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  1. PERHAPS I was a bit hasty with my comment,
  2. I wonder if Cliff Richard made a statement, He led to her success, and they were good friends.
  3. Where is she now. I rest my case
  4. I will not listen to Debbie Gibson sing.
  5. Me too ,however I was with a band that played it all the time!
  6. Between 1970 and 1973 John was very bitter toward Paul. Neither of them was to blame. John fell apart a bit after Brian Epstein's death. Paul took over the group rather than let them fall apart. John went along willingly but his heart was no longer 100 per cent in it and this magnified with the arrival of Yoko Ono in John's camp. Interviews from this period by Lennon were blunt and bitter towards Paul yet despite this you can feel the love John has for Paul!! Much of the bitterness melted away over time.
  7. Guys from different form of YES
  8. My favorite was the adolescent episode "Miri" including Michael J Pollard
  9. Other than Pepper I could live without all of Mickeys collection
  10. Who cares why Grace Slick left, she left because she left.
  11. Another fine mess you have gotten us into Lew.
  12. yes, it has the opening piano riff
  13. The Beatles were clearly covering the Isely brother version not the original.
  14. One of Lennons finest lead vocal moments. His voice NOT DOUBLED FOR A CHANGE. Hoarse from singing all day it worked out fine!
  15. MEOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. A beautifully written song in all its forms and versions. best version Eric Carmen worst version John Travolta This instrumental was really good!
  17. Blinded by The Light Manford Mann orig Bruce Springteen
  18. 😀 There's another fine mess you have gotten us into! lol
  19. Tom can still rock! It is possible the line up you suggested could have done this tune.
  20. They didn't let Barbara Eden show her belly button.
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