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  1. No....it is not just you....the author seems completely lost and very confused.... Maybe he's mistaken Eric Carmen from Cleveland with Eric Cartman from South Park... Absolutely no similarity... As for me,... I lost interest in the article after the second paragraph..
  2. Ahhh.... Eric, As good the 100,000th time, as it was the first time I heard it....hair too good, not to run your fingers through...
  3. ....always stylin'... With his red tennies on....only Eric could pull off that look... while wearing an Italian, silk, custom tailored suit ...awesome..
  4. Ahhh....beautiful..... Wish I was that microphone....
  5. Ok ...let me rephrase that....love...the... chair seat ....and ....Eric has impeccable taste in his choice of jeans
  6. You are absolutely correct. One of his finest vocals, indeed. I love the expressions and movements of his body, and the way he closes those gorgeous eyes, while playing the piano and singing. It's as though each note and word touches his soul.
  7. The second video was outstanding.... Pure Eric...and very handsome
  8. It was on the internet, so u know it must b true...ha
  9. I agree...only I'm only thinking a D-. Perhaps "Leaving on a Jet Plane", would have been a better choice, written by John Denver, performed of course, by Peter, Paul and Mary.
  10. I enjoyed that very much, I had never seen that video accompanying All By Myself. Thank you Lew
  11. Oh...no....that is just so awful....
  12. Funny Lew..still laughing.. Exactly where in Phoenix are the happy couple living their golden years?
  13. Winky face....yes...yes... Had me going there for a sec
  14. Kirk tell me you're teasing...please I promise Eric wouldn't have to be on a dating site, to find someone. There are still women waiting in line, for a fraction of a chance, just to see him. Much less date him.
  15. taken in 2020, he posted it on Twitter after some troll ask him why he still used the pic on Essential Eric Carmen Album. Do u have the additional one, taken at the same time, with Eric wearing his sunglasses and holding a vintage guitar? Much better pic... But I'm prejudice
  16. you all know my allegiance to Eric and his music. Sorry, I couldn't force my self to wait to hear the chours. The sound of Michael McDonald voice drowning out Eric's voice, was truly awful.There is no question of who should sing this song. Check out the video again, of Eric's performance of this song, I know most of you have seen before. It is a Flawless performance, and Eric is so easy on the eyes.
  17. Happy Birthday to you...happy birthday to you...happy birthday dear Craig, happy birthday to you....and many more! (Pretend its Eric singing and playing piano.)
  18. I'm sure all 8 yr olds would find the above clip entertaining .....most women however.... Well, were not impressed.... Just sayin
  19. Something tells me, Eric would prefer contact with the original Disney characters, that we, in that generation, grew up with. The guys in the aforementioned post.....Meh..
  20. Eric, If u are still in Disneyworld at this time, I hope they reopen soon, so you can at long last, leave the most magical place on earth. While I'm sure its been fun spending time with the Mouse Family, I think after all these years, you might be a little tired of and annoyed by Donald and Daisy Duck, and the kids, Huey, Luey and Dewey. Then there's Goofy, the hopelessly clumsy, and dim-witted pal of Mickey's (BTW these are the words used to describe him, on the internet, so no hate mail). He is Surely not the brightest crayon in the box. With Chip and Dale, and their gluttonous appetites (see above parentheses) roaming the park, I'm sure that food shortages were incurred. If u went alone, I'm sure you met and was entertained by Cinderella. If I'm not mistaken, she too has a Baby Grand piano, in the castle, for just such occasions. If you had just kept your social media accounts active, we would not be so insistent, that u now leave the park and start posting here, with us. Hope to hear from soon. P.S. I would like to apologize in advance, to any of the above cartoon characters, I may have offended in this post. And to anyone on this site, who may or may not have been offended by my words. It was all said in fun. Promise, u won't send me to Cartoon World, "where the stars are bright and there's more more Charisma", although surely " its a safer place to be", in these times.
  21. He knows who he is, he knows how talented he is, he's always known. Eric has always had something, that a lot of artists never get. Confidence in his work, and perfection in all things. He doesn't need or want any praise for his talent. Despite being very shy, Eric is one of the most humble and kind men, I have ever had the privilege of knowing, personally. I've lived a long time, and listened to his music since his first performance with the Berries, I have never and most probably never will, met anyone else like him. just sayin....
  22. Great solo career..... A voice that mesmerizes.....very easy on the eyes, Eric has it all. He always has .. Does he deserve to be in HOF ?? no doubt, but I do doubt he stays awake all night thinking about it. Considering who they let in, something tells me Eric is not impressed.....
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