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  1. I'am 49 (feb.25th)look and feel like I am in my 30's. Dick Clark is my role model. LOL!
  2. Me Too. This is really exciting news! I am going crazy!
  3. Who can closest guess when (and if <fingers crossed>)the announcement for a Raspberries reunion concert/tour will be. My guess is the announcement will be Thursday, September 2,2004
  4. I agree with poor4life. Clive davis is crazy! Not only with E.C. but with other artists including C.S. I did purchase both recent Santana CD's. Though they were good they do not "showcase" Carlos' great talent. I will have to give clive some credit in resurecting some past artists (but somewhat at the artists creativity and true talent).
  5. Talk about music to my ears! A Raspberries reunion concert/tour would be awesome. I have been waiting all my life. Well, at least since the Raspberries broke up. Please, pretty please with sugar on top, please, please, please guys! I just hope the arena is larger than at the Rock Hall.
  6. Bernie- What an incredible book. Top notch quality throughout! I looked through it when it arrived and found out that there is an amazing amount of attention that was spent on details and an amazing amount of complete information about Eric his music and his thoughts! Thanks for all the time that was put into the book!
  7. Happy birthday Eric! Thanks for the inspiring music and vocals over the years. Have a great day with your family. Be sure to take time to smell the raspberries, er... cake, er... flowers! Bill P.
  8. My fav smell(s)? Number one by a mile is burning leaves. Anytime I am driving in a car and catch a slight smell I roll down my windows and slow the car down to get a really good wiff! Others include gunpowder from exploded fireworks, alcohol & burning rubber from race cars, fresh flowers (usually at Easter) and just really fresh spring and fall air. Wierd, yes but I really like those smells. LOL
  9. Bernie- Just received word that THE book has just arrived in Ohio. I can't wait to pick it up tonight!
  10. These are fantastic photographs! They sure bring back great memories! All we need is sound to the picture. LOL Bernie, you are really great. Many,Many Thanks Bernie...
  11. Arrrrgh! I can hardly wait for the book. The book's arrival is one day closer than it ever has been!
  12. Congratulations Bernie! Thats awsome! Hope Cleveland radio picks up on the song. Could/Should us Clevelanders (sp?) call the local radio stations to request the song?
  13. Great job to all! Nice upbeat song. I bet the local news and radio stations would tell the story and play the song based on the amazing story.
  14. Bernie- You are just full of surprises! I can't wait to hear the new song! The story is incredible. Many thanks to you and eric!
  15. I changed the file extention from .mpga to .mp3 Then formated a CD to allow a "drag and drop" the files from the computer to the cd.
  16. That is the first time I have ever heard of the song or even seen the lyrics for that matter. Wow, I can't think straight after reading the lyrics. Incredible! One of the most moving and powerful lyrics I have ever read. I can't imagine what adding music and vocals would be like. Eric's vocal style would bring my heart pounding out of my body! You really did it now bernie... I can't get the words out of my head!
  17. Mick- Welcome aboard. Thx for the band member clarification. I remember seeing the band a few times in the Cleveland area. Circus has been and still is one of my all time favorite bands! I never can get enough of the song SW&L. I still regularly spin the 45! When is the reunion concert? LOL. Has any Circus music been re-released on CD?
  18. Gord- Attached is a link to a site that has entire songs of only Cleveland bands. These bands are from the 60's thru 80's and include... The Baskerville Hounds, Michael Stanley, American Noise,Wild Horses along with early bands related to E.C. http://www.esquirerecords.com/radio/60s.asp
  19. Oh man those names bring back memories! I remember seeing Dust perform at my high school one year. I did not know they later became Damnation Of Adam Blessing. I have a DOAB origional single of their song 'Cookbook'. That song had awsome bass.
  20. Bernie- Wow!!! Super! Incredible! What a fantastic MP3 file. That file is almost worth the price of the book! Thanks so much!
  21. Sounds good. I will keep checking out The Design House to see your work.
  22. No. Problem! Translations do get lost/mixed up in the "air" sometimes. Everyone have a great weekend!
  23. No, nothing left a bump on my head. It seems that you do go for blood. Just forget the compliment.
  24. Harris- I just love the way you spell words like favourite and colour. I can reconize your from Canada, and that's a good thing.
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