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  1. To my friends and family Happy Canada Day! I'm proud to be from this beautiful country of Canada and blessed to have been born into a family of first generation Canadians! Enjoy the long weekend! ❤
  2. If that doesn't get you going, nothing will.
  3. Another song I had to appreciate from my upstairs bedroom while my brothers played records in their basement room and didn't let anyone near their record collection. Funny how I turned out to the be the musician and they didn't! LOL Thanks for posting Vinnie!
  4. That was quite interesting ..they got a solid 3 minutes.
  5. Susie, have you ever posted this before here? That's great!
  6. I remember a while back this came up where a whole bunch of songs were attributed to Eric Carmen and they were like this one and maybe even this one was in that bunch. But it was determined none of them were written by Eric Carmen. I think Bernie confirmed that.
  7. Pretty good basic chords if you just want to play 'basic'.😊
  8. Helen, that is pretty cute! Advertisers could do a lot with the song/title Hungry Eyes.
  9. Vinnie, That shows the genius of Eric Carmen!
  10. What did I just watch there?🤔
  11. Great to see the translation from what it sounded like on the piano to that great guitar riff in the introduction especially. Well done!
  12. What a nice tribute for Father's Day LC. I know a little of Dave Smalley's songwriting just through the Raspberries. A very nice tender, touching song regarding his daughter. Thanks for posting.
  13. Love that Susie ...that Pat is sandwiched between Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson♥️
  14. Imagine sharing your birthday with blackhawkpat. Sir Paul McCartney should feel quite honoured.😊 Happy Birthday to 2 great musicians!🎉🎂
  15. And... Happy Birthday blackhawkpat! But I'll take that over to the "Everything" forum.
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