I may have seen it but it doesn't look like it's available anywhere. Thanks for whatever you can do.
  19. Man all of us seem to have grown up the same way, I think I might be older than you James I was born in 1958. Talk about Loco. My radio was basically my best friend for a while, so I went a step further. I bought the longest cassette tape, 90 minutes and I would set my alarm as I was sleeping usually to wake me up at the 45-minute mark to turn the tape around to tape the radio for 90 minutes overnight and usually one of the top 10 songs would come up. My siblings and my parents didn't so much like that idea of the alarm however...😳
  20. That is very sweet.
  21. Rhonda B


    All of you are such a caring and compassionate bunch here. Although I never had the chance to converse with Muzza and Kiwi, from the little I saw they sure look like a fun couple. I offer my prayers and thoughts as well. Thanks Lew.
  22. Yes thanks Vinnie. I don't think Elton John was even credited on the record. I could not find Bad Blood on a 45 record years ago. So in fact I taped it off the radio and put it on one of my cassettes. The youth of today ..they don't know what we went through!🤣
  23. Rhonda B

    Super Bowl fun

    Eric hadn't sold his catalogue yet in 2007. I'm curious to know as well about the royalties. In Canada, while the Super Bowl is on, we don't get to see the American commercials, even if we're watching them on an American Channel. That is since 2019. There may be a few that they allow through depending on how much money the company is willing to do that for but we usually get to see them after the Super Bowl sometime.
  24. Bernie, many thanks for every time you post this, as you know how slightly obsessed I am with this song. Every time I hear it, I love it more.
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