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  1. Obviously true about the amount of material between "My two E's" (what I refer to them as back in the day.) I always felt I was betraying Elton when I moved on to Eric.
  2. I think I'll post my favourites once I get back to my house so I can review all of my albums. I could easily give you 10 choices for EJ right now because they're the ones everybody knows but that's not my true list.
  3. Wow I didn't even know any of this regarding the site. Looks like I joined at the right time. Thank you for all you long haulers from the bottom of my heart. This is the first message board where posters, from what I've seen, can have civil online conversations. And we have very similar interests that is clear. It has awakened me from a little bit of a slump here during covid. So again I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.♥️♥️♥️
  4. I've totally been thinking about when I will do that. My question for you all would be.. what qualifies it for you as a favourite song? For me it's so different for each one.. maybe I love the chords or I love playing it on the piano or I love singing and playing it or maybe I just want to hear it play in the background or sing out a great chorus. Sometimes I call it my favourite song because I love the challenge of figuring out difficult Melodies and chords as I do with Eric's. But the most identifying factor for me would be how it affects me personally and emotionally. So that's going to mean it's all his sad songs. It's the same with Eric's. I'll get it done and post it thanks for the challenge.
  5. Kirk, I watched a whole concert that's posted online of the All Star Band when Eric was in it. No shock to me or any of us when you see how versatile and talented he is (piano,guitar,vocals,accompnying others).. he clearly commands the stage by just his musical Talent alone. When he plays All by Myself and uses the long version with its piano interlude, the crowd is truly amazed. But to anyone not really knowing about his extensive background in classical music, songwriting and arranging it would be a shock to them at what he is all about and not just the guy who wrote/sang All By Myself. He is in a class by himself it is so clear when you watch that video. But we don't have to convince anybody here.
  6. LC... I've heard Barry Manilow say the reason he uses a stool to play he got used to it for years playing in bars where they didn't have a piano bench and he just used the bar stool and also that he can see over the piano to his audience.
  7. Thanks Lew. Lots of new information in that interview that I did not know. The amount of movies and commercials that use that song is outstanding. The comments at the end are the most entertaining however. It always amazes me when people give comments when they have little to no information on what they're commenting on.. especially music.
  8. Susie, maybe that's why they're keeping EC out of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame... Too much classical music influence in his songs.🤔
  9. Yes LC he recently had hip replacement surgery in the fall of 2021 after a fall left him barely able to walk. In 2017 he had surgery for prostate cancer and after that he also was having trouble walking. So it's been a long struggle for him.
  10. That line in the song Starry Starry Night.. "This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you" 😥... I think this song belongs in our Sad Song Section
  11. Also, LC, in reference to a question you recently asked re: what is a waltz, the Nocturne above is a waltz: 1 2 3....1 2 3. Although a little hard to follow here as the performer is using a rhythmic manipulation called Rubato(Italian) which means to "rob time/tempo". He slows down or stretches certain notes and speeds up as it behooves him to create more musical expression. And for those who don't follow the art world,the accompanying painting to the video is Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry night. I could go on forever as a whole new topic. Don McLean wrote the song Starry, Starry Night which is about Vincent van Gogh, another song I truly love.
  12. All of them so young.. all with strong vocals. I think I remember seeing it actually. And some who aren't with us anymore. Very Tastefully done. I loved Melissa Etheridge's part towards the end...inclusion of Julian Lennon.. and who doesn't love Paul McCartney just the way we know he should sound. Thanks Lew!
  13. I know this topic started as opinions on My Girl but was hijacked because we also discussed his use of Chopin's music in his song Last Night. I posted the actual musical notation, so I thought I would add the audio of the actual Chopin piece. The part that Eric uses in the bridge of Last Night begins at the 1:00 minute mark and lasts for 14 seconds. It is repeated again toward the end of the song at the 3:45 mark.) Chopin Etude Op.10 No.3 in E major.
  14. LC... so much 'bumping' going on from the weekend I think I have bruises. 😳In case I didn't say thanks before...thanks for doing this. I loved reading the classical topic here. AND...I am still smiling from ear-to-ear regarding the Chopin post I made under your topic "Help Me Rhonda...." in rock and roll forum. Reading that EC interview you posted confirming what I've known my whole life about Eric's "Last Night" track was delicious. And the fact I still had my original music here at the farm was very exciting. Love love love that. James, I highly recommend Chopin music, especially his Etudes. But this one below is a Nocturne and one of my very favourites. I have actually played it myself. You may even recognize it. It isn't hard to see why Eric would borrow from these most Exquisite classical pieces. I wouldn't even doubt if he has unintentionally used excerpts of this Nocturne as well.. especially if you listen to the accompaniment under the melody of the lefthand and bass line. I say unintentionally because as Musicians, the music that we learn from other composers becomes part of us and after awhile we internalize it. Nocturne op. 9 No. 2
  15. Bernie, you will have to invent a new emoticon because there isn't one for how I feel about Eric not being in RnR HOF. these don't make the cut 🥺🤨😬☹️ maybe this one comes close🤬
  16. Susie, what a great interview with a beautiful human being. Two profound statements he made here are very inspiring to me: "I want to help society create incredible human beings." "Surround children with musical role models and they will become that role." When I retired from the school where I was the music specialist they did not replace me. How sad for those children. Before the pandemic I was a volunteer in schools where there was very little music, or even just to help with Christmas programs where they had no musical teacher in the schools. It's been two years since I've been back. I was even thinking maybe I won't even be doing that anymore but this interview has inspired me. Thanks for posting.♥️
  17. Pat.. sounds almost identical to the performance in Saskatoon in October 2019. When he did Your Song as an encore, I found that to be very emotional. How was he maneuvering on stage? Just wondering if he actually got up from the piano bench to walk around the stage to do his waving.
  18. You might not get to see the complete article, it was sharable when I posted. It isn't anymore....
  19. No mention of our friend EC but one never knows when or where he might pop up. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/ringo-starr-all-starr-band-tour-dates-2022-1296038/#utm_medium=social&utm_source=email&utm_campaign=social_bar&utm_content=top_amp&utm_id=1296038 Tour dates are listed at the end of the article.
  20. I have to live vicariously through all of you who have seen him perform live. He would have loved to perform in Canada. I know it wasn't feasible most likely. When Elton John did his solo piano tour with Ray Cooper, he only made two stops in Canada, one in British Columbia and one in Saskatoon! (2002 I think.) We are actually shocked that we get the big names here but performers pass the word around that Saskatoon is a great venue to play. Recently Bernie posted a video on my behalf because I asked that question if Eric ever plays acoustic guitar when he's singing. In that video Eric was singing Make me lose Control. But his guitar was not mic'd so I thought he was just using it as a prop. Would that have been part of the concert you saw? And were the vocals and band live or lip-synced?
  21. Just the music playing in the background is nice. I love the music in that show.
  22. No Hungry Eyes on the show tonight. I sure enjoyed the music though as I did from the movie anyway. Just a correction on the premise of the show. There's actually eight celebrities who they've paired up and are taught by actual dancers.
  23. I don't think anybody's talked about this here but I have the TV on in the background and all of a sudden this new show comes on called The Real Dirty Dancing. It is a competition based on the movie Dirty Dancing where celebrities pair up with dancers and must learn iconic dance routines taken from the movie. So as we know Hungry Eyes is featured in the movie during a dance lesson. In a preview to what's coming up, I heard Hungry Eyes. I don't know if they're using Eric's version but I would think so. I'll just have to PVR this series just for that reason. It airs on Fox on Tuesdays. I'm just watching a repeat of the first episode that a Canadian channel is airing right now. A little exciting.😃
  24. Susie I am also a sucker for Art's voice .. it's the emotion that he brings to it . Although Paul Simon is such a talented songwriter as well. Paul wrote a few catchy tunes that became earworms.
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