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  1. She truly was 17 and Eric was 28. Yikes!
  2. The girl of 17 was Marcie Hill, Eric's cousin whom he married. He gushed on and on about how madly in love he was with her. Eric said it was love at first sight.
  3. That place was started by the owner of "Fottenbottens" in downtown Willoughby.
  4. Sorry, but it just looks like Harry Potter wearing a curly wig. Not convincing at all!
  5. Eric is the only singer who can convey so much raw emotion and angst through his music, especially this song....true genius at its best!
  6. This singer has a beautiful voice and did a nice job with the song. However, this is my favorite Eric song and in my opinion no one can sing it with as much raw emotion as Eric does. He makes you feel the angst of a lost love in a way that everyone can identify with. That's what makes him the musical genius that he is.
  7. Great version..they sound so good together.
  8. People can be so cruel. Eric's attackers are all a bunch of cowards as most of them signed their rantings "anonymous".
  9. Being a Clevelander, I always listened to Jim call the Browns games. He was a class act. RIP.
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