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  1. Olivia Newton-John has passed away. Rest in Peace, Olivia.😭
  2. And apparently I got it at Eaton's for $2.49
  3. Lucy in the Sky by Elton John is just that much better because he is so incredibly talented as a pianist and and songwriter from that perspective. He adds chords to fill in at the right places where The Beatles never did. The whole arrangement is just so incredible! At the 3:30 mark is an excellent reggae style section. Nigel Olsson, Elton's durmmer stands out also, check at the 5 minute mark. EJ never released this on an actual album, it was on one of his greatest hits albums and John Lennon actually plays guitar and vocals in Elton's version. John Lennon is credited as Dr. Winston O' Boogie. (Winston was his 2nd name). This is a picture of my 45 single and the B side was a song called "One Day at a Time" written John Lennon. Check out the video:
  4. That is a great ad! And no one plays those chords like Eric.. he doesn't play solid chords, he plays them slightly broken ...it's so perfect.
  5. Ok James..I'm with you. But let's see if others have a different opinion.
  6. James, I couldn't agree with you more regarding all of your opinions above. Especially about Eric. And because I was so obsessed with Elton John, I felt Pinball Wizard and Lucy in the Sky were far superior to the originals. But those who were obsessed with The Beatles or The Who would probably think otherwise right? Good thread James!
  7. Perfect casting for the female jail attendant.. ...pretty sure none of the guys noticed her though.😉
  8. Craig, biggest shock from your list was that The Everly Brothers recorded Love Hurts before Nazareth. And also that it was written/recorded 1960!
  9. No kidding..Holy Smokes❤️‍🔥 TJ has great pipes! Looks like he performed this 10 years ago or less so he would have been 70+ years old. ( Presently he's 82). Amazing! Great guitar riff there also!
  10. Wherever you are Batman, we miss you. And you've certainly provided a lot of entertainment, just by this thread alone.
  11. Loved her on Star Trek. She had a few episodes on "The Young and the Restless" a few years back as well. This scene between her and William Shatner caused a little bit of controversy back in the day. The episode was called, "Plato's Stepchildren".
  12. If anyone has Joni Mitchell's album called Clouds, her self-portrait on the album is beautifully done. She painted a very scenic view of our shared hometown city Saskatoon. In the background you see the South Saskatchewan River and The Bessborough Hotel which is still there today. She is holding the Western Red Prairie Lily which is our provincial flower in Saskatchewan.
  13. And one more if you can handle it..... Joni playing guitar.....
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