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  1. Another reason to like Brian Wilson..

    I've always liked Brian Wilson
  2. songwriter Barry Mason dies

    I like Is It Any Wonder which was supposed to be released as a single, and Some good Years I also have a CD Barry released before he died
  3. songwriter Barry Mason dies

    one of my favorite bands since the 60's-have you heard any of their CD Global?
  4. It's 2021...but Cheap Trick don't care!

    saw them in concert a couple years ago and was pleasantly surprised as they were never really a favorite of mine
  5. Wally and Eric visit Fantasy Island (fiction)...

    good job Lew- still laughing
  6. songwriter Barry Mason dies

  7. raspberries condition

    arthritis is a bitch- I've got it, mostly from my patient care days as an aide / nurse, and there are days I can hardly walk. Already had one hip replaced- ortho said next would probably be back surgery (but not if I can help it!)
  8. True love, waiting True love that found us in time True love is waiting Your love is finally mine Vincent Grant Gill
  9. Thank you thank you. THANK YOU
  10. Cry if you feel lonely and you know you can’t make the grade now that you realize you should have stayed Cry-Starting Over
  11. Wally Bryson Top 10 (Plus)

    Love all Wally songs. Don’t forget I’d rather you leave than deceive with the Choir My pick on Dry would be Shallow
  12. Happy birthday, Craig...

    Happy late birthday Craig
  13. Raspberries Live Archive...

    And me!
  14. Exploring Classical Music...

    I learn so much from you all
  15. Massachusetts is finally opening up. I got tickets to the Happy Together Tour for June. Keeping my fingers crossed
  16. Happy Birthday, James!!!!! 2021

    Have a great day James
  17. Great Film Scores

    Eddie and the Cruisers. Streets of Fire
  18. RIP Chris Pennock

    Nope, he played Jeb the leviathan. David Shelby played Quentin
  19. 21 Most Hated Bands of All Time...

    So I actually like mote than half the bands on that list...
  20. Do you all do one time or monthly?
  21. So tell us about supporters. How do you get to be one???
  22. I Saw a Raspberries Home Movie Film by Jim Bonfanti

    Believe it’s on YouTube
  23. Top 10 Elton John Songs

    I’ve always loved listening to Harmony- memories.......
  24. Stephen King's a Fan

    The Stand