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    Listening to 70's and 80's music, preferably Eric's song, baking, gardening, all the stuff old people seem to do...haha
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    Retired Radiologist
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    Boats Against the Current
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    The Way We Used To Be, If You Change Your Mind

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  1. No....it is not just you....the author seems completely lost and very confused.... Maybe he's mistaken Eric Carmen from Cleveland with Eric Cartman from South Park... Absolutely no similarity... As for me,... I lost interest in the article after the second paragraph..
  2. Ahhh.... Eric, As good the 100,000th time, as it was the first time I heard it....hair too good, not to run your fingers through...
  3. ....always stylin'... With his red tennies on....only Eric could pull off that look... while wearing an Italian, silk, custom tailored suit ...awesome..
  4. Ahhh....beautiful..... Wish I was that microphone....
  5. Ok ...let me rephrase that....love...the... chair seat ....and ....Eric has impeccable taste in his choice of jeans
  6. You are absolutely correct. One of his finest vocals, indeed. I love the expressions and movements of his body, and the way he closes those gorgeous eyes, while playing the piano and singing. It's as though each note and word touches his soul.
  7. The second video was outstanding.... Pure Eric...and very handsome
  8. It was on the internet, so u know it must b true...ha
  9. I agree...only I'm only thinking a D-. Perhaps "Leaving on a Jet Plane", would have been a better choice, written by John Denver, performed of course, by Peter, Paul and Mary.
  10. I enjoyed that very much, I had never seen that video accompanying All By Myself. Thank you Lew
  11. Oh...no....that is just so awful....
  12. Funny Lew..still laughing.. Exactly where in Phoenix are the happy couple living their golden years?
  13. Winky face....yes...yes... Had me going there for a sec
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