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  1. Whoa...that is absolutely heartbreaking. Although not upfront like the others in the band a great singer and band member.😥
  2. Happy Birthday LC! And thank you for putting a bit of life in this site lately with all your "bumps" and ranking lists. A nice shot in the arm... for newbies and the rest of us. I still consider myself a baby here at 1 year. Hope you have a fabulous day!
  3. Happy Birthday Kirk! 🎂 🎈🎁
  4. Ooo...leopard print and tiger stripes my fave...must be a "Leo" thing !!🐆
  5. I think the more you listen to it the more you can learn to enjoy it actually... as I did.
  6. I would like to think that quite a few of those Bernie, are viewing this site in cognito.
  7. I was drawn to the piano ad immediately.
  8. Kirk: Love that quote by Paul Williams!
  9. My question would be, when all of these great musicians pass, who is there to replace them, who is coming up in the ranks right now? I can think of no one. There will be nobody replacing them that's for sure. But I can't even see anyone musically that can hold a candle or a catalogue of music to any of the aforementioned artists and many others.😥
  10. Thanks for posting the pic LC. Yes "Holy Cow" indeed! Bernie, what a great account of this photo shoot. Perfect shot and his outfit is right on the money! Thanks for sharing this.
  11. And because we're on a little bit of an Elton John streak here this week, this is the perfect song for today: "All That I'm Allowed (I'm Thankful)" Breaking down never seems to be that hard Falling short is always in the cards I'm on the road, sunrise is at my back Lost it all somewhere between the cracks I always hoped that I'd do better That I'd come out on top for once We all get what we deliver Then there are the lucky ones And I've got all that I'm allowed It'll do for me, I'm thankful now The walls get higher every day The barriers get in the way But I see hope in every cloud And I'm thankful, thankful I'm thankful, so thankful I'm thankful, I've got all that I'm allowed Leaving town gets to feel just like a job My desire never winds up on top I can say now I didn't want the moon It's out of reach somewhere beyond this room I always hoped that i'd do better That I'd come out on top for once We all get what we're delivered Then there are the lucky ones And I've got all that I'm allowed It'll do for me, I'm thankful now The walls get higher every day The barriers get in the way But I see hope in every cloud And I'm thankful, thankful I'm thankful, so thankful I'm thankful, I've got all that I'm allowed I always try to make things clear Then I watched as progress starts I only hope I'm standing here When heaven finally comes to call
  12. Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends South of the border.
  13. It is a good song Craig! Did you check out the group "Wednesday", their version? It got a lot of air play here in Canada in 1976 and reached number 6. I do believe it was released in the States and made the top 100. Their other popular song was called "Last Kiss" 1974. Single of the year in Canada that year. I believe it was also released in The States. BTW... The group also spelled their name as "Wenzday" on some albums.
  14. It's when he was at one of the record companies I think. I'd have to review the movie again which I have.
  15. Did you see the movie Rocketman Craig? "Thank you for all your Loving" was in the movie, sung by Taron Egerton.
  16. Lew, when you ask, you shall receive. 😊
  17. I forgot to add that the B side (of "I've been loving You"), was called, "Here's to the next Time", which Elton wrote both lyrics and music. This was again credited to Bernie as a co-writer. About I've Been Loving You "I've Been Loving You" is the 1968 debut single by Elton John with lyrics credited to Bernie Taupin (although John later admitted that he wrote the song by himself, giving Taupin credit as an effort to earn Taupin his first publishing royalties). The B-side is "Here's to the Next Time", an Elton John composition. "I've Been Loving You" was not originally included on any album and the single was withdrawn shortly after its release. Neither side appeared on any official album release until the 1992 "Rare Masters" box set (which featured previously unreleased stereo mixes of both). The single is extremely rare. An even rarer 4-song EP, released only in Portugal, contained two additional songs: "Thank You for All Your Loving" (written by John and then bandmate Caleb Quaye) and "Angel Tree" (the first true release of a John/Taupin composition).
  18. Good Question Lew. I will follow up on Craig's answer as well. "Come Back Baby" lyrics/music by Elton John was credited with his birth name, Reginald Dwight back then as Craig noted. He also wrote lyrics/music for a song called, "I've Been Loving You" but in some places and on the 45 you will see, he credited Bernie Taupin with writing it as well because as a good friend, he wanted Bernie to receive some royalties as they were already writing together. That song was recorded by a Canadian group called "Wednesday" who had some neat hits that I really loved. Also, later on...on the flip side of the song "Ego" Elton wrote music/ lyrics To a song called, "The Flintstone Boy" (not very good..eek). I will link these songs in upcoming posts below.
  19. Yup that's the exact setlist James. All of the songs listed above were the same songs he used at Yellow Brick Road concert in Saskatoon in October 2019 except, "Have mercy on the Criminal" and 2 duets done with special guests. They were in a little bit different order here but they were all there. But at the Saskatoon concert he also added, "All the young Girls love Alice", "Indian sunset"( from Madman across the Water ..gorgeous and haunting song) "Daniel" and "Believe". For his Yellow Brick Road concert he used "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road as a final encore. In his other concerts he used "Your Song" as the final encore.
  20. Hey Kirk... The song you mentioned, "Have mercy on the Criminal" is from his album called "Don't Shoot me I'm Only the Piano Player" 1973. Also, I just wanted to add that he hasn't been able to hit those high notes for quite a few years now. He did have vocal surgery in 1987 and had to learn new techniques for singing and how not not to re-injure those precious pipes any further. The extended version of some of his songs is how he's been playing his shows for the last 15 years, since I've seen 4 of them. But it does tend to get quite long doesn't it? But you do get to see his awesome piano playing.
  21. I watched it live from beginning to end. I was not disappointed. LC, Congratulations! You will be impressed to know that you got 18/24 songs that were on Elton's set list. (75%) I was correct about guessing one of his special guests. I won't say who the 3 were, in case some of you still want to watch. James sorry to say he didn't pick most of your very thoughtful and great choices. But there were still 7 of your choices that he performed. Since I've seen Elton perform many times and I did also enjoy his Yellow Brick Road performance in Saskatoon, much of what he did in LA was the same. His voice was in pretty fine form at the beginning but towards the end of the concert you could see how tired he was getting... And who wouldn't be ..he's 75 years old. It was just awesome to have witnessed this historic event live!
  22. Loving the intro ...as always those intros get me interested in the song and that is what intros are supposed to do. The title also should intrigue the listener and this one is no exception.
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