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  1. This site was a huge part of my life for many years. Though I do not check in as often in recent times, I still fondly recall the interactions with many of the members here. Sadly I did not get to attend any of the reunion shows and missed out on actually meeting some of you. But friendships were forged none-the-less and I am thrilled that Raspbernie has kept the place alive this quarter century. Great to see a message from the man, the myth, the legend... the site's namesake himself as well. Smile on my face atm for sure!
  2. Amazingly Rolling Stone did seem to "get" Raspberries. I was familiar with their high-praises for Starting Over, did not remember this review however...
  3. It seems absurd that Eric is not in the songwrites HOF...
  4. Soft Machine - Bundles (1975) (Full Album) - YouTube
  5. I had one at one time. I bought it from a used record and tape store in either SC or GA back in the mid '80's. However I believe it was a Columbia Tape & Record Club edition
  6. Well reopen the store... I for one NEED some new EC or Raspberries gear!
  7. Somebody who hates their boss recorded his drunk ass singing at a bar... and posted it to youtube to embarrass them... LOL
  8. Different people have different definitions of what is a hit... I've always subscribed to how many songs made it onto the top 40, but a case could be made that it refers to an artist who is known only for one major hit... THAT definition would fit more to the generic, casual music fan more than to the die hard fans of one artist or another. I have little doubt that to the casual fan from the seventies, EC is known only for ABM however the casual fan from the late 80's would know him only for MMLC... LOL
  9. Late to the party, as I often am, my 2 cents... one "deep cut" from each of EC's LP's... 1st (Self Titled) - No Hard Feelings... as great as That's Rock & Roll is (and I can imagine it soaring up the charts as the lead single from Raspberries' 5th album...) The story Eric tells with No Hard Feelings is captured magnificently by almost 2 minutes it seems of screaming Let Me Out!!!! BOAC - Given the total lack of appreciation the title track got when released, I want to claim it as the deep cut... however, for the sake of fairness, I'll go with the FINAL track from the album; the song that Eric has said, I believe, was to originally be the lead song before BOAC was written and caused the order of songs to be flipped... Runaway... such a great story of a young man trying to prove himself... and a very great, albeit too short, instrumental finish... COH - I absolutely love Desperate Fools. The song is simply beautiful, however the vocals are so soft sometimes you almost lose them in the beautiful melody... TYM - It Hurts Too Much shoulda been a hit, coulda been a hit given any decent promotion... the B side I believe, if memory serves, and the final song from the album though proved beyond a doubt Eric could still Rock... You Need Some Lovin'... From intro up to the last note just a dynamic tune! Geffen - The song that should have been the lead single, a song that could have become an anthem for summer time and a song that battles BOAC for my favorite Eric Carmen creation... American As Apple Pie... Winter Dreams - A lot of really good songs that might have seemed even better given how long we had waited for a new EC album, the one that I can never seem to get enough of oddly, given some of my other favorites LOL, is "Isn't It Romantic?"... OK... now I got OTHER threads to catch up on! LOL
  10. I'm pretty sure most, if not all of us here would have Raspberries represented somewhere on this list... and likely not at #40... (they did, after all, influence several of those who DID make this particular list... or so I have been led to believe...
  11. Thank you Kirk... and thank YEW Lew for keeping after me and for helping get my login issue resolved!
  12. Funny to read the term above... desert island album (Kirk) as ever since its release in 1974 I have told people that if I were ever to be stranded on an island with only one album for the rest of my life... Raspberries: Starting Over would be that album... There is just something dynamic and special about the music... from song-writing to execution... And despite my admiration for Dave and Jim, I really preferred what I heard from Scott and Mike. That said, it is possible; even likely; that what we heard on Starting Over was the recorded optimism of success. By the time Side 3 had been released there were hard-feelings aplenty between the different factions in the band. And IMHO once 'berries moved away from their early Beatle's influenced music into something edgier, they gelled more as a band. Hence Side 3 had the quality of songs... Ecstacy, Money Down, Should I Wait... the very under-appreciated "I'm A Rocker"... but it seems as if their personal differences were perhaps somehow carried over into that vinyl. With the new members came a new hope and new, fresh start... building on what had been, but with fresh sets of eyes looking over the blueprints... Would a 5th Raspberries album have been the one that combined the quality music with the sales numbers to spell success? I would have to think that we may have never gotten Eric's signature "All By Myself" in '75 but how cool would Raspberries scoring a #1 hit with "That's Rock & Roll" been?
  13. I am trying to hold some vacation days open waiting to hear WHERE and WHEN Eric will perform!
  14. Y'know, I'm sitting here reading this thread and THIS line jumps out at me... Because for whatever reason, Wally does not come on line and let's his wife do his talking... I know in times past, when or if I have perceived a loved one being slighted or insulted, I am way the hell more over-the-top in my anger than if I feel the same insult directed directly at me... Because she was not actually there, she is writing from a third-person rather than a first-person perspective, and a distortion in Wally's perspective in how things went down can only be magnified and further distorted when a person who is "taking sides" jump into or starts a fracas... I have, as a fan, always wished Raspberries had stuck together longer... but I'm glad for the years and albums we have from Eric as a solo artist as well. Could we have had those had Wally and Eric saw eye-to-eye forever? Maybe... but less likely. I've tried, as a fan of both Eric AND the band, to not take sides. I was happy to see both the new CD from Eric AND a cover story about Raspberries... I wish perhaps Wally might have been portrayed as more positive; and as a former journalism major I know that writers often can slant a story the way they wish. I'd really like to listen to the unedited transcripts of the interview. LOL Of course, who knows, maybe the scribe made Wally MORE positive than he was... OK, I guess I'm more or less rambling now... but after I missed the Raspberries reunions while caring for my Dad, I made a bucket-list item out of seeing the band live.. I guess the good new is that it looks like I'll have to live forever...
  15. The article at H Post was fantastic! Hope it gets lots of hits and inspires readers to buy the new "Essentials"... spanning your hits and inspiring you to make more!
  16. Looks like we're torn... we all want the best chance to win... but we all want to help Eric, so... I'll be sharing on my Facebook page... LOL
  17. We have a pair of stations locally that focus on '80's music and I have shared the link (http://ultimateclassicrock.com/eric-carmen-new-song/) on both of their Facebook pages. Hopefully all of us have or will do the same. Any help we can give in getting this recording airplay can only help improve the chances that Eric will be inspired to, perhaps, record a full album of new memories!
  18. Very happy to hear your good fortune! Merry Christmas!
  19. While we anxiously await the release, it occurs to me that perhaps... just perhaps two things are possible. One is that Eric... re-entering the recording studio for the first time since when?... finds himself bitten by the bug again. As he has stated before, it was always more about creating the music than the travel... Creation is a very addictive event... One song could theoretically lead to a dozen... and that would be a whole new album! Second, the irony of Eric worrying if he could still write something relevant... from the guy who wrote the perfect example of aging (I Can Remember) while still wet behind the years, why now, older and far wiser can he not recapture the spirit of what it means to be young? If anybody can do it, I have no doubt he is the man who can. Maybe he'll re-catch the fever that's rock and roll.
  20. Don't get here like I used to, but am thrilled I got to wish Diane a wonderful birthday!
  21. It's that time off year again... when we get to wish the happiest of birthday's to this site's namesake... the man who's music has meant so much to so many... and brought us together here.... Eric, hope you have a wonderful birthday!
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