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  1. Here is one for you.... PROBABLY NOT a cultural thing, well... only in my house. Peanut butter on a grilled hot dog is big! I call it a Peanut Dawg. Actully,I think it is a cultural difference. A difference between culture and no culture.
  2. Annie- I also received my ribbon (Wednesday). They look great! Thx for all your effort and work in making them! I believe there are a few cold and frosty ones with your name on them here in Cleveland. You will reconize me... I will be the one with a raspberrie ribbon on. LOL Looking forward to meeting you and all the others. Bill
  3. The train (Rapid) is not a bad idea, it will take you to Tower City Ctr. right in public square on Euclid Avenue. I believe The Holiday Inn Express is at 625 Euclid Avenue, about six blocks away. While Cleveland is a nice city, most things (except Restaurants, clubs and Tower City which is also restaurants, shopping and movies close up at 5:00pm. The streets are very empty of pedestrians. Cleveland is as safe as most cities, however, depending upon when you arrive in town I would not feel too comfortable walking from public square to the hotel much after dark. Though most likely you would be fine. Personally, I walk from my office down into the flats under bridges after dark and feel fairly safe. The cab ride from the airport to downtown should take about 20-30 minutes (excluding during rush hour). I hope this does not sound too negative. Bill :-)
  4. I checked out some cab companies and found that the average fare from Hopkins Airport to the Cleveland Holiday Inn Express is $20.00. The following are my results: Ace Taxi (216)361.4700 $25.00 - $27.00+/- Americab (216)881.1111 $21.00+/- United Cab Co. (216)398.9000 $20.00+/- Please keep in mind that there are several other companies and airport/hotel shuttles. My experience has been that airport shuttles usually cost more than cabs. Bill :-)
  5. Chas- Thx for the info. Good job tracking it down.
  6. The mayor of Cleveland (Cleveburg as some call it) is Jane Campbell. And I believe the official grand opening celebration is Sunday, November 28th. Though I think that's strange to be opening on a sunday. :-p
  7. Aw, now you did it Bernie- Another one of life's decisions. LOL Do I a) work? check out the message board? C) check out the countdown clock? Decisions, decisions... Thx
  8. What a great idea, a scratch and sniff tattoo. I am goin crazy just thinking about it. LOL
  9. There you go... maybe everyone should get a small raspberrie tattoo
  10. Paul- You are an incredible musician in your own right. It also must be great for you to play with Raspberries as it has been with so many other great groups over the years. Thx for your insight into the rehearsals. Looking forward to seeing you at the HOB.
  11. You can count my brother and I in for dinner at the HOB. Bill
  12. Eric- I have GA tickets. However things go, just seeing you and the others perform together after so many years will be awsome! You are truly great and I think very highly of you for thinking of your fans so much above all else! Thank you sooooo much. Bill
  13. Right. I sure would be upset. He may drive down and slap "Chip" around. I could not resist that! LOL
  14. Thx. Everyone is welcome. I wished I could have remembered more and wished everyone could have heard it. I am even more pumped for the concert now! <img border="0" alt="[blech!]" title="" src="graemlins/blech.gif" /> (No blech, I just really like this face. LOL)
  15. Marvin, there were other songs mentioned, I just could not remember which ones. LOL
  16. While driving into work this morning I was listening to Majic 105.7 WMJI. They are sponsoring the Raspberries reunion concert and they had a live (via telephone) interview with Eric. It was a pretty good interview and lasted quite some time. Sorry, I was driving and could not take notes. However the following are some highlights of the interview. Friday, October 8, 2004 WMJI Morning Show, Lanigan and Malone Cleveland, Ohio Show host was John Lanigan (J.L.) J.L. mentioned that he had Eric Carmen on the line, that Eric was from the 70ís Cleveland group the Raspberries and that the Raspberries were doing a reunion concert at the H.O.B. on November 26th. Eric was real upbeat, joking and friendly. Eric talked about how it has been almost 32 years since the original members have been on stage together. If a reunion show was done it had to be done well. He (Eric) did not want to do a show with just a couple of lights, etc. He (Eric) wants great stage lighting a good size stage and also a great sound system. Eric said that if people go to a concert and the sound system is bad the people do not say oh the sound system was bad, they usually say the band sounded bad and Eric wants people to only see and hear the band at itís best. He (Eric) has played other House of Blues (H.O.B.) while touring with Ringo in 2000 and feels that H.O.B. stage, lighting and sound system are among the best, and that the back stage area is also great. Now about the reunion showÖ J.L. mentioned how much he liked Ericís song îHungry Eyesî and Eric (laughing) said that Clayton always asks him to sing ìHungry Eyeballsî J.L. asked Eric if the show would contain any songs from his great solo career. Ericís response was that if the band members asked him to do a couple he would but he really does not want to because this is a Raspberries reunion and he (Eric) does not want to take anything away from raspberries at all. Eric said the show would be Raspberries music with a couple of surprises thrown in. (I am assuming a couple of cover songs as Raspberries have always done in past concerts). Eric and the band are also having Jennifer Lee, Paul Sidoti and Billy Sullivan (all played with Eric at the 2000 Rock Hall of Fame concert) with them to help add a fuller sound similar to the recordings. Eric is planning on this being a one show only but is open to additional tour performances if all goes well. Eric said that the H.O.B. is very interested in Raspberries performing at some of their other locations. He (Eric) is also planning on the concert to be approx. 2 hours in length and a minimum of 25 songs. (Wow!) Eric said that right now they are having fun together, practicing and that the band sounds great! (The magic is still there). Eric and the band (Wally, Dave and Jim) want people to leave the concert saying how great it (the concert) was. Eric then talked about how he lives in the area in ----- -----, his family and also about how Touring extensively can get old, and other general items. J.L. Thanked Eric for his time, that it was great talking to him and wished him (Eric) the best of luck. J.L. again mentioned that the reunion concert was Friday, Novenber 26, 2004, the day after Thanksgiving at the opening of the H.O.B. in Cleveland. Get ready Cleveland!!! Bill
  17. If they played "It's Cold Outside" you will have to give me CPR!
  18. Super entrance into the EC site! Great photo's. Bernie, really nice job! My head is !
  19. Some food for thought. Ticket prices for the Rock Hall are as follows: Adults.....$20.00 Seniors....$14.00 Children...$11.00 Children 8 and under...Free If we have at least 20 paying people we can get the following discount: Adult......$14.75 Seniors....$11.35 Children...$10.35 Children 8 and under...Free The only catch is the want their $$ 15 days in advance.
  20. I believe it is HELPEVER Try either in all caps or lower case.
  21. The reunion concert is being sponsored by local radio station WMJI (Oldies 60's- 70's). On their site they mention that the concert will be recorded for an upcomming DVD. Is that cool or what! Here is the info... http://www.wmji.com/script/headline_news...&feed_id=29
  22. That sounds like a good idea to me. Will they be "Fresh Raspberries"? LOL
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