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  1. GATW by Robbie Rist

    He was in the Andersons as well. His music is better than average to say the least!
  2. Go All The Way...with Jim Bonfanti!

    I noticed Jim plays lefty on right handed drum set up!
  3. Go All The Way...with Jim Bonfanti!

    It looks like they are playing in a finished basement for a book review club. They sound good for sure!
  4. Ambrosia keyboardist dies

    Sad. I was getting into Ambrosia recently. They had a few solid soft rock tunes!
  5. Groovy to the...

    Those were the good ole day! lol. I saw Cheap trick, Eddie Money Twisted Sister and the Edgar Cayce Band(Profit) at Birch.
  6. Groovy to the...

    Were you ever in Art Stock's Playpen or Birch Hill night club Bernie??
  7. Anybody have this book?

    I'm sure Jesse Russell has a copy.
  8. Anybody have this book?

    Well it didn't do so well and is out of print. I'd like to see a copy or read and exert.
  9. GATW by Robbie Rist

    I like that he sings it with out strain yet very tender. He has more musical talent than acting talent.
  10. GATW by Robbie Rist

    But he doesn't fit the suit Susie!!!!
  11. I Saw The Light cover wow!

    I actually never heard the Raspberries version. This is a good tune. Now I have a reason to take out a Raspberries CD.
  12. Clive Davis reappearance...

    Lew, Start posting and stop pasting links.. THE VBT EXPRESS IS LEAVING THE STATION SO YOU CAN STEP ON......................................OR STEP OFF!
  13. "The Way We Used To Be" by Robbie Rist

    Right on ! Cousin Oliver

    Eric recently sold the Gates Mills house he lived in for many years. Does he still live in the Cleveland area or did he head to another state?
  15. True rock and roll rumors...

    Mr Links.