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  1. Loved this...thanks for posting it.
  2. Welcome to this website...a great bunch of people here.
  3. I understand. I figured it was okay to post where his home was because the location was posted on Google, for all to see.
  4. Found this tidbit on Bing. Mystery solved!
  5. Ky is all the guys...he sings all the harmonies and somehow puts them all together to look like it's a group performing. He's a talented kid.
  6. To be a native Clevelander requires nerves of steel when it comes to being a sports fan here: Browns, Guardians, Cavs. But we did win the NBA championship with LeBron so there's that. "There's always next year" is my mantra.
  7. Great song by Leon. His singing style is perfect for this tune.
  8. Eric hits a few high.notes in "I'm Through With Love", too.
  9. Sorry, but he doesn't even deserve a participation trophy for this one.
  10. And for the record, I do possess a lock of Mr. Carmen's curls.
  11. Just don't do any "Kung fu fighting" after the movie, Lew, even though your moves are as "fast as lightning".
  12. I have it on good authority that Eric spent an hour in front of a mirror getting that hair just so then used Aquanet extra hold hair spray to keep it in place.
  13. Hope your birthday was extraordinary, Marlene.
  14. Hilarious! Great job maestro Carmen!
  15. Have a wonderful birthday Eric. We all applaud you. Mazel Tov.
  16. I heard a rumor that Eric rolled onto the infamous white hat bending the brim... and after that it was never the same.
  17. I had this band called "Raspberries" play at my high school prom in 1971 and boy was the lead singer a real hottie!
  18. Wow..Barbie and Ken are pleasuring each other .....while Eric watches
  19. Great in depth look into Eric's "Tonight You're Mine" album, Lew.
  20. The kid had great taste in music.
  21. Thanks. You made my day Mary Ellen and Bernie.
  22. Vinnie, you hit the nail on the head. Me, my husband and my best friend Bev all went to see Frankie at the Palace Theater in downtown Cleveland, Ohio last year. At that time they had to practically wheel him out on a dolly and stand him up. He never moved from the spot while his backup singers all danced around him. Actually, the show was good, even though I was told afterwards he lip synced the whole time. Oh well..they say ignorance is bliss...but it was a sold out show, so I didn't feel as duped.
  23. "In one sentence, an observer says the singer sounds like Roger Daltrey, and in the next, like Steve Marriott. Has he ever heard either? Eric Carmen doesn’t sound like either of them. Carmen was a very good singer, but the other two were world-class." Sorry... Eric was the world class singer...the other two, well I could take them or leave them.
  24. Sausage Party....Eric's songs show up.in the darndest places.
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