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  1. He wasn't famous. No one knew of him and he wanted it to stay that way so on his passing he requested no wake, no funeral, no flowerers , etc... Rom was a friend from 7th grade on. He was smart, talented, funny. A true friend to everyone. Asked me out once , junior prom, but I turned him down as I already had made plans to go with the girls. We used to get picked to be in class musicals together - he never forgot that and over 50 years later would still remember the words to one of our duets when we were like 14 years old!!!! We lost touch for many years until thank you Facebook. Found out he was now living about 20 miles away, had come out of the closet, and was dying of cancer. As i said in the first line, no one knows him. But that doesn't mean his passing is any less of a loss to those of us who did. RIP Rom
  2. since its already the end of August I'm sending Bernie some money for the certificate Bernie, let me know if more is needed
  3. sorry so late - happy really belated
  4. I haven't seen anything here about the release they put out last Friday? You can get it on UTUBE
  5. still have all of mine too, though some are not really in playable condition
  6. Thought maybe the security certificate had run its course again. that was my first guess but I have the due date marked on my calendars so I remember to send Bernie money (September, in case you're wondering)
  7. looks like something I would enjoy -chocolate, coconut...
  8. ERIC CARMEN trashy????? DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH. well said
  9. I've done a lot of reading on Manson and his followers as well as Atkins' and Watson's books, and of course, Helter Skelter by Bugliosi, and just finished one written by the jury foreman. I'm torn. She seems to have been rehabilitated (53 years!!!), but at the time she was really into the Manson philosophy, etc... But again she was just a kid, really, and when I think of some of the stuff we did(no, not murder!) at her age that I now regret....Guess I would have voted to release her if it was asked.
  10. it was always WEIM in Fitchburg MA- am station, then there came WAAF Worcester MA fm and that was it...
  11. when I saw them a few years ago I was surprised at how good a time I had
  12. Half Cubes - Randy Klawon's band
  13. my aunt(now deceased) was one of those ladies throwing her undies at him!
  14. so sad . I would have liked to see the Titanic but don't know if I would now (not that I could ever afford it)
  15. when I saw them in 1975 they played 2 shows, one all ages in the afternoon and one 18+(the legal drinking age then!). Both were like 90 minutes
  16. Doreen


    I've got one with a certificate of authenticity and it looks like this
  17. Yeah!!!! Same here!!!! EC could sing the phone book (as we used to say?!) and make it be worth my time to listen! I've always said he could recite the alphabet as long as he's at the piano and I would be in heaven!
  18. fell apart when I had to put my kitty (well, he was a big boy about 20 lbs and 16 years old but he was my baby) . Couldn't stop crying for days
  19. Doreen


    and don't forget we have to do this while wearing high heels, dresses, and pearls!
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