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  1. I passed by one right off the beachfront strip in Daytona Beach a couple weeks ago, but didn't have time to stop in! I hope to be able to do so within a couple weeks!
  2. I've already hit the repeat on this amazing video several times. Looking at it close up on my desktop monitor is almost as good as looking at it on our large screen TV! Awesome production effort, Bernie! ❤️
  3. It's all about the "pinch me" moments, isn't it? I'm so happy to have found this forum after all these years so I could hang out and converse with all the Raspberries/Eric fans who "get it"! ❤️
  4. I get chills thinking about that...... Wow! This piece really is magnificent.
  5. You're probably right about the column inch problem (as it's called in newspaper parlance).
  6. It's so funny that Eric is quoted in the paper as saying that, because even in my teenage years (1970's), I was never attracted to the greasy-haired doper bands either! 😉
  7. Welcome to this site, Carlo! I'm the 4th child in a very musical family; besides learning piano, a band instrument and singing in choirs or choruses all my life, we were taught at home to recognize great melody lines and harmonization (chord structure). I learned about the form of songs later on in my music studies. So when a musician like Eric Carmen comes along, it was easy for me to fall in love with his songwriting genius much less all his great skills as a singer, pianist and guitar player. So yes, you're among musician friends here for sure!
  8. Glad to have you with us, Johan! Much thanks in no small part to site master RaspBernie 👍❤️, this is a huge treasure trove of all things Eric Carmen with its vast archives of discussion threads just like this one! Up until the covid lockdown, I was really busy with my regular life as a music publisher and a cappella harmony performer and board member of my non-profit a cappella ensemble, and time was very much at a premium. During those "downtime" months when none of us were performing out in public, I re-discovered how much I loved Raspberries back in my teens! And also, after having more time to follow around links on YouTube, I also figured out how vast EC's music composition catalog truly was - that's a big deal to me as a music publisher and I have huge respect for that for starters. [He's written so many gorgeous "gems" ❤️ that never got their due in the Billboard/Hits lists!] I then found this forum and it's been "off to the races" to explore this site since then! You're among friends here for sure!
  9. Do you have any idea where the holdup might be? Something in the production process? Money backing? I'd be happy to be part of the investors group to make that happen!
  10. Absolutely! I love the 50th anniversary video when Eric C. says something like .... "we were a good band - now we're a great band". I totally agree! This version with the overdubs contributing is just marvelous - sublime really. Thanks for the video share, Bernie! It was fun to see that Dave S. was really digging this one in particular!
  11. Not everybody has great taste. 😉
  12. RaspBernie - Thanks to your tip for how to find this gem of a book as an ebook on this site a few months back! I love having access to it on my smartphone, so whenever I have any downtime (like I did a couple weekends back waiting for flights back from my big deal college a cappella reunion concert weekend), I'll go back and read one of the more amusing anecdotes or sections, even though I read it cover to cover non-stop when I first got it via Nook/Barnes & Noble! Such a great & really important read for us avid Eric C. fans, with its insights particularly into the music production processes behind the scenes!!!
  13. Just goes to show you - if you don't ask, you don't get! Who da thunk it? Eric Carmen, rap star - on top of all his other credits and accomplishments! Glad to hear he got what songwriting credit he asked for! I'm chuckling at the story of Eric asking the guy at the car wash about his rappers knowledge, and then going with his gut instinct to ask for as much royalty percentage as he thought he could! 💰
  14. We know Eric isn't particularly tall, so those Japanese girls flocking around him must be tiny?! 😉
  15. I grew up in a home where we were all Chicago Blackhawks fans, and, in the '70's, I remember seeing Lafleur play many a game against the likes of Bobby Hull and Keith "I Start a Fight Nearly Every Game" Magnuson! 😉 https://www.hockeyfights.com/players/11192
  16. I love the "Wayback Machine"! Thanks for the "flashback", Bernie! I'd love to follow through on all those live links if they are still active?! Is there a way to get to those links?
  17. I'm in!!!!! I'd be happy to help with setting up a hotel block (if we get enough people coming), food/drink planning, etc. ❤️
  18. Same photo shoot as the one above (the hair style is exactly the same), but with a hint of a smile here and the upturned left collar is showing so it's from a subtlely different angle, or Eric turned a bit.....
  19. I'm so grateful to have come across this treasure trove of all kinds of topics related to Eric Carmen's stunning career over the years! 3 million hits is a "wowza" testimonial to not only EC himself, but also RaspBernie the master of this website, and the dedicated fans who've posted, contributed and commented over the years!
  20. Ya gotta love the bootleg video posted of a whole show of the 2000 All Starr Band! 🙂❤️ 👍It's pretty grainy but the sound is pretty darn decent, and you can see Eric C. moving around the stage doing the various instruments as the show repertoire lineup demands. It certainly shows the versatility of him and others in this particular All Starr lineup! I'll repeat here the comment I posted on this YouTube video when I watched it completely about 5 months ago: "This was an amazingly GREAT iteration of the All Starr Band! Hugely talented stars across the board on that stage! Phenomenal lineup of songs! But the reason I treasure this footage hugely is because it’s the ONLY footage I’ve seen from the top down view capturing Eric Carmen’s stellar piano solo in the middle of “All By Myself”! It’s one thing to have heard that over the years since he first released it in 1975 but it’s quite another to see him playing his masterpiece from that perspective! And 25 years later with such emotional delivery! I’m completely mesmerized! ❤️🎹 And truly grateful to see this posted - thank you!"
  21. Bernie - great post!!! You said: "On February 29, 2000, Eric’s album of love songs, Winter Dreams, found a home in the U.S. Renamed I Was Born To Love You after the album’s lead-off single, the CD was released on Pyramid Records." Was this released on both vinyl and CD formats? It's the only EC "album" I have yet to purchase, and I plan to do so in short order! 🙂
  22. Tommy Allen did the labor-of-love recording or maybe the mixdown on the Pop Art Live recording released of the Raspberries reunion performance, so the audio could be released to the public! ❤️.(I'm sure Rasp-Bernie will chime in with exact details about Tommy Allen's contribution to that project - and it was HUGE!) If you don't own Pop Art Live, you owe it to yourself to track it down and buy it! I love that I could download Pop Art Live via Apple iTunes and take it with me wherever I go, including my car which is playback for dummies via the Apple CarPlay system that wires directly to my iPhone! ❤️
  23. We love music nerds and audiophiles! Welcome - happy Pi Day (almost a week later)! You'll fit in well here! 🙂 I grew up with the benefit of my dad being an audiophile. In the 1970's, I'm pretty darn sure we were the ONLY family for miles around that had a quadrophonic system in our living room, with my dad having mounted an antenna on top of the house to draw in the FM radio signals from Chicago that might have actually broadcast in quadrophonic! 🤓
  24. That certainly makes him sound like a Viking or English king, though EC was never like Ethelred the Unready. 😉🤣🤪
  25. Both “Desperate Fools” and “The Way We Used to Be” are incredibly well-crafted songs. As a musician myself, I especially gush over the melody line & harmonization of the latter! These songs are just two great examples out of his entire “catalogue” of songs (as we say in the music publishing world) that showcase EC’s versatility as a composer. I actually listen to the “Desperate Fools Overture” on repeat! If Eric would develop that into a full-blown orchestra work with several movements, that’s eminently publishable to strings ensembles! With my music performer connections, I’d be the #1 salesperson for that 😉!
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