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  1. Jim L


    Thanks Kirk i found some music from his band Rainbow Canyon. From Cleveland and on Capital Records, he sounds really good on guitar.
  2. Jim L


    Kirk i know that you cant replace Wally. I dont have my book Marathon Man to look it up. And i know the other players. Think it was Brad Gillis?
  3. Jim L


    Who replaced Wally Bryson near the end of Starting Over tour. Was it Brad Gillis
  4. I I did not know that about Wake Me Up When September Ends. Now i know the energy when they play it live
  5. I like "Dont Give Up On Us" by David Soul. It's a little like Eric Carmen.
  6. I love that song. Then the big DJ voice made fun of the cover shot of Eric. I have never seen a bad picture of Eric Carmen. Its a podcast making things up i guess
  7. I liked Ruby Starr singing " Maybe I'm Amazed.
  8. I pick "On The Beach" from the the next album Side 3. Geat song writing and love the sound of being on a beach later at night.
  9. Matthew C. Clark. Dave said its hot in Arizona where he lived . Then Wally i couldn't believe it he was so nice signed an autograph for my girlfriend who was not there asked how to spell Her name. It was so cool
  10. Thats fine Matthew i know what your saying. That TV guide has Three's Company in it. Thats a safe and cute comedy.
  11. James you talk philosophical about how women act . And its some club of guys that at the end of there post puts the bad talk on the women. all you guys do it. like your the victim
  12. It would be nice to meet Jim . I only talked with Dave . Wally and Ken at the Odeon in Cleveland
  13. That would be cool I remember Eric talking about a club with Raspberries on New Years where the Choir played. And said all i wanted was to be in the Choir.
  14. Bernie took care of the breast pic so everyone is ok
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