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  1. Oh oh.... I wonder if he will hold out and make it to his Saskatoon concert that I'm going to Wednesday .... man will I be disappointed!
  2. I forgot about this great little cover by Tracey Ullman. It just popped up as a suggestion. She brings out the fun in the song and I particularly like the guy she's with at the very end of the video.😉
  3. Or when you're a question on Jeopardy, but the contestants don't get the answer. ( I've posted this before but thought I would post again just because of this topic). This is the episode that I watched October 14th 2021. Here's the clue: "This 1997 Celine Dion hit was a cover of an Eric Carmen song" ... nobody got the answer!! Mayim Bialik was the host and she was totally shocked. Her response to that was: " All by myself... Don't wanna be." To which everyone chuckled. Oh and the category was Song of Myself which meant that all the answers will be songs with the word 'myself' in it ..could we get it any simpler? I'm always glad to hear his name/song mentioned or recognized on any platform.
  4. Watched it about 10 times now. I'm just so impressed with the quality of the video and the sound. And if there is any question that Eric is meant to play the piano, please watch from 4:50-5:25. This is what we mean when we say we would sit and watch a concert of Eric just playing the piano, if he didn't feel his vocals were up to par. So very evident his classical training and how emotionally involved he is while playing. Bravo Eric! I love this!❤❤
  5. Vocals usually improve with use unless you're abusing them obviously.
  6. I just did the same Doreen! Thanks Bernie!
  7. Thank you Bernie! Extreme HD..nice!
  8. Thanks for the review Lew. I will get to see him October the 5th. I'll let you know here.
  9. Pretty sure he is also putting on the classical music that inspired him so: Obviously, Rachmaninoff...great to listen to! and Bach, Beethoven, Chopin.
  10. shaver1340...sooo many songs we would love to see Eric perform on video but not many exist. But this song especially would be great to see on video as it was based on a personal experience of his. I would actually like to see a set list of Eric's from his early days of performing as a solo artist to see which unknown songs he performed live.
  11. Love this whole thread. Another unreleased beauty of a song.
  12. Jim is especially colourful! Very good photo..love it! Thanks Bernie.
  13. Thanks Lew for always keeping things fun and interesting on the site and coming up with these very interesting topics and rankings. That being said, I wouldn't say that every female singer on this list is the best female singer of all time. It would be interesting to know what they are basing their ranking on. But it makes for a very interesting and fun read. Thanks.
  14. Awww ... Well here's an idea Bernie... if you would re-release the book you can add that photo and many others that never got in the book and then I could buy it for less than $500. Just a thought. I know, I know, I should get it on e-reader. But call me old-fashioned... I actually still like books.
  15. Love John and love CCR. I am just wondering..is he still touring with his children as his backup band? They're all extremely talented! They obviously learned from the best.
  16. Same here Helen.... Although My birthday is 2 days after Eric's birthday so just wondering If that also applies to me? LOL
  17. Vinnie, this is not silly at all...it's a great thread! It gets everyone's creative juices flowing. Mine are as slow as molasses tonight. Maybe later. Thank you.
  18. Exactly Kyle! This is what I have been saying about Eric Carmen since I joined this site almost a year ago.
  19. Vinnie, I will let you know after October 5th.🙂
  20. Totally agree with you Kyle ! I would just love to see him play piano as I've said many times before here.
  21. Very true Kirk... Eric Carmen is an absolute master of creating chords to move the soul. Thank you for posting.
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