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  1. Death. Carman died on February 16, 2021, at a Las Vegas, Nevada, hospital after a series of complications resulting from surgery to repair a hiatal hernia, 28 days after his 65th birthday. He is survived by his ex-wife, five stepchildren, and ten step-grandchildren. should we move this to the obituary topic????????
  2. you know, I don't know how people can go to a concert and not stand - I do it every time no matter where my seat is
  3. Thanks for all you do Bernie
  4. so buy another...I'm going to
  5. did I ever tell you I luv you Bernie? Awesome!!!
  6. or Cruising Music
  7. things were so different back then. Fairly easy for a fan, especially a girl, to get backstage. Now , especially with COVID, its near impossible to get away with something like this
  8. Gallagher, Tim Conway, and Steve Martin
  9. happy belated (I'm late catching up on posts)
  10. have been listening (and listening and listening) to Scott's CD "Play On" all weekend -making me remember why I named my 2nd car after him...sigh...
  11. ok, so I stopped making plans to head for Cleveland...…. Excuse m e. I need to go buy more Kleenex
  12. definitely would buy it
  13. was a band called Road Apples back in the 70's <BOSTON> actually opened for them before BOSTON became more well known
  14. Couple years for me. Welcome
  15. My car is a 2014 Scion TC and I use the cassette player all the time. Currently listening to Fotomaker Collection
  16. She knew. Trust me
  17. Remember my aunt had a thing for TJ. She was one of those who threw underwear…..
  18. Definitely not going to post my responses to this thread
  19. My issue is with close your eyes and be still…..why the hell would I close my eyes and miss a minute of this?
  20. Could add Graham Nash to someone’s version. His voice melds well with others
  21. In Gene Cornish’s book he says one night the Bryson s just up and left. No reason given.
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