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  1. I think she actually outlived husband number 5 and 6. But yes, very busy.
  2. Haha... Most people can't resist. Going off topic here but, a cute story re: my name. I was mesmerized by music early on from listening to the radio. In 1966, when I was 8 years old, I heard "Help me Rhonda" on the radio the first time. I asked my parents if that's why they named me Rhonda because of the song.( Of course at that age I didn't realize it was just a new release). My mom said, "No, I named you after my favourite actress, Rhonda Fleming". I was SO disappointed. However, little did I know, that song would follow me my whole life, even now, in 2023. BTW, Rhonda Fleming was a stunningly, beautiful actress. This is her in her younger days and at age 87 in 2010. She died in 2020 ago at age 97.
  3. Bottom line, great music is great music, no matter who is the performer. Sometimes when I leave a concert, I am actually more impressed with the opening act. Anytime you can leave a concert thrilled with what you just heard is the best feeling, isn't it? You go home with this feeling of euphoria, you wish you could hear more. So I know what you mean, Batman.
  4. For me, Glenn Frey, who passed in 2016, has to be in the mix. Frey wrote/co-wrote the songs that are reminiscent of what we would know as The Eagles and without his voice in performances something is lost, but that's just my opinion. It's his voice I love hearing in these songs: Take It Easy", "Peaceful Easy Feeling", "Already Gone", "Tequila Sunrise", "Lyin' Eyes", "New Kid in Town", "Heartache Tonight". I have also heard the talented tribute band and they are so close to the originals with those tight harmonies and musical arrangements. I was so fortunate to get to see them on their final tour with Glenn Frey in 2013 before his 2016 death. The Eagles then, were one of the only bands that when they play live, sound just like their albums and the harmonies were glorious and unmistakable as The Eagles.
  5. So sorry, Doreen, and thanks for posting because now more of us know him. He would have appreciated this tribute.❤️🙏 RIP Romolo Cataldo (A beautiful name that just rolls off the tongue)
  6. Although this review by Philip Elwood mostly highlights positive things about Eric Carmen, he sure was not fact-checking back in the day: • ""All By Myself," which might become a pop standard, has elegant synthesizer work by George, Sipl and the basic theme is enhanced by bits of Chopin, Beethoven and Alan Price." um...Rachmaninoff comes to mind here. Clearly it was a new song of which no one knew what Eric based it on. •"Although Carmen plays piano and guitar he is not dominant on either." I guess the reviewer wasn't listening too close when Eric was playing that great classical solo in "All By Myself". And he also must not have been privy to the info that Eric Carmen was classically trained in piano. Oh, well, as they say, hindsight is 20/20.
  7. Go Away, Little Girl, Donny Osmond (yikes!) My Sharona, The Knack And because of all the controversy in the past few years, with groups protesting the song, Baby it's Cold Outside, perhaps another one on the chopping block would be... I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus
  8. Hey Batman, No worries. I can see where you might have got that impression if you knew that I was born in between 5 brothers... It all makes perfect sense.. nothing is off base with your comment. ps...the link you provided only gave the current issue of the Farout Magazine when I opened it. I will check google. Thx though.
  9. Yes Kirk..a Kewpie doll seems a little more appropriate for my tastes😊
  10. Is it "Call Me"? I'm only guessing that one because it's the first one that came to mind. It also seems like a song Stevie Nicks could pull off.
  11. Haha...pretty easy to figure out.
  12. Aww yes....Dream Weaver... The theme of our grade 12 graduation ceremony. We walked off the stage to this song. It is forever engrained in my mind. Thank you, Gary Wright. RIP
  13. Well, James, just a little update..our population is now 342,000 in metro Saskatoon. Our main arena where Rod was to perform holds 15,000+ capacity... I know small beans compared to most. And here's a little update you may enjoy re: this hard-working farm community: Facts About Saskatoon Saskatoon has a number of nicknames – The Paris of the Prairies because of the bridges, POW – referring to potash, oil and wheat, after the natural resources the city and area is famous for and The Hub City – because Saskatoon has been the hub of Saskatchewan. Saskatoon has one of the largest number of restaurants per capita in Canada – and great ones with many of them embracing the farm to fork philosophy. The world’s largest potash creator known as PotashCorp is headquartered in Saskatoon. Approximately 66 percent of the world ‘s recoverable potash stores are located here. Saskatoon is home to two colleges – the University of Saskatchewan and the First Nations University of Canada. The city of Saskatoon is also known as the “city of bridges,” it sits on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River and has large, tree-lined streets surrounded by vast parks and green spaces. The biggest snowball fight in the world took place in Saskatoon.. Saskatoon is one the sunniest cities in Canada. While the production of mustard did not begin in Saskatchewan until the 1950s, it had risen to account for about 75 per cent of output in Canada, which in 2010 was just over 150,000 tonnes, the world’s highest output. Sorry to go off-topic a bit, but I'm proud of my beautiful city. There are 8 bridges and this picture shows a good representation of 5 bridges. This is the South Saskatchewan River upon which our city was built. Joni Mitchell lived here and composed many of her songs near the Broadway Bridge. Another reminder, Gordie Howe was born and raised here. A statue of him is outside the arena where Rod Stewart would have played. And soon, the banks of the river will look like this: That's all. (Rod Stewart missed it all I guess). 😊 Rhonda B.
  14. Eric is looking particularly moody in that photo compared to his band mates. I really appreciate photos of him smiling. This one just stands out more.
  15. Thanks for your review, Lew. So glad that we, in Saskatoon, could give up Rod Stewart and accept him cancelling his show 10 minutes before showtime to rest his vocal cords, so that you could enjoy a full vocal performance.👍😉
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