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  1. I'm thinking of returning to music after a long period of not playing.
  2. Of me? I thought there was no other stuff out there
  3. I have often wondered why John Lennon constantly doubled tracked his vocals. Too much, if you ask me. I do enjoy early Lennon Beatle songs that were double tracked but often thought this would sound better with one track of lead vocals only. Any opinions or samples?
  4. John and Harry were best friends in 1974,
  5. Yeah the clap out of the left speaker is definitely Eric. Can't you tell?
  6. Lou's drummer is my doppelganger. I play drums and look just like that dude who ever he is! This is me filling in on drums at a Hells Angels biker party,
  7. Lou "Frankie Valli" Christie. I should say Lou "the bulge" Christie. Good live non-lip-synced performance
  8. Too much booze going around as well as cocaine. These guys had a good time together but were quite reckless. This was the time of Johnnys lost weekend!
  9. How many people on stage with the band on this track
  10. Lefty drummer playing righty drum kit
  11. This is not good. She does nothing for this song,
  12. Her is Crosby Stills Nash, Young and Jones!!! Enjoy. Watch David Crosby as he is blown away by Jones vocal prowess!!
  13. His name is Gram and that an't no ounce. Graham speaks the truth!!! Pepper set all the Beatles competitors back to the stone age
  14. Old stereo was not a trues stereo as it mainly separated vocals from music, and this was full separation too
  15. I saw the whole show. Great set. Greatest songwriter of all time. 90 per cent of show feature well below par vocals. But he is filling stadiums at aged 80!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. She obviously googles the wrong Eric carmen. Very inaccurate
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