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  1. Kirk, u crack me up....the "ole flashlight in the face trick"
  2. Everyone changes as they get older, (speaking from personal experience). I don't know if u followed him on Twitter, but he had new pics taken and looks more like his younger self, lost a lot of weight, not hard on the eyes either. Also, Amy posted pics of them both at Hanukkah Party at the White House in 2019, and Eric looks sooo good. Just when u thought he couldnt get any handsomer...... And of course she is very beautiful. Gotta admit he has great taste in women. Does anyone know where they are living, since he sold his home in Cleveland this past December? I think Amy and Eric moved to Arizona, way before the house sold, somewhere in Mariposa County. Maybe Phoenix. She posted a video on Twitter, rollerblading with Remy outside, and playing ball with Remy in their home. Drop dead gorgeous home, inside and out. They are a beautiful couple.
  3. Sorry bout that... I guess the good news is we don't look that elderly... You notice I said elderly and not old?? Thank the Lord for Revlon and Nice N Easy, Dark Brown, .... I can c I am digging this hole I started, deeper and deeperšŸ¤
  4. Thank you Lew....love this site...so glad you're back! Been listening to Eric since 1970 when I first saw him at the Agora. Oops... just gave away my age... Of course, just hearing him speak .... Mesmerizing
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