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  1. Oh I hope the October dates will still be okay. So far looks like it cuz I'm excited to attend in Saskatoon.
  2. I agree Kirk. I think he's very genuine. I liked his reaction. He maybe could have done a little bit of research before he posted online. After he watched the video, he could have easily found out and noted that the original members were all in this video. But maybe as far as reaction videos go, that's all they put on... the initial reaction.
  3. One of the best songs ever! The songwriting Genius of Brian Wilson! With their harmonies they do such a good job here . You can really hear in this song where Eric Carmen picked up some of his inspirations for some of his songs. Thanks for posting Kirk.
  4. Thanks Bernie for confirming that. I was pretty sure it was not true as well.
  5. Well, this is as close as I can get to attending a concert headliner called Carmen. In fact, years ago when I first started Googling and I wanted to Google Eric Carmen,this is exactly what came up. I've heard others say that as well.
  6. This will be awesome for you and your daughters ...just the experience alone. Can't wait to hear the reviews. Enjoy!!
  7. I've seen this a number of times and love it every time. These guys work so well together as musicians.
  8. LC... Thank you! I am definitely feeling the "spirit" in John Stewart's music as you know. And I'm already working on some more playlists. No worries... you are not crazy... At least not yet... I'm pretty sure.🤔
  9. Kirk, thank you for alerting me to this album. It's exquisite! Angelic vocals on all songs. I personally love the cover In My Room.
  10. Matthew, one thing about John Stewart, there's no shortage of the number of versions he has for his songs. It's quite amazing actually. Each version brings out something unique whether it be a different arrangement or a different vocal approach.
  11. This song deserves at least one listen. It is so calming. The reason I'm posting today is because my mom who is in long-term care and and has dementia, is fidgety and alarmed by any new sounds or noises. Elvis Presley, who was her favourite, annoys her now and she gets extremely agitated listening to even her favourite of his songs. However, when I play this beautiful song from 1971, Bolinas, by John Stewart (and his future wife Buffy Ford), my mom completely calms herself. I've tried it three times in a row now and it's the same reaction each time. When it gets to the part "When the world was spinning a song" she wants to touch the phone every time. The first time it got to that part a single tear rolled down her cheek. This song is pure beauty in my opinion. Another song I played for her when she needs to be calmed down is China Sky by John Stewart.. awesome Mastery on the guitar. Thankyou LC for your subtle approach in promoting John Stewart's music. The power of music is truly great ..we owe it to ourselves to experience as much as possible.
  12. "Bat-Secret" !!! LOL Ahhh... Batman, a man of SO many secrets.
  13. Happy birthday 'Batman' whenever it is. 🎉
  14. Very impressive! Impressive mainly because I always appreciate when someone does a cover, especially an instrumental cover, that they get the notes and the chords correct as the writer meant them to be. Paul Gilbert does that exceptionally well here. This song has very difficult chords that bump around all over the place. I remember reading in one of Eric's interviews on this site...he said when somebody does a cover of one of his songs, he appreciates when they use the notes as he intended them. LC, I agree with the "wizardry" on the tag. Very enjoyable take on "My Girl."
  15. At the end of his Yellow Brick Road Show in Saskatoon, when they left the stage after a couple of encores, they played that song over the sound system.
  16. Lew, that was a very interesting read. Jim, (jrmugz) threw me for a loop with his review of Make Me Lose Control and Almost Paradise. But that is the beauty of having an opinion when we review songs. Everyone comes with their own point of view because of all of their own experiences and what was happening to them at the time of the song' s release. There's no right or wrong explanation. I think also that music videos back then, might have influenced our opinions about songs as well. Especially if we associate the song with the video that is.
  17. James: So true! And this is just a short melody and and yet it "oozes" with genius melody, chords, and those amazing vocals. ( I know, I'm repeating myself but sometimes it's necessary). I learned all of these songs from his first solo album because of my brother. It was his album, and he played it incessantly and this must have been one of his favourite songs because it is just engrained in every cell of my body.😊
  18. Yes he's looking great, definitely has shed some pounds. So glad I got to see him in Saskatoon before lockdown.
  19. Kirk: you are right, I can only imagine that! I get chills just thinking of it. At least I can live vicariously through all of you who have seen him perform. What a fantastic unique way to lead into Overnight Sensation. I wonder if he did that in some of his other shows? Thanks for sharing that.. I so appreciate it.
  20. Feeling grateful Friday.♥️ Feeling grateful and thankful for Everything I have in my life. This unique little song by Eric Carmen... I love that it is this short and that it's such a great progressive melody. The final 5 chords at the very end are genius. It ends in such a way, to me anyway, that it makes you think long and hard about priorities ... you have everything and yet some people are not happy. With the instrumental/ humming section, to me that's like saying...."think about it". I know that he re-did the song and added, I believe, another verse and a bridge for another artist whose name I can't recall. It was a very nice cover but I still prefer this original version. Simple song, simply stated and once again just a beautiful melancholy vocal by Eric. Love it! Thank you Eric♥️
  21. pretender, Exactly how I felt! Glad to know a fellow Bobby Orr fan.😊
  22. Dear Vinnie: I hope your day will be filled with surprises and lots of love. ♥️ Happy Birthday and best wishes in your next year of life!🎂🎉 Rhonda B.
  23. Thanks LC! The band doing a top-notch job here, even though I've seen this many times, it never gets old. Eric is sounding good, playing good and looking good...very good!
  24. She does a very excellent job of Boats against the Current... I don't care for most covers of the song but I really enjoy this one. An overall great album!
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