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  1. Eric had good taste in drummers to fit his style of music. It is the same as mine Buddy Rich once said that Ringo was a technically poor drummer. When Ringo heard the quote he said" Well at least I don't sound like rats scattering around on a tin roof!"
  2. Bernie, If you can dig up a 1988 "Dirty Dancing Tour" version of the song I would love to hear it. it seems rare to find. I couldn't!!!
  3. These guys nailed the song Go All The Way . vocally anyway youtube.com/watch?v=xMVRmKBlwTM
  4. We have heard John Travolta ruin Never Gonna Fall in Love Again.....We have experienced Shawn Cassidy fail to do "Hey Deannie any justice " though it charted well. Why Actors/teen idols were attracted to Eric songs I will never know since Eric is among the greatest singer in pop music. BUT THIS IS BY FAR THE WORST VOCAL AND ARRANGMENT OF AN ERIC CARMEN SONG EVER!!! HAVE A LISTEN …..Doubt you can hear it from start to finish!! I didn't but... She Did it!
  5. I see some similarities but there is no copyright infringement here. Good tune. I love Sweet City Woman for the Stampeders but considered them a one hit wonder.
  6. My guess is as bad as things get they were bandmates with a brother like mentality. Therefore they might have agreed to work together on this and quickly realized why they split in the first place
  7. Freeze it a 13 secs There is guy in a yellow tank top ..my face can be seen right behind him...…...there are other scenes I will find as well including one as a baseball fury
  8. I will look for it later and show you. The first theatre run I couldn't find myself yet I saw my friends. Then TNT released it editing the curses and I was clearly seen on that version. Somewhere on the net they have a so called "deleted scene version and from that I can probably find myself By the way I was also in All about Me in Yankee stadium and Hero at Large starring John Ritter (as captain Avenger) I can be seen in both of them in all versions of the film
  9. Bernie, He did a great version here. In some ways stronger than the Raspberries but not as raw. Thanks!
  10. Does anyone know whether Eric has ever performed "Go All The Way" live as a solo artist without the Raspberries or for that matter any raspberrie tunes as a solo artist? I do not think so and was never able to find anything on it.
  11. I look back at this and see all my friend from Staten island as young teenagers. One of my friends had a sag card and was in the Orphans with a speaking role
  12. In the summer my neighbor asked me if I wanted to be in a movie being filmed in NYC. They needed non union(SAG) people for a scene to be filmed over night for a weeks. The pay was 90 dollars a day from Paramount Pictures. My neighbor was Larry Silvestri or was a retired police detective turned union actor. He was a NYC cop in every movie you have seen between 1975 and 1984. Including Super Man. He was the ral life detective helping break the French connection case as well. They took us to a NYC public school on West End Ave to report to work. They took our name and told us what gang or gangs we were to be in and based on that, what room in the school we needed to report to for costume and make up. I spend 3 days as a member of the Whispers and 3 days in the NY version of the Baseball Fury's You traded in your closes for the costume and gave it back each morning to guarantee your pay for the day. When we arrived for the scene it was clear that there were real street gangs mixed in with the fictional ones. Local neighbors began complaining about the over night noise so the last days of shooting were shot silently. The key to every scene except when we all scatter during the last 2 days of shooting was to remember on thing. When Cyrus says CAN U DIG IT 3 time we were to scream and hoot and holler that we are with him. The director would scream out a few things like WE ARE WITH YOU CYRUS. as though it was houted out for the crowd, It got bad reviews on its release but ultimately became a cult class. This was one of 2 scenes I was in. it took 5 days to complete this scene which is under 10 minutes of footage. also This is suppose to be the south Bronx but we were in Manhattan
  14. I assume he going back to 2007 with that comment
  15. Anything with Dick Clark is lip synced anyway and I am pretty sure so is American Stand is usually prerecorded and/or lip synced
  16. The new lineup not as strong. Drummer a bit weak. Interesting to see Carmen front the band as a lead singer
  17. I wonder if they played or recorded at all in 1975
  18. This is proof that Eric carmen and the Raspberries belong in the HOF
  19. I agree Miss Susie. Only to a point. Mike Love cannot compose music. Brian wrote it all and had to had feed Mike his vocal line both lead and harmony! His voice does fit the group for the older days to Good Vibrations
  20. Just watch Rock Show! its all there Cleveland was his 6th show in the states after tuning up elsewhere in the world. The Cleveland show was his 5th in a row flying in from Toronto
  21. He has to be kidding. Paul is the king of pop rock and Eric is trying to get into the HOF Paul is worth 1.5 billion and Eric is downsizing. Paul's best group(post Beatle is his current one since 2000...The 1976 Wings version was his 2nd best band but was too soon after the divorce! Paul played4-5 Beatles song a show and half of them acoustic.. The material was primarily Wings LPs with some of Paul's solo stuff. The shows were inconstant at times but fairly strong. I wonder how he would review a Paul show from 2010. that is probably what he was expecting
  22. Sorry Lew I assumed from your comments that Buzzy Linhert was your dad but the math doesn't work. You need to be more clear and concise when you post information.
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