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  1. Thanks Lew for always keeping things fun and interesting on the site and coming up with these very interesting topics and rankings. That being said, I wouldn't say that every female singer on this list is the best female singer of all time. It would be interesting to know what they are basing their ranking on. But it makes for a very interesting and fun read. Thanks.
  2. Awww ... Well here's an idea Bernie... if you would re-release the book you can add that photo and many others that never got in the book and then I could buy it for less than $500. Just a thought. I know, I know, I should get it on e-reader. But call me old-fashioned... I actually still like books.
  3. Love John and love CCR. I am just wondering..is he still touring with his children as his backup band? They're all extremely talented! They obviously learned from the best.
  4. Same here Helen.... Although My birthday is 2 days after Eric's birthday so just wondering If that also applies to me? LOL
  5. Vinnie, this is not silly at all...it's a great thread! It gets everyone's creative juices flowing. Mine are as slow as molasses tonight. Maybe later. Thank you.
  6. Exactly Kyle! This is what I have been saying about Eric Carmen since I joined this site almost a year ago.
  7. Vinnie, I will let you know after October 5th.🙂
  8. Totally agree with you Kyle ! I would just love to see him play piano as I've said many times before here.
  9. Very true Kirk... Eric Carmen is an absolute master of creating chords to move the soul. Thank you for posting.
  10. What a great thread here guys! Kirk that letter is awesome. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Holy @#$%! That wasn't just a little disagreement ..someone could have pressed charges, but didn't I guess. Thanks Kyle.
  12. 🤔Hmm...Another "Eric Carmen" unsolved mystery I guess. What a shame Bernie. Such clean, sharp images. Like I said, I would have bought it just for that. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Can anyone elaborate what happened "in the parking lot" between Wally and Eric? ...as I do not have the book Marathon Man.
  14. Too funny Susie.. Very professional announcer not to crack up even a little. Sounds like a script from a Abbott and Costello comedy routine. 🤣
  15. Kirk and Bernie, I'd pay $16.95 just for that mock up. What a great list of his songs also.. wow! I would have added to the list: All for Love Born to Love You Love is all that Matters Sleep with me All of these have great piano chords and melodies. Jusy sayin'. I love whenever I can talk about Eric's piano music.❤❤
  16. Bernie, what a sweet surprise on a Saturday night ...the second night of torrential rainstorms and now the power is off. What's a girl to do but light candles and check out ericcarmen.com and find a new song. I love it! And I have always loved Mark Hudson but never found a following Or anyone in my circle who liked his style. Thank you for posting!
  17. Good stuff Lew! Can't believe that I didn't comment 1st time around.
  18. Or just a way to get you to listen to their video (and they don't know how to spell rhythm).
  19. Yes, if they could have been synced I think it would have been a great idea.. hard to sync when one of them is starting a little after the beat though. But they're spot on music wise.
  20. That was a great article Bernie, thank you. I've said it before but so glad that Eric stood up for this creation of a Masterpiece. Helen... Thanks for sharing all of these. The only one I hadn't heard before was Patti LaBelle's version. Of course all of these artists do "Boats" in their own renditions to suit their voices which showcase their outstanding vocals. Kudos to each of them for even tackling the song. Your ex-boyfriend John Campbell's jazz stylings on the piano are exceptional but it would have been nice for them to feature him a little bit more or to even mention his name as he carried the song. Of course, Eric's version is really the only one who can capture the emotion for me and I am very spoiled because I prefer Eric singing this song. (all of his songs actually).
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