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  1. I have always loved Wally Bryson everything great in the future Wally I love yoU !!!
  2. Lew bundles I have a question do I get the EC newsletter and is it possible to write a short message to Wally
  3. I love Wally Bryson very talented guitarist and very handsome best of luck Wally and your band
  4. I am disappointed that rock HOF did not give the raspberries a full induction the band is awesome and they will forever i love eric Wally Dave and Jim very much is there possibly a way that I could get a autographed photo of the group
  5. Does Wally Bryson sing lead on any of the raspberries songs Wally has an awesome voice
  6. Does anyone know who sang lead on all through the night and who wrote the song
  7. Thank you Kirk for telling me how that happened eric Carmen is a wonderful performer even though I never seen him perform live the raspberries were awesome
  8. Shelly


    Happy birthday seekaye5 and welcome to the club EC
  9. Welcome to club EC have fun!
  10. Hi Susie b this is Shelly d welcome to the community if you want a friend I am here for you ! Have fun !
  11. Welcome Carlos to the family here ! I love Wally Bryson also he is a very talented guitarist I loved the raspberries also ! Do you play in a band ? My name is shelly nice to meet you here !
  12. Hi Pam I am new here also and I would love to be a friend if you want to I love eric Carmen solo or his time with the raspberries eric is a super talented songwriter and singer he helped me also with my parents dying can’t wait to hear from you
  13. I am happy I never got to hear from him it’s shameful to say mean things about Eric Carmen or his time with the raspberries I was very happy to see Eric and the raspberries reunite they are my #1 very band
  14. the raspberries were very good and now I love Eric Carmen no one should ever insult the talented musician and songwriter.that is why I am here to support Eric in every way possible i have watched him and the raspberries religiously I love them
  15. Hi Angie G my name is shelly d welcome and have fun i too just discovered Eric Carmen
  16. Hi hey momofetsoftwins welcome I hope you love it !
  17. I wish Eric Carmen the very best in the future I have watched Eric in videos being interviewed his music stories are legendary
  18. Hello Everyone 

                      I hope everyone will have a fantastic weekend and I feel at home here everyone has been really nice to me thank you 


    1. Lew Bundles

      Lew Bundles

      You are very welcomed...

    2. Shelly


      Did you see my late bday wish to you raspbernie

  19. Very late birthday wishes to you hope you had a fantastic day!!

  20. Thank you everyone it has been awesome
  21. Congrats Jim bonfanti that is awesome and you deserve it
  22. Hello everyone my name is shelly Doyle from iowa #1 fan of the raspberries
  23. How did the band first start ?
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