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  1. Kirk...what was in the original video?..someone's version of boats I assume. My thoughts on "boats"...and this is without ever reading any opinions or comments here or otherwise. I feel that such a great sadness comes over me when I hear it...basically because of Eric's vulnerable vocals. What an absolutely beautiful song of emotion poured out for all to hear. And just the way it ends on a final chord and the word "end" kind of seals the deal for me. Very abrupt. I know it's been discussed ..but so clever the use of 'Row your Boat' intro and within the song...and soo much more! Just the best intellectual musical genius of our time ..Eric Carmen. ♥️
  2. Happy birthday GirlFan. 🎉💐🎂
  3. Thanks for posting LC. When I was still teaching ukulele/guitar in the school systems, this was a favourite of the students believe it or not. Maybe because it was easy to play LOL. I just love the easy laid-back feeling of it.
  4. Currie Sisters for me. We have to give huge props to anyone attempting Eric's songs especially... this one. I'm With You Kirk. Whenever I hear a cover, I go back to listen to the original and I think... Yep this is the only one I need to listen to.
  5. Happy Birthday Bernie! Wishing you all the best for today and the year ahead. 🍦
  6. Thank you for clarifying. I'll take you any way I can get you and if means through sampled instruments I will not be complaining. My favourite album actually. Thank you Eric. Rhonda B.
  7. Rhonda B

    Take Two

    Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley. My favourite cover is by Linda Ronstadt. youtu.be/AFAy6ufpDug
  8. I didn't know that Vinnie but I thought Paul was totally avoiding the subject and his answer didn't quite make sense to me and he ended the topic quickly.
  9. Unfortunately I agree Doreen. And who is rising up in the ranks to replace any of these great musicians?? That's what worries me.🥺
  10. I was reminded about this great guy today when I saw him as the Number One Greatest Musical Artists of all time voted by the public.... Thanks Lew Bundles for posting. I thought he deserves his own topic. Through my classical piano training of course is when I was introduced to Beethoven when I was 11. I was and still am so inspired by his music as I thought it sounded very modern. LOVE his slower moody broody compositions like the First movement of The Moonlight Sonata ...Piano Sonata no.14 in C# minor...one of my favourites. The first movement may remind you of a funeral procession. But what I loved about it even when I was only 11 when I played it, how it sounded so much like some modern tunes I had heard. Especially his use of different inversions of a chord that Eric Carmen and Elton John also use quite effectively. Or his smooth transitions from minor to major and back to minor keys. And his use of dissonant notes and chords that many may find unpleasant.. but I love! I can't imagine what it would be like losing your hearing when you are a musician of this stature. The story of his bone conduction technique to help him feel vibrations on the piano is just amazing to me. Also, I can't find anywhere a topic speaking of Beethoven's influence on Eric Carmen but can definitely tell he has influenced him just as Rachmaninoff has. Enjoy the first movement of the Moonlight Sonata which I will post next.
  11. She always held her head high despite her troubling life. RIP
  12. It's a good night for being on this site Lew..thanks! Anyone who knows me well, knows that Elton and Eric are who I call "my two E's". I don't go in a little bit, I go all-in ...as I did with both of their music in my early teens... diligently practicing on piano and playing all their songs. I have all of Elton's albums, all the singles that I could possibly get even his early singles. And yes I even have the soundtrack album to the movie Friends that Elton did. The above-mentioned Davey Johnstone album that came out long ago, Smiling Face, I also have that... it showcases his talent on the mandolin banjo and acoustic guitar. Thrill of my life was to be able to see Elton John perform here in my own City three times. On this site I got to experience videos of Eric in Japan that I never knew existed and I had to do a double-take when I saw Davey Johnstone playing with him. He fit in perfectly. Looks like they were having a lot of fun up there. While I was going to University, I had to continue to teach private music lessons to satisfy my obsession of album buying. But, Mr. Carmen, it was only your music that I could identify with on an emotional level. And because I know both of the two E's Music so well I knew immediately the Eric songs that were greatly influenced by Elton as I'm sure many of you do as well. Some are quite obvious. That's a whole topic all on its own.
  13. Helen, after seeing the interview he did where he called himself a disgusting romantic, I thought, I'm so disgusting it's embarrassing. So comforting knowing I hooked up with so many other disgusting Romantics here.😉
  14. Bernie, glad you added this quote from Eric that you took from your book Marathon Man, which I still don't have, so this is the first time I'm hearing of the commercial of course. But as soon as I heard the recording I had to wonder, it must be killing Eric inside just singing these words as the perfectionist he is. I still think it's a cute little tune.
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