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    Boats Against the Current
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    Make me lose control. Although I was born to love you is a close second

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  1. personally I hate being read to...
  2. think I got it!
  3. #1 Southern Nights
  4. Don’t forget the alcohol…..
  5. #2 Peter and Gordon
  6. I was kind of surprised they hooked the band to STAR magazine. That was the magazine for the new breed of groupies- the “baby groupies, “if you will. Lori Lightning was like 14 years old and hooking up with Zeppelin!!
  7. Doreen


    In using my iPhone
  8. After reading this one and the one before I’m convinced we’re running out of combinations for new composers
  9. I think it was here because the minute it started playing I was remembering all the words
  10. I’ve got the reissue version of this. Black vinyl
  11. Don’t leave me out!
  12. Actually had it on a watch list for awhile. Don’t think this is the first time it’s been put up for sale
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