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  1. Michelle, Really??? you have quite the imaginative mind. Two words C. W. ,well actually two letters. U get my meaning.
  2. My favorite...... Wait for Me
  3. Yes Lew, I did notice that... Please let James know, its not personal, Its just that, ....well.....Its Eric, ya know?? Just sayin...
  4. Bernie, Now that I have your attention( not the way I wanted it of course), Can u please please help me with signing in.??? I have forgotten my original password, so when I went into my acct to change it, I couldn't...cause it asks for the old password. So now I have to request a forgotten password link, go to my email then click the link and only then can I go back to the site and change the password. Which is fine. Except after 10 or 15 minutes or so it logs me out and when I try and sign in with the new password it won't work. So rinse and repeat. At my age it takes me longer than 10 minutes to post. can u please help an old lady out??? After typing this message, I am again timed out ....requesting new password now...stay tuned.
  5. Bernie and Lee... I am very embarrassed and apologize to not only you guys, but anyone else I may have offended... Please.. Say u will forgive me My mouth( and tongue) is zipped on that topic with a padlock attached. Not sure of all the rules yet, but I seem to be learning them the hard way. I assure u it started out as a fun poke at my friend Michelle, how it got to where it ended I have no idea. When I wrote it, it didn't sound as riskay as it does when you read it. My bad....but promise it won't happen again.... Cartoon world....hmmmm(just kidding)
  6. Michelle How do we get to private messaging ? Ready to send email
  7. Susie b, I wish to apologize to everyone for anything I have posted, that might have upset anyone on the board, especially the guys. I assure you it was all said in fun and not meant to sound the way it looked on print. Again, I am embarrassed and very sorry.
  8. Pretty sure I inspired "i wanna take forever tonight".....
  9. Calm down Michelle..... #1. Being the lady that I am, Never did I say that I DID NOT pursue for EC. I didnt have to....he was quite the "pursuee" at that time in his life....I think only one of us missed our chance with EC... up close and very very personal. Just sayin... BTW.... all those I suggestive lyrics In his songs, well, lets just say he lives up to them all. Nice little birth mark too...hehe
  10. Doreen my dear, u are a woman after my own heart. I love it when photographers snap pics without looking through the lens!!! The several year later, it gets leaked on the internet.....
  11. Michelle you are a very convincing lady....I know I can trust u with EC one more night of the week, so I give you Monday, only because his Monday s Probably suck like everyone elses. Have him back by 11p He played at ur senior prom!!!!!! Awesome..did your poor date have to drag u out of the prom and pour liquor down ur throat, just to keep u from raising up ur dress and climbing on the stage in attack mode ??? Oh wait that would have been me.... Get this https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/bE2ded6ZQha86JXpjLcM-w.dj1CewtBdhyfN5iqrXihp3 September 30, 1973, Panama City Beach, FL Eric looked right through me with those mc dreamy eyes, i think he touched my soul. It was fate being there and standing in the right place! He winked at me 3 different times ohhhhhh...but when he smiled at me with that shy, sexy smile...I knew right then, I had to make a life decision on staying In Medical school, or becoming his groupie and his concubine He also pointed at me when singing "I wanna be with you" Not sure I made the right decision, still !...hehe
  12. Hey Michelle Just between u and me, I got the ultimate EC Pic.....yep thats right(hehehe) But I know I would get kicked off if I show u here. And I haven't been on here that long!!! Lets just say it is in a photo op for Eric, when he was promoting the Change of Heart Album Intrested? May have to exchange personal email. Its also now my wallpaper on my samsung phone. Its the gift that keeps on giving.....*wink wink*
  13. I got one that beats that....take real CLOSE look now... https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/bE2ded6ZQha86JXpjLcM-w.dj1CewtBdhyfN5iqrXihp3
  14. Mary Wilson, co founder of the Supremes, passed away yesterday. She was 76 yrs old. RIP Mary, Thank you for touching our hearts with your music.
  15. Hey Michelle... #1. While Reading your reply, I almost peed my pants! U must remember I am older and my bladder is one of only organs in my body that still works well. Now I must look into bladder control garments! 2. Dont give James any ideas on that chick repellant thing he invented! 3. Eric's chances of "running at full capacity" on Sunday's, after 6 days w me, are nil at best. sorrry.....not! 4. Did u c the last pic I sent u in my last reply.??? Surely, I thought I would need to send EMS to ur home after viewing And finally 5. Yes, I did notice you were a retired nuclear medical tech. God Bless you for your talents. And thank you for making our job easier, as u know we need all the help we can get! We appreciate you. And just like nurses(my daughter is an RN), what u did in your career was way, way unappreciated. Only someone who sees all the things you do, day after day, could appreciate you. https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/9aBIIFg8RomruWPXD4qguA.t2XAzpw4aPbBXyVvF6O7h- Now look at this pic, and u will be in dreamland when u go to bed. P.S. no amy in this one....just our hunk.*sigh, sigh, sigh, sigh*
  16. Oh Michelle, One last thing, this pic I came across yesterday. Be still my beating heart https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/9aBIIFg8RomruWPXD4qguA.t2XAzpw4aPbBXyVvF6O7h- Now wipe that drool from your mouth before you have to clean the floor!
  17. Michelle, If you haven't seen these pics, of Eric, enjoy. I hope they open for u. https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/D4fGh_wVSlWbEYqF2wu6Og.JEEgtffVGg3XtZunbIX2rG https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/Ydl7TpBkR1-R7SrkbcEK2g.Hptn-0nCyItlz9VawspuQo I think Amy's in the pics tooo....
  18. James, So kind of you to offer your "chick repellant" to Eric. Something tells me, if all types of repellant haven't worked in 50 years on him, there is little chance your would. Me thinks Eric wants it that way too
  19. Michelle, Having raised 2 sets of twins has taught me that, sometimes it better just to let them have their way. Then go lock yourself in the bathroom and hope for the best. Having said that, I am willing to compromise and let my Eric spend Monday thru Saturday in my company, and give you Sunday. Your welcome. Of course, he could be a little tired and wore out by Sunday, but I m sure You would prepare him for Monday for me. Lets be good little girls and agree Eric is and always will be one FINE lookin man, no matter his age. That, along with his genius musical talent, he is simply the best, and much better than all the rest. His voice, especially when he just talks, mesmerizes you. I'm willing to bet several women, in his past, have also fell victim when that sound reaches their ears, what do u think.??
  20. Michelle, Really???? Really??? An opened mouth kiss, huh.? Nope no deal. I want it all, by all I mean A L L, sharing not one of my best qualities. However, I will let u look from afar while we stroll, hand in hand,hopefully roaming hands(if u know what I mean..) down the grocery aisle. Just keep your slobbering and drooling to a minimum. One must maintain ones dignity. As far as Eric preferring younger women, Duh, I am 1 year and 2 months younger.
  21. You are hilarious, you would have to be in line, behind me to get to him. There's something about having to take "seconds", that doesn't appeal to me. Anyway, I'm a year younger than Eric, and most probably a lot older than you. If I ever saw him in person, I'd probably just stand there with my mouth open, babbling, looking longingly into those soft, come hither, sexy brown eyes... One can only dream.... *big SIGH*
  22. Wow...10 min from Eric house.....I think I would have attempted a "close encounter" of any kind.......Just sayin And of course, you are correct, it doesn't matter what light he is in(this includes "flashlight" Lew) Eric will be always be handsome and drop dead gorgeous, no matter his age. 2 years in AZ.??? I am so far behind on what's been happening....
  23. Very nice pants....oh to b 22 years old, again.....*sigh*
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