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  1. Deep Tracks - Eric Carmen

    There’s something about You took me all the way that makes me cry
  2. Message Board Back Up

    I get the same message
  3. I realize I’ve been away for awhile but what is going on??????? Who is this guy?
  4. Similar artists to Raspberries

    Back in the day, before computers, I had a pen pal (anybody remember those?) from Ohio who sent me the Artful Dodger LP with Honor among the Thiefs on it- still one of my favorites
  5. "The Way We Used To Be" by Robbie Rist

    Cousin Oliver - I knew that name was familiar!
  6. History of this picture?

    have you noticed that the guys can post stuff about females and don't get threatened with Cartoon World, but us women..... we have to be soooo careful
  7. AM/FM Trivia

    #3 - dedicated follower of fashion
  8. The Carmen’s and Bryson’s visit the Love Boat...

    LMAO still.......
  9. Actresses..

    Marilyn Monroe and Helen Mirren get my votes
  10. Another reason to like Brian Wilson..

    I've always liked Brian Wilson
  11. songwriter Barry Mason dies

    I like Is It Any Wonder which was supposed to be released as a single, and Some good Years I also have a CD Barry released before he died
  12. songwriter Barry Mason dies

    one of my favorite bands since the 60's-have you heard any of their CD Global?
  13. It's 2021...but Cheap Trick don't care!

    saw them in concert a couple years ago and was pleasantly surprised as they were never really a favorite of mine
  14. Wally and Eric visit Fantasy Island (fiction)...

    good job Lew- still laughing
  15. songwriter Barry Mason dies