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  1. Jim, Wally, Eric, Dave, Fans; I believe this would be a great promo idea... Black T-shirts with the Raspberries logo as it appears on this site along with the words "Live On Sunset Strip" with the look as the words "Limited Special Addition" appear on this site along with with a date and the new DVD cover image. Of course on the shirts front. I would proudly wear this shirt right now (I think many other fans would also). It would be a great promotion for the release of the new DVD. Any thoughts? (also posted on RaspberriesOnline)
  2. Greg- Sad to hear of Gary's passing. Here in Cleveland, Ohio, WMMS played Earthquake pretty heavily. I did purchase the 8.5 album and still have and listen to it (actully listened to it the other night. Today that is still one of my fav albums. I wish that 8.5 was available on CD.
  3. Wow "news" spreads fast! I watched that on our local news (Fox 8 Cleveland) last night. I agree with you. What a lier. She was NOT laughing at all. The reporter's comment was the exact opposite of her reaction and is very typical of news reporting today. What do they think we are, stupid? Yet they continue the same way and the general public continues to watch. (I only saw that because someone had it on at their house where I was visiting. I gave up on the local news, with the occasional exception of Cleveland's channel 3, WKYC, the NBC affiliate.) Here in Cleveland, reporting, two different channels will give you 4 different versions of the same story. News and even the weather is sensationalized (SP?). IMHO, Local news reproting is in a sad state and even sadder is that people seem to go along with it. When I saw her comment, in which they had to show at every news broadcast, I immediately said "yea, right, what are you smoking?" She is funny to watch.
  4. Speaking of dancing. I took a girl dancing one evening. We danced and danced all night long. It was great, though each time I twirled her around and around she seemed to be getting taller and taller, finally I realized that she had an artificial leg and I was twirling her the wrong way!
  5. seilloH- ehtaerB I tahT RIA How is that? Lol
  6. 14 Degrees? Your having a heat wave! It's finally up to 7 degrees with a wind chill of -20 below today here in Cleveland. It's really not bad if you are dressed right
  7. Sterling- I do remember the event and have seen the boat on display. I was and still am impressed that someone was able to cross the Atlantic Ocean in such a small boat. I would not want to be out there like that with the high waves, storms and darkness. He must have been both very scared and very couragous at times. It was pretty cool to actully see the boat in person.
  8. Wow. Thanks for the info. I will have to check it out!
  9. Eric I agree with you 110%. It is the melody and "from the heart" that makes a song great. When I first hear some of today's music I think wow, that's pretty cool, I like it, then after hearing it 3-4 times I become bored with it because it just does not move me at all. I put you right up there with the long hairs with one GREAT exception........ you are alive! Thanks for your music both past and future and also the sharing of your insight into the music industry with all of us. Eric you are too good and your music touches many people not to keep writing and singing. What the world needs now is not more good bands but more bands playing good music.
  10. Bernie- Cool GATW from Japan. It was different enough I could hardly tell what it was. Thanks for sharing it!
  11. Actually I think it is a type of noodle. LOL
  12. Veeeeeery interesting. I have never heard of Tommy Page. I will have to check the that song out.
  13. This past Saturday night I was listening to WCLV, the local classical music station. The Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra was performing Rachmaninoff's Symphony #2. I tuned in just as the 2nd movement was starting to hear, I assume, the tune eric was inspired by for "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again". What a pleasent surprise! I have been aware of this connection for other songa but was not aware of this particular inspiration/connection. Now I really can't wait to hear eric at Severence Hall performing his music with a full orchestra and rock band. Also, It would be great to hear Raspberries perform again only this time as they did at the old Cleveland Agora. Songs with eric's piano intro's and more jaming. Eric, is there a possible date set for your Severence Hall? performance.
  14. Just looked up the site for the Carnival Center. It looks really nice. I also found this- Franz Welser-Möst, conductor Measha Brueggergosman, soprano Kelley O’Connor, mezzo-soprano Frank Lopardo, tenor René Pape, bass Master Chorale of South Florida, Jo-Michael Scheibe, Artistic & Music Director Frost School of Music Chorale, Jo-Michael Scheibe, Director BERNSTEIN: Jeremiah, Symphony No. 1 BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 9 (“Choralâ€) Possibly some classical experts on this site can help with some perspective on the selections.
  15. I have to admit that in Eric's version of Walk Away Renee, what really makes the song is the guitar feed back. Anyone else's thoughts? Good list John O.
  16. I go to hear the orchestra several times each year and just saw the Orchestra this past Sunday performing their annual Christmas concert. As usual they were fantastic! What a great time it was at Severence Hall with special holiday lighting during the performance. The Cle. Orc. is one of the top orchestras in the world. They are always on top of their game. Franz is a delightful person and entertaining to watch him conduct. If you like classical music even just a little I strongly suggest you go to see them. Do you know what they are schelduled to play?
  17. Cool video! First time I saw it. I also noticed several shots from the movie "American Graffiti". Just one of my fav movies (I saw it 84 times, of course I worked at the Beachcliff movie theatre at the time, LOL). In Eric's video was the diner "Jimmy's" as in Jimmy Ienner (Jimmey's Ienner?)
  18. Add "Kate Voegele" from Cleveland. Thursday, March 16th @ Borders
  19. Anyway back to the Choir reunion....
  20. Bouncing? . I will never give details! We must have been having too much fun
  21. There are all sorts of fun jumps you could try... Skyboards, inflatables, rafts, nature jumps and of course linking up and making patterns with a friend or with 35 friends...
  22. Actully I do both. Pack myself and sometimes have someone else pack for me. Student chutes the speed and angle of decent is less than experienced chutes. Some young kids really come in smokin! Tandem jumps are very safe!Skydiving is dangerous but not as much as you might think. Most accidents are hard landings with people really smokin' in and making a bad judgement. I really am fairly conservative.
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