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  1. Doreen

    Personal Woes

    So…. No real improvement with mom. We have the lawyer coming tomorrow to get a POA in place. She will need to be long term care. Then, I contacted my old job. They still want me back so mom and me go as a package deal. I’ll start full time Monday and as soon as it can be arranged mom will follow. They have a good room for her and it’s near my office. I’m spending every morning with her now anyway so this will be good. of course my family thinks I’m crazy since I’m supposed to be retired but honestly I’m looking forward to getting out of this house!
  2. Same here blackhawkpat. I refuse to go to Target after they screwed me over a gift card
  3. Hope everyone had a great day
  4. Rhonda my dad died this past September and mom is now in long term care as well. I definitely understand….
  5. You’re going to love this site. Welcome
  6. Remember when I had a little reel to reel tape recorder and taping them from the TVe
  7. Doreen

    Personal Woes

    Confusion seems to be getting worse. Hallucinations worse. Won’t eat. Doesn’t remember dad died and gets pissed cuz he hasn’t been to visit her. No way she’s going to be able to go home or even to one our homes. Not safe. they invoked her HCP- me- and we’re trying to got POA or conservatorship so we can access her bank accounts. There will be a car and house to deal with. Right now I’m just trying to deal with one day at a time. Thanks for asking. Keep posting guys. I love this site.
  8. I’d go to see Eric but it wouldn’t be Raspberries
  9. Sorry but I would go. As Raspberries there are many songs that could be done that don’t feature Eric. Look at “Refreshed”. Wally and Dave have done solo stuff they could do. If Scott is included the list of songs grows. Raspberries is not just Eric.
  10. Which is what I say about my liking football and hockey
  11. Doreen

    Personal Woes

    Thanks everybody. Mom’s in rehab. Not my first choice but the only facility that had a bed and takes her insurance. I go every morning and stay thru lunch. It’s really tiring. She is so confused it’s just like when I was working full time! I used to be the Director of Nursing for a dementia facility so I speak dementia pretty well but my sisters leave crying it’s so draining.
  12. Doreen

    Personal Woes

    Quick update. Mom had a massive stroke. Still really confused. Hallucinating. Talking to dad. Uh huh. My deceased dad. Won’t eat or drink. Looking at rehab but I don’t see her getting much better. My sibs remain in denial. However,I am her HCP so I have final say. we’ll see
  13. Hang in there Lew. Something will turn up. Remember there’s a shortage of people that want to work right now. May not be your 1st choice but consider it
  14. Couldn’t find the thread where we had originally discussed this but now it’s mom’s turn. After dad died she insisted on staying alone in the house. My sister found her today confused. Wants to go home. Left a pan cooking on the stove so long there was no water left and utensil was melting. I had to insist that I’m the nurse and she had to go to the ER. Took 2 sisters to get her there. Almost looks like she had a stroke. Waiting now for the exam results. did I say life sucks?
  15. #2i can see for miles
  16. Definitely Spike. Also the vampire in Queen of the Damned
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