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  1. Might have been a refresher a a Dec show was scheduled
  2. yeah He can't die because he is already dead. Fake news
  3. Having said that Harrison wrote some of the best songs The Beatles ever recorded from 1968 to 1970, I Me Mine Something Here Comes the Sun Old Brown Shoe and My Guitar Gently Weeps.
  4. Agreed . Paul was a classic songwriting machine at the time. It should be noted that Lennon was holding back some of his better ideas for a possible solo LP not yet know to the other 3. The let it Be sessions led to the introduction of songs that appeared on Abbey Road as well as solo albums, Lennon had "Truth" mostly written Paul had Another day and Teddy Boy and George has All things must pass, While Lennon and Harrison made songwriting contributions..Paul carried the Beatles from mid 1968 and on.
  5. I didnt realize how much George threw his opinions around Lennon and McCartney..George was right mo9st of the time. Also Paul was crying when Harrison left and Lennon didn't show on the Monday they were supposed to film. He cheered up when Lennon changed his mind.
  6. Buddys is gonna win that war everytime but Desi held his own!
  7. NICE DOUBLE RANT! I ALWAYS LIKED SWEET they are a great studio band...live not so much. The Chapman Chin era was weird yet created some great bubblegum rock which is most appealing, They made an excellence transition away from Chapmam Chin doing their own material and had some nice success.
  9. I will tell you what they won't play.. Brown Sugar. It doesn't taste that good in the Land of Oz
  10. Not the kind of money we would offer him but a check for 25 million and I am sure its when and where!!!
  11. So Eric is permanently retired. Neither money nor desire would bring him to perform.
  12. Well we are the loyal fans. I realize it is unlikely but I cannot see why it would not be considered. Even if it's not about the money, I know it sounds funny!
  13. How much money would it take to lure Eric, briefly, out of retirement and perform live for us in a given place or virtually for members only of the website. Can this happen Bernie. I will kick in my share! VBT INC 2021
  14. Another interesting question would be the reverse!! WHAT IF ERIC DEICED TO RECORD AN ALBUM AND TOUR BEHIND IT AND CALLED HIM SLEF THE RASPBERRIES WITH NO PREVIUOS MEMEBERS IN THE BAND. Now Eric would not have to do this as he has made a name for himself as a solo artist but the question is relevant. Guns and Roses made some records or record and toured with Axyl Rose being the only original member, he could have gone solo and had the same buzz about that as well so................
  15. Yes I like boxing as crude as it is. UFC I draw the line and do not watch that. I think Holmes kicking Ali s ass for 10 rounds was pretty brutal!
  16. I apologize for all the spelling and grammar errors .. I cant edit anymore and I did this too fast
  17. If the original Raspberries were to reform today for an album and tour with every particpating but Eric Carmen. Instead the band introduce a younger singer that sing very much like but not quite Mr Carmen. Their show would contain song off a new record plus the easpberrie greatist songs, WOULD YOU BUY THE RECORD? WOULD YOU SEE THEM ON TOUR, OR SIMPLY PASS ON THE WHOLE THING BECUASE ERIC IS NOT IN IT. A "JOURNEY" LIKE QUESTION VBT INC 2021
  18. I hear one of Shatners flying mates into space died in a small plane crash yesterday. Shatner lives on!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Schwinn Apple crate and the Banana Peel 5 speed bike!!
  20. Things happen for a reason....you will prevail
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