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  1. Massachusetts is finally opening up. I got tickets to the Happy Together Tour for June. Keeping my fingers crossed
  2. Eddie and the Cruisers. Streets of Fire
  3. Nope, he played Jeb the leviathan. David Shelby played Quentin
  4. So I actually like mote than half the bands on that list...
  5. So tell us about supporters. How do you get to be one???
  6. I’ve always loved listening to Harmony- memories.......
  7. So I did get the password but it won’t save. I still have to ask for a password reset every time I want to enter
  8. Johnny Angel. Shelley Fabares
  9. This track was ok but I was really impressed with how good Scott’s stuff sounded
  10. Never got it. Please send again. Thanks
  11. I had such a crush on him. Prayers and condolences to his family
  12. Hi guys. I’m having access problems. I forgot my password and now every time I want to get in I have to ask for a password reset. So I rejoined using another email account but need someone to approve me please?
  13. I follow a guy I’ve known since I was18, he used to play locally, then he had semi success with Orion the Hunter, then he got asked to play with BOSTON. Anyway, now he plays with the American Classic Rockers ( www.acr.com) with guys from Journey, Lynnard Skynard, Steppenwolfe, to name a few. Maybe that’s something Eric would consider
  14. Oh,momof2setsoftwin, I do like that photo
  15. I completely agree with your last sentence. I was always a George girl
  16. Kay Bryson posted the backstory on Facebook the other day
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