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  1. Where is “home” these days for EC? No more Cleveland vicinity?
  2. There are many terrific concert hall venues where “A Night at the Piano - with Eric Carmen” would be enthralling.
  3. Please do, Bernie! That would be awesome! I know this is all a “labor of love” for you, so here is my “thanks in advance”! 😁👍🏻❤️
  4. Helen G

    GATW cover

    There's a song frequently sung in my barbershop music world - the lyrics go.... "If you can't say anything real nice, please don't talk at all - that's my advice!" 😉 The song title is "Please don't talk about me when I'm gone." (It's been covered hugely since it was first written in 1930. 😉 )
  5. By the amount of covers on YouTube of this song by Filipinos, I'd say so! 🙂 It's the one song written by Eric that gets an "earworm" designation! 🤣
  6. Cool shot of Eric! I wonder if he still owns those snazzy shoes? I'm glad, though, that he ditched the cigarettes at some point!
  7. No person who spent any time living in the 1960's wouldn't recognize the theme for "Rawhide"! And Tiomkin's score for "The Alamo" is magnificent!
  8. If you're registered on Facebook, check out this thread on the Musicians Unite group. My answer was "Spotlight - by Eric Carmen" and I dropped in the YouTube link to help educate people. ❤️ 😉- I just love the driving bass with the chord harmonizations on this song! (Also look for me on FB as Helen Sparks Giallombardo 🙂 ) https://www.facebook.com/MusiciansUnite/posts/516258239867977
  9. Absolutely! How often Eric has said that he crafts songs from snippets of melody lines! Great find, Kirk! I love this song! Happy to share this here so we can all revel in this gorgeous song! 😉
  10. Much thanks, Larry, for bumping this one back out of this site's huge archives! ❤️ I'll be reading the posts more in depth later on after I get done with my "day job" music publishing / services tasks! 👍
  11. Helen G


    "We just wouldn't let it go." Right on!!! Thank you all for caring about the great body of work by Eric - it deserves to be discussed! I I too feel that it's great to "hang out" with you all here on this EC site! I do wish I'd stumbled into the AOL group from "back in the day" that Bernie and Dave mentioned. 😉
  12. My husband was one of Lenny's students at the Boston University Tanglewood Institute during his undergrad years. He has ...... interesting things to say about Bernstein.
  13. His mother, Marni Nixon, did the vocals for ALL the Hollywood actresses who really couldn't sing in the style demanded for the roles! Starting with Deborah Kerr in "The King and I", then Natalie Wood in "West Side Story", and just as famously, Audrey Hepburn in "My Fair Lady" (one of my top favorite musical scores of all time).
  14. Stunning orchestra lead-in with Bach's Air on G String - I recognized it right away. I've listened to Procol Harum over the years - this performance by Gary Brooker is superlative! Great, clear vocals over his piano harmonization!
  15. Mine too!!!! All these years, I've been too busy doing other stuff to dig around and find this site - quite the compendium to all things Eric C.! I guess if there's one thing positive about my "down time" during Covid it was re-visiting all those Raspberries and Eric C. songs I loved when they first came out, only to find a whole lot more songs that I had no idea that Eric wrote!
  16. Wow - Chicago VIII album! I haven't heard that one in years!!! Thanks for posting this rare video!
  17. Tom Jones was one of my childhood crushes. There. I just gave away my age (within a few years margin of error). 😉
  18. That article infuriates me - Eric Carmen should be listed (at a minimum) in the "Singer-Songwriter" category, and not just as a "one-off". There's no way he's a "one hit wonder"! Now looking for the "angry" emoticon / emoji ......... There it is...... 😡 I see there is an opportunity for Comments at the end of the article. I'll write something later tonight when I have more time. I'd encourage others on this forum to join me in "piling on"!!!!
  19. This is FANTASTIC, LC! And no - you don't write too much! 😉
  20. I've got one of these on order! I had no problem growing roses while we lived in Illinois; hopefully I'll find a "feature" spot in my garden for this beautiful rose!
  21. Are the handwritten figures in the lower right the Raspberries' gig schedule and payments/expected fees? In 1974 dollars, it's interesting stuff!
  22. Ferris Bueller had an Emulator! 🙂https://electronicmusic.fandom.com/wiki/Emulator
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