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    Super Bowl fun

    Eric hadn't sold his catalogue yet in 2007. I'm curious to know as well about the royalties. In Canada, while the Super Bowl is on, we don't get to see the American commercials, even if we're watching them on an American Channel. That is since 2019. There may be a few that they allow through depending on how much money the company is willing to do that for but we usually get to see them after the Super Bowl sometime.
  2. Bernie, many thanks for every time you post this, as you know how slightly obsessed I am with this song. Every time I hear it, I love it more.
  3. Rhonda B


    Those are such difficult chords on the guitar translated from piano. I give her such credit for that. That's why we should realize and appreciate Wally for making songs like this sound so smooth and effortless when he plays. And especially when he plays his guitar along with Eric on piano.
  4. This is probably the only time My two E's were in the top 10 at the same time.
  5. I figured there was something behind the dart throwing.
  6. ps ERIC CARMEN: I still love you lots♥️♥️
  7. I thought I'd just do a little close up on this tape ...it is a very good find and a very good listen. Look at the artists on here All artists are doing Elton John and Bernie Taupin songs
  8. LC... I loved doing the lyric book. I actually applied to Art School. But I was rejected because I was only 13. After I was well on my way to a life of Music they sent me back an application saying I was old enough. It probably all worked out the way it was supposed to. I just didn't realize that art was my hobby and music was my life. I thought it was the other way around. 😳Good thing I got that straightened out.
  9. Love the song, don't love the video he looks way too sinister!
  10. And lastly, for today, my parents eventually bought a big console stereo that had an 8-track player that could record. So there was a documentary on a CBC radio station that had the Elton John Story on for 3 three weeks so I recorded it right off the radio.
  11. Here are two 45's that were stuck in with my EJ collection:
  12. Glad to say I own this little one here:
  13. I might consider the next bunch rare 45's showing front and back: who remembers his duet with Jennifer Rush called Flames of Paradise?
  14. Madman Across the Water didn't come with the lyric book but a previous version had it so I borrowed the lyric book from a friend and I wrote out every single lyric by hand. Indian Sunset.. I remember labouring over that and throwing many versions away that had mistakes.
  15. Rare albums that I don't think many people know about that are in my list above. These two are showing the front and the back covers. Victim of Love...disco...yikes.
  16. So, if you are not an Elton John fan or you don't care for rare finds or you don't like pictures.. this topic is not for you. A few of the boys on this site have been urging me to do a top 15 Elton John song list. So it started out with me cleaning out my records closet and taking out all my Elton John albums to see what I could discover. I discovered a lot. I will have to get back to my song list another time because now I have to clean a closet and I can see the number of choices I have to pick from. It is going to take me awhile. First up: albums/tapes/CD'S: in chronological order simply because I have them stored that way : the cassette tape at the bottom called Two Rooms is not Elton John singing.It's a compilation of songs that other artists did.(The Beach Boys sing Crocodile Rock on here). I have some other EJ CDs at my lake property. One of them is One Night Only CD that he recorded in 2000 in New York. Also he did a soundtrack for a movie called The Muse which I do not have. And I don't have his latest CD called The Lockdown Sessions which I have ordered. He has many remixed and compilation albums but recently I only get a new CD if there were new songs so I'm missing lots of recent releases and others I don't even know about but I have plenty here.
  17. How sad for him. Besides smoking he's had so many other health issues. He had to have a tracheotomy when he had emergency surgery to repair an aortic aneurysm. And he was actually in a coma I think for over a month. . And he has chronic sinus issues. He had a mini-stroke as well a while back that actually affected his guitar playing but I think he's recovered from that. I can't believe he went on a singing tour especially with all of these factors that affect his voice.
  18. Ahh..ok. I watched again to the end credits and it says music producers: District 78 and I looked them up and they definitely do stuff like this and their Facebook page advertised that they would be doing the music for this series. But when I listened again I thought, oh how could I think that was Eric, even some of the words like the word 'eyes' the singer had a totally different type of delivery. .. but it was very well done I must say. Hey, I was watching Dirty Dancing.. I think it clouded my brain and shut off my music ears OMG. But I certainly enjoy the soundtrack for this movie and I still congratulate Eric for making it a hit that is used for a current TV show. That's why we need Eric here to explain to us about royalties for this kind of usage. Thank you Kirk.
  19. Oh no Kirk I was so wanting it to be him but I'm going to re-watch. I thought there was maybe one take that it wasn't Eric.. but in the preview I'm pretty sure it was him. Just wondering then.. why would they put his name on the screen when the song was playing?
  20. Well, for myself as I'm a performer and an avid piano player at many venues, I always need a full 88-key keyboard. I play big and I play Loud and my arrangements need a full keyboard. Any electric digital pianos for myself that is, have to have the feel of a an acoustic piano.. they have to have full-size keys with the overhang edge or lip and be weighted. Weighted Keys give resistance and I need that because of my style of playing. But again just for practicing purposes for someone who's not doing what I do..61 keys are fine... it wouldn't be fine for Eric as in lots of his ballads as you notice he really likes to use the upper register of the piano keys as a final few notes to end the song.. or even in his piano interlude in All by Myself how he uses the lower register keys. Anything less than 88 keys would be very restrictive. Maybe that's too much information for you James but just some thoughts. I am no expert but I know what I like for myself. Call me a diva I guess but when I was asked to be the regular keyboardist at church they wanted to get a new piano and I told them exactly what I wanted. And they got it. My preference is and always has been ... Yamaha. (Acoustic or digital). I know what I like and that's what my ears prefer. Good luck!
  21. That was great to watch and hear Eric's voice and see his name on screen...congrats Eric! ♥️
  22. Tonight on the Real Dirty Dancing they are featuring Hungry Eyes by Eric Carmen. Hope it's not too late for you to watch. It's on Fox TV
  23. TONIGHT: This may put be on my top ten list. Would you believe that I won this album Blue Moves in a radio contest. I had to sing Rocket Man on the air and I won the contest LOL...( I wouldn't say it was stiff competition by any means). But anything for a free record or two... and this was a double album set. And I just love getting LP'S Elton's anyway, because they were so full of little booklets with neat info and pictures plus usually a song lyric booklet. The younger generation of today will never experience that. I believe at the concert in Saskatoon, Yellow Brick Road concert, EJ did TONIGHT and it's the extended version. I don't think it's on his set list anymore. ( I apologize Eric Carmen if I'm going to be talking about Elton John for a little bit in the next while.. but I always come back to you, no worries)😉
  24. Um..LC... are you referring to Old Blue Jeans that you thought were the words Ovaltine?
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