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  1. I never knew a guy could sing as falsetto as Lou Christie did. I was a dumb kid when "Lightening" first came out and I thought it was a chick singing. HA!
  2. I have had the pleasure of speaking with Denny, concerning his music. He has begun to lead some praise and worship groups around Northeast Ohio for a number of Christian (Catholic) area churches. He is a very talented guy and I'm glad to see him still performing especially in this different capacity.
  3. In Cleveland, Ohio we had the Sam Goody record stores,in the mid seventies to the 1990's. Eric was known to be spotted at the one in Lyndhurst very often.
  4. Elton is such a great showman. Saw him at the Cleveland Collasium in the mid 1970's along with KiKi Dee. Awesome show.
  5. This would make a lovely song for a bride walking down the aisle.
  6. Eric looks mighty handsome for a corpse.
  7. Very different without the musical accompaniment, but still great..cmon it's Eric!
  8. Oh Mom, did you really go there. Hasn't poor Eric heard this phrase one too many times in jest?
  9. I am so confused after I finished reading this long drawn out article. Is it just me?
  10. Wish I was his hair stylist...I'd be running my fingers through that mane of his..then ...
  11. Yes, Mom, Eric certainly fills out a pair of jeans quite well....forget the chair seat.
  12. Jim's drum has a Rootin Toonin Raspberry logo on it. I do own a t-shirt with this very pic on it. I sent Eric a snapshot of my shirt when he was on Twitter, naming him as my favorite " Rootin Tootin Raspberry. I am sure he was just humoring me, but being the kind person that he is, he sent me a smilely face in return. I truly appreciated his effort nonetheless.
  13. Oh Eric...you fox you Momof2setsoftwins...behave or you shall be banished to cartoon world forever!
  14. Love this song..Eric knocked it out of the park with his vocals!
  15. My husband and Eric both had cats named "Puppy".
  16. Yes. Would love a link to the interview here as well.
  17. It will be great to hear something new from Eric since he has been flying under the radar for a while. Wonder where he moved to from Gates Mills, Ohio, my hometown?
  18. Marrying a second cousin, yuk. Would love to hear Eric's take on what possessed him to enter into that marital union. Maybe a family reunion?
  19. Loved this song when Gene Pitney recorded it, one of my favorites in fact. This version is a great instrumental piece. Liked it a lot.
  20. In my opinion, Eric should be the one to have his version of this song become a huge hit. It is Such a hauntingly beautiful song, full of pathos and sadness. Yes, I am one of those people who interpreted this song as very somber and not full of hope as some have noted. When I told Eric of my despair when I listened to his song, he told me that was precisely what the song was about, and he thought it was the saddest song he had ever written.
  21. Rub that postcard hard, Kirk, and let's get these great musicians voted into the RRHF, hopefully in my lifetime. It seems that being the best, most mult-talented band ever doesn't get them a nomination year after year, so we could use those magic words as well.
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