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  1. The songwriting credits for Ringo's first top hit, It Don't Come Easy were to Richard Starkey (Starr) but we now know George wrote it for Ringo to boost his recently forced solo career. Here is the proof with this demo!
  2. HE DOES.. ONE OF THE BEST.. Like him or not
  3. At 82 let's hope Ringo was vaccinated otherwise he is a gonna! Get well Ringo
  4. Ringo will not go to Canada at this time I was able to confirm
  5. I played in Boppers as my cousin was married to the owner's son Sean Bechard.
  6. This was very good i must admit! Mike Huckabee on bass.
  7. I like the song even know it is not very original. It captures their original sound.
  8. Something tells me you were into something good!
  9. Keep in mind, Neil started out as a songwriter, not a singer,
  10. Mostly Todd reminds me of a male Carole King. especially in the early days!
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