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  1. Susan was the only girl (with 6 brothers)
  2. I'll send money if you still need it- here's $50
  3. I actually still like books. Rhonda, me too
  4. my mom used to work for CVS. 80 years old and was still stocking....
  5. LC I have only 1 day - what does that make me???
  6. why don't you use Jose Biaz- he gets everyone off
  7. got it, love it- released just in time for his birthday (at least close enough)
  8. I am fully retired again - no more working part time, remotely, etc... each day is a gift to explore!
  9. Death. Carman died on February 16, 2021, at a Las Vegas, Nevada, hospital after a series of complications resulting from surgery to repair a hiatal hernia, 28 days after his 65th birthday. He is survived by his ex-wife, five stepchildren, and ten step-grandchildren. should we move this to the obituary topic????????
  10. best laugh I've had in a long time
  11. you know, I don't know how people can go to a concert and not stand - I do it every time no matter where my seat is
  12. Thanks for all you do Bernie
  13. so buy another...I'm going to
  14. did I ever tell you I luv you Bernie? Awesome!!!
  15. or Cruising Music
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