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  1. Tony- No malfunctions. In Brief... left the plane @ 13,000 ft. linked up with my jump partner, made a few patterns, pulled at 2,800 ft. everything opened fine, my friend landed and I was going to land fairly close to him (keep in mind landing approach speed until 15 ft above ground(for a soft stand-up landing) was normal approx. 30 mph.) I think I watched my friend just a little to long and pulled the chutes lines to slow down lower than 15 ft. and here is the catcher, because ALL my previous 50 some landings have been "stand-up" my feet were apart (not together to hit and roll) so I could not get my feet together in a fraction of a second to hit and roll and hit the ground and fell forward. Snap. The thing is my ankle hurt real bad but never having broken any bones before I thought I just sprained it. So I stood up, gathered up my chute, walked about 100 feet to the clubhouse, went up 6 steps to get inside. My ankle was kinda floopy . After a few minutes I decided I should go to a hosp. and have it checked out. Voila! It was broke and ligaments tore. I now have a stainless steel bar in my ankle along with six screws! My ankle still swells up some but goes down at night then I start over the next day. Dr's said it could swell for up to a year. When the weather warms up I will be ready to jump again . Skydiving is so free feeling, exciting, challenging and the clouds even smell different! It was unusual. If you ever thought about jumping I would do it. There is nothing like it!!! I sugesst a tandem jump.
  2. Hi All- I also will be at the Saturday show. Would not miss it! Looking forward to seeing everyone prior to and at the concert. (I had about 120 jumps prior)and was laid up until November.
  3. Cool! It should be awsome. See you there.
  4. Yes. Yer correct! It most definetly should be released on CD! That is a different arrangement than the original of "It's Cold Outside" but really good. Are you coming to Cleveland for the Choir reunion?
  5. Yer right. I thought about your vs. yer after. Anyway, that is on of my fave albums. Is there not a song on that album something like... "Send a Ship"?
  6. Thanks. I just voted. Raspberries now at 75%
  7. Super job Bernie! Nice clean look to the pages, great fonts, photo resolution, bells and whistles and..........great content! fantastic work! Thanks!!! Bill
  8. Awsome! And on the first day of spring! A *Fresh* start!
  9. I know that this subject has come up in several different posts. I thought that I would limit my post to only Raspberries NEW music. Just my thoughts- All the original Raspberrie members (Eric, Wally, Jim, Dave) are extremly talented and capable of writing music that could be a solid hit on radio today. I feel that the time is right, based upon the current U.S. economy and world events, that is, the general public is ready to hear some good catchy, feel good, sing along tunes. The "new" music in certain aspects could sound quite different than in the past material released. The question is... are we (the board members) ready to accept a different yet still current power pop sound from the Raspberries? I believe the band is capable and ready. I for one am ready. How about it gang?
  10. Michael Stanley Band- "Stage Pass" Recorded live at the Cleveland Agora. 1977. Dbl. disk The sound is very good and the recording really captures the energy, excitement and musical fills of the band's live performances. A MUST HAVE of any M.S. recordings
  11. JumpMan


    In "Walk Away Rene" I also dislike the drum machine. However I really, really, really like the guitar feedback.
  12. Anyone want to go skydiving? Seriously, sorry to hear about the flight problems. Glad things are ok .
  13. Marvin- I have a VG copy of the album by Tattoo. I can make you a cassette copy and jacket copy and send it to you if you want. Email me. Bill
  14. Everyone Traveling- Have a safe journey to Cleveland. I look forward to meeting one and all. See you at the pre-concert reception or before. Oh yea, I can't wait!!! Bill PS- To those unable to be in Cleveland, wish you were here.
  15. The Holiday lighting and parade is Saturday, Nov. 27th. See the following- Festive sights will surround Public Square at the 21st Annual Winterfest Lighting Ceremony. Santa will lead the crowds in a holiday sing-a-long. He and his elves will illuminate the brilliant light displays and sculptures throughout the Square, and then introduce a spectacular parade with 50 vintage horse-drawn carriages, glowing with lanterns and twinkling lights. From stately and magnificent Clydesdales to adorable miniatures, every color and size of horse will make a memorable trip through the heart of the city, proudly wearing their best holiday attire. Many carriages will feature special celebrity guests. The night will culminate in the traditional holiday fireworks display. The parade will enter Public Square via Ontario and head south to Tower City. It will then proceed north along the western edge of Public Square, making a left turn on Frankfort. The parade will then head north on W. 3rd, returning to the Convention Center.
  16. Gord- Remember, this is Cleveland. The weather can change overnight or even quicker, though it still should be good for the concert and weekend. Wish you could be here for the concert also.
  17. Monday 11/22 update: Wednesday Nov. 24 T-Showers 58°/37° 70% chance of showers Thursday Nov. 25 Rain/Snow Showers 46°/32° 30% chance of showers Friday Nov. 26 Few Snow Showers 44°/41° 30% chance of showers Saturday Nov. 27 Showers 50°/44° 40% chance of showers Sunday Nov. 28 Few Showers 54°/44° 30% chance of showers
  18. Click the link below for new additional HOB photo's taken the week of November 15th. www.cleveland.com/music_galleries/index.frame Then click on sneak peak on the left...
  19. June- I heard it from his lips (EC in a radio interview) Her name is Jennifer Lee. She did sing with EC at the Rock Hall concert and has also sung with Michael Stanley (of Cleveland) and many others. You can check her out at www.jenniferlee.net Paul, is this still correct? I have not heard anything lately. Thx, Bill
  20. I totally agree. Bernie, and Michelle should do the opening anouncement. Guys, if you are reading this.
  21. I could go for a NEW Raspberries scratch-and-sniff sticker. My orig. still has a scent but is weak.
  22. FYI- Click for info... http://www.cleveland.com/winterfest/
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